What is AIDS? What are the precautionary steps to keep away from AIDS

AIDS day is celebrated in India on 1st December every year. This day is celebrated to make aware of the people about the dreadful syndrome. No medicine or vaccine is developed till date to cure AIDS however there are development noticed in seeking the vaccine for AIDS.

AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is not a disease but it is a syndrome. There are millions of people who became the pray for the dreadful AIDS. It is believed that the HIV, a kind of virus came from Rhesus Monkeys which were commonly found in the African forests. Slowly and slowly it spreads to the Human being. Since it inception into the body of Human it strongly spreads and made millions of people as a AIDS patient. AIDS day is celebrated 1st December all through the world. On this day, the AIDS control board of the respective area take initiatives to make aware of the people by all means. In all school various competitions are conducted for the children of senior and secondary classes. This type of competitions such as elocution, drawing, painting, drama etc. Every year the Central and State Governments of India spending crores of rupees towards conducting awareness programme of AIDS in India.

How AIDS spread from one person to another

UN-protected Sexual Contacts: There are many ways for spreading of AIDS among them one of the primary reason is through unprotected sexual contacts. Around 90% of the AIDS spread through the means of unprotected sexual contacts. There are very low percentage of spreading AIDS through protected sexual contacts. It is very painful factor that there are very least percentage of AIDS patients who have no knowledge of AIDS but knowing all details of AIDS these people come in contact with other through unprotected sex. I can say this is only negligence of AIDS awareness concept.

AIDS from Mother's womb to New born baby
The most sorrowful even is spreading of AIDS from the mother's womb to the newborn baby. The innocent baby is receiving the most dreadful symptom called AIDS. Whom should be blamed? it is none other than mother. Due to the negligence of the mother her baby received AIDS from her.

AIDS spreads through Contaminated needles
AIDS also spread through using contaminated needles. In hospital, unknowingly an injection used for a AIDS patient is the same needle used for a healthy person than the normal may affected with AIDS. Though the chance is very low but still possible for spreading through infected needle. In an another circumstances, the drug users who share the needle among the drug takers may also the one of the reasons for spreading of AIDS through needle.

Precautions for keeping away from AIDS

Protection is the only remedy for keeping away from AIDS. There is no medicine invented for treating AIDS. So, aware and beware of AIDS. Strictly avoid unprotected sex. Have a single sex partner which will help in reducing the risk of AIDS. In all hospital there is a circular from the ministry that all syringe should be single use only. No syringe can be used which were already used to someone else. It is our duty to have an eye on that syringe whether it is new or used. In case of used needles, you must notify to the nurse about the used syringe. Taking all these precautions, one can keep himself or herself away from getting AIDS.

How to behave with the AIDS patient

As soon as knowing the carrier of AIDS to someone, our attitude became changed. We are very rude and rough to the AIDS patients. In many houses the AIDS carriers are forcefully vacated their house. So, this type of ill-treating may cause bad impact on their mind and soul. AIDS never spread through sharing food, shaking hands or sharing a common room. Hence, no one need to be more panic in getting AIDS. It is contagious disease but only with the contact of blood either through the sexual contact or by other means of using contaminated needles. They should be equally treated in all respect not hurting their emotions and as for as possible they should be cared and helped for their remaining life period.


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