What is Tsunami and How it occurs?

The devastated tsunami which hit the indian coast on 26th December,2011 is an incident of unforgettable. This giant tsunami is a disaster which engulfed millions of life and property. The people of India badly affected of this tsunami. Here in this article you can find the reason for the occurrence of tsunami and the precaution to save the life and property.

Tsunami is the word derived from Japanese 'tsu' means harbour and 'nami' means waves. The wave which strongly hit the harbor called 'tsunami'. The word itself became familiar in India after the devastated tsunami hit the coastal area during 2004. Now, everyone knew the word in India. Tsunami hit Nagapatinam badly in Tamilnadu which was completely devastated during December, 2004. The giant wave generates tremendous amount of energy and hit the coastal area by making huge damage to the people and property. Tsunami is very normal in Japan. The people of Japan are very much familiar with this giant wave. The frequent natural hazards made them more vigilant and learnt to face all those challenges. Since from the schooling, the children are fed with the knowledge of tsunami, earthquake, flood etc. They have various measures to overcome from all these trouble situation. Japanese people are very active and hardworking, even in the recent tsunami and the Fukishima nuclear leakage in japan made them worse still they manage to bounce back to restore normalcy in their country.

How the Tsunami occurs

Tsunami occurs due to the seismological changes. The movement of tectonic plates collide each other making a rift and shift in the plates generates tsunami. The continental plates collides in three ways 1. Head to Head collision , 2. Overlapping 3. Submerging.
The continental plates keep on moving with a very low speed but due to its huge size even a slight collision may release tremendous amount of energy. When one plate pierce into the other, the lower lying plate make a shift on the upper lying plate which finally pushes the sea water lying over the plate with great force that we call 'tsunami'. This kind of seismic activity causes earthquake prior to the generation of tsunami. Whenever we experience a severe earthquake that may generate tsunami. So, people should be very much careful about this kind of seismic activity. The powerful wave moves towards the shore with a high speed of more than 300km/hr but in the mid ocean we cannot detect the tsunami wave. As the wave approaching the shore, its speed increased to many folds and the height of the wave also increases up to 100 feet sometime more than that causing a huge damage to life and property.

How to identify the tsunami waves

1. A strong earthquake may occur.
2. Sea may recede to abnormal level.
3. The sea water become hot.
4. The sea water becomes black and oily due the release of sulphur dioxide and crude oil into the sea.
5. Approaching a giant wave towards the seashore.

How to save ourselves from the tsunami

1. After experiencing severe earthquake, do not go to seashore.
2. Mind on the tsunami warning system.
3. Warning signals blown by the local administration.
4. Do not run parallel to the seashore.
5. Do not travel by the vehicle if the road lies parallel to the seashore.
6. Try to run perpendicular to the coastal area.
7. At all time don't be over panicked which may shutdown your nervous system.
8. at any cost don't loose your heart.
9. Take whatever available in that area and use it as a weapon to save your life.
10. Seek help from the rescue operation personals.

What is disaster management kit

It is advised to one and all that a disaster management kit should be maintained in those area which are highly vulnerable to natural calamities such as tsunami, earthquake and flood. The kit must contain the following article.
1. a knife
2. small torch with cell.
3. water bottle.
4. dry food items.
5. a rope of length around 5m.
6. lighter.
7. cash if any.
8. small transistor.
9. cell phone.
10. blanket.
The kit should be constantly checked and replaced with the items like torch battery, dry food, water in the bottle etc. The cellphone is not needed to keep in the kit but it should accompany with the disaster management kit.

Conclusion for tsunami disaster

Our anticipation, not neglecting the tsunami warnings, crisis management and proper execution can only save your life from the devastating tsunami. Fix your tsunami point where you can take shelter at the time of tsunami hit in advance. This kind of pre-planned activity will definitely help you a lot at the emergency time. After hitting of tsunami, you cannot draw your plan but it is the time for execution. So, always be ready with definite plan to overcome from this natural hazard. You must know where to get shelter?, how to get there?, what will be safest route to be followed? and many more. This type of ready plan will be much helpful for those living near the coastal area. In the meanwhile, I must say that the mangroves are the natural belt for reducing the tsunami effect. So, never try to cut the mangrove forest. They can save your life and property instead grow more number of mangrove trees.


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