Guidelines for starting an Emu farm in Tamilnadu

This article is about the Emu birds. This article well explains about the farming of Emu birds and taking care of them. this article also further goes on telling about the needed things for starting an healthy Emu farm.

Emu Farms in Tamilnadu

Today as the technology grown many things get changed very much. In this today's world the men are involved in different activities to the earn money. One among them is business. A survey states that around 60 to 75 percentage of people are doing business as their only work, leaving out 20 to 30 percentage of people in agriculture. Now the growing/farming of Emu birds becomes a hot business in India especially in Tamilnadu.

Emu 2Starting an emu farm requires proper planning and a good financial preparation. Once you have created a budget and decided to farm emus, you should prepare your land and buy your feeds for the birds. Emu pens should be at least 30 by 100 feet, and shelters should be at least 8 by 8 feet. The uses of these birds are useful in its Eggs, meat and even its feathers. The Eggs of these emu birds are very costly that it could be sold from Rs.1500 to Rs.1700. The meat of these birds are also costly. One Kg is sold around Rs. 300. A well matured Emu bird will be in the range of Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 45,000.

Emu - Kannagi among birds

In tamil legend Kovalan and Kannagi, Kovalan' wife Kannagi is known for her chastity. Though Kovalan had gone astray in search of Madhavi, Kannagi kept up her chastity and was a true wife to him till the end of his life. So also an female Emu bird is said to be a Kannagi among birds as it has the intercourse (the females are sexually mature at 2 years, and males at three years.) with only one male Emu bird. If the male Emu bird dies its female Emu (wife) remains just as a widow and it will not get joined with another male Emu bird. So its necessary to take one male and female birds each when we buy them for farming.

Required things for starting an Emu farm

  1. Land
  2. Hatcher
  3. Incubator
  4. Shelters
  5. Feed
  6. Fence
  7. Pens

Selecting the right Emu bird

Emu In the process of Emu farming, the selection of Emu birds are said to be the very important one. As the proverb says "A sound voice from a Sound body" we can be successful in the Emu farms business only if we make a correct choice of them. Get the Emu birds only from a reputable seller because there the breeding is done with high quality birds. A good seller sells always a good breeding. There are places where the breeding is done with low quality and not well matured birds. Look out for the following problems of the Emu birds when you buy them.
  1. We should not buy related birds to form a breeding pair because mainly the chicks may generally of low quality.
  2. Avoid the birds with Knock knees and splayed legs becasue they are a sign of interbreeding and a poor chick management.
  3. Watch if the neck and spine are straight. They should not deviate in curvature.
  4. Dull feathers
  5. The birds with Dome shaped back
  6. Look for the active ones.
  7. Emancipation (free from legal, social, or political restritions)
  8. Beak that does not align properly
  9. Look the birds for its eye infections
  10. Watch the bloody stools in pen
  11. Other signs of illness or trauma
  12. Avoid very tender ones which may die without proper concern.
  13. Buy the birds which are 12 to 15 months old.
  14. Avoid the birds which seems dull.


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