Types of Industries in Tamil Nadu - A briev overview

This article is about the various types of industries that exist in Tamil Nadu as of now. I have provided various examples associated to my present place Chennai. there are various types of Industries that exist in our state and I have tried my level best to brief on them.

Various types of Industries in Tamil Nadu

I would say that there is huge scope for living in Chennai. There are places that depend on Industries for their livelihood and there are some areas that depend on agriculture for their survival. There are various industries that are available in Chennai that are making the industries dominant and also provide a major percentage in the country's GDP. I think that there are various companies that are exist in our Tamil Nadu and I have explained them below.

Mining industries in Tamilnadu

Mining Industries are those industries that are involved in business where something is extracted from the soil or beneath earth. There are many things like Petrol, gold, coal, etc., that are extracted from the mining business. Though things like Gold are restricted for normal person or private companies, it is the business that provides good income for the country. There are many resources that are found beneath earth and there are certain mining which concentrate on extracting them and purifying the product so as to sell them in the market for a good price after getting approval from the government.

Farming industries in Tamilnadu

Farming industries are those industries that involve in the business which get resources for business from trees and plants. I would say that Tamil Nadu is the major producer of food crops and agricultural commodities in India. I would say that Tamil Nadu is the largest producer of Banana, Flowers, Coconut and Groundnut. I would say that the major percentage of food crops especially the above mentioned products make this sector superior and as the rates of food crops are increasing to a large, extend the scope for agriculture remains good in Tamil Nadu. The largest producer of Rice grains are Tanjavur.

Construction industries in Tamilnadu

Construction companies are those companies that is involved in construction of building, Dams, reservoirs etc., these are one of the most important industries as this industry earns huge income every year to contribute to the national income of our country. I feel that these sections should be controlled directly by the government as they are earning huge sum of money and these are the companies or industries that also get involved in sand thefts held at various places which makes the area go lower when compared to other areas. There should be proper tax imposed on persons who do this business and people who are engaged in illegal activities should be punished severely.

Textile Industry in Tamilnadu

One of the blooming industries in Tamilnadu is textile Industries where the business is fully involved in textile. The best example is Kancheepuram where the textiles are produced on a large scale than that of the other places. I would also say that there is a place near Ambattur named Padi which is also a famous place for textiles. There are lots of shops which directly deal with these companies and earn huge sum of money without any difficulty that too in a very short period of time. One of the fine examples is Saravana Stores, Pothys etc. that offer wide selection these cloths.

Manufacturing Industries in Tamilnadu

Manufacturing Industries are those industries which deal in manufacturing of the product. The best example for manufacturing concern in Tamil Nadu is Integral Coach Factory that is situated at Chennai. It is a well known production unit which gives employment to more than 13000 people currently. It is not only the largest profit earning industry but also provides employment to more section of people than any other sector. As I am a person from Chennai, I can also give one more example which is Jak Expo that also creates so many employment opportunities in production sector that too for the daily wage.

Tertiary industries in Tamilnadu

The tertiary sector can also be known as the service sector that offers various services to the people. This type of industry mainly aims at service to the public and charges some amount for it as fee. There are various tertiary sectors in Tamil Nadu such as Banking sector, hospitality, Railways, insurance, education and many more. These are the industries which serve the people and do not produce anything for the welfare of the general public. I think that more than 30% of our GDP is dependent on tertiary sector. The good example of tertiary sector is LIC which has its wings all over the country and also has its main branch at mount road, Chennai.

Fishery and Aquaculture Industry in Tamilnadu

Fishery has also become some industry where the industries concentrate on fishing activities. I think it is also a successful business but not as that of the other industries in the economy. Now a day the rates of fishes have increased to a great extend. There are also huge aquariums held where fishes are grown like color fish, gold fish etc., and are sold in the market and the best example for such a business is the aquarium which is established near red hills known as CP Aquaculture India private limited.

Sericulture in Tamilnadu

Sericulture is the culture where the silk plays the vital role and the silk is extracted from the silk worms and are weaved together to make a silk saree that is very costly in Tamil Nadu. I think that sericulture is the business which is the most famous one in south India and the place which is known for sericulture is Kancheepuram which is known for its Kancheepuram silk saree which ranges from 5000 to 100000. I think this is also a business that has huge scope as the women in Tamil Nadu are more fascinated towards this.

Automobile Industry in Tamilnadu

Automobile industry is the major industry which is also playing a vital role in the development of the country and the state. There are various companies like Mahindra, Tata, MRF tires and tires India that are operating in our state i.e., Tamil Nadu. I think that the automobile sector is blooming like anything as most of the houses have a two wheeler at least in the modern age of our state.


Guest Author: 19 Nov 2011

There are lot and lot more companies and organizations are on its progress.

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