Complete Information about Anna Centenary Library at Kotturpuram in Chennai – Tamil Nadu

Anna Centenary Library a newly Established Library Floor Index, Entry Procedure, Facilities, Timings, How to Reach and other various information can be know from the below article. Anna Centenary Library has its pride as one of the Largest Library in South Asia and named after former Chief Minister Anna Durai. Read more to get with other details.

About Anna Centenary Library

Anna Centenary Library a new established Library with the proud and pride as second largest Library in South Asia. The Foundation stone of the Library was laid on August 16th 2008 by former Chief Minister Dr.Karunanidhi in memory of former CM Anna Durai commonly known as Anna who is very much fond towards Book and Education. Within a short span of time period of its construction it was inaugurated by former CM Dr. Karunanidhi on September 15th,2010 in order to satisfy the desire and quench the taste towards books by the public.

Anna Centenary Library Infra Structure

Anna Centenary Library - 1Anna Centenary Library a hand carved 5 feet Bronze statue of Anna surrounded by a fountain with good lighting near the Entrance gate. Anna Centenary Library is being supported with a well versed infra with a huge built up area with centralized air conditioned facility. The Library is being built up with 8 Floors with various sections catering to different classes of peoples with huge collection of books from various authors and publications and few of the available rare books being contributed by famous well known personalities. The Library is also being supported with ample parking facility with separate Entry and Exit gate for both 2 and 4 wheelers. The Library has been certified as Gold Certified Green Building developed with gardens, fountains and trees in around the compound of the Library to have a good feel towards the nature of its environment.

Key Statistics of Anna Centenary Library

Anna Centenary LibraryLocation: Kotturpuram
City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Country: India
Land Area: 8 Acres
Built up Area: 3.75 Lakh sq ft
Floor Details: 8 Floors
Stone lay on: 16/08/2008
Inaugurated on: 15/09/2010
Construction Period: 2 years
Seating: 1250 person at a time
Parking: Ample parking space to accommodate more number of 4 and 2 wheelers
Technology: Fully Automated Library
Special Sections: Braille Section, Competitive Exam Section, Exclusive Kids Sections
Facilities: Auditorium, Amphi Theatre, Conference Hall
Refreshment: Coffee Lounge and proposed Food Court
Attractions: 5 Feet Bronze Statue, Garden, Lightings

Entry Procedure at Anna Centenary Library

After entering the main gate the Individuals are requested to park their respective vehicle at the specific point and then requested to access the Baggage Counter located near the right side of the main gate and get with a token and recollect it without fail at any time of their exit. Next the individual are requested to put a sign in the entry note at the Entrance of the main building and requested to handle any metal items like Coins, Mobile and purses for screening and recollect it back. The Ground floor consists of a waiting area, Reception, Braille Section, Own Book Reading Section and Competitive section. If the Individual want to access the other floors he have to move to the lift located by the right side of main entrance and for easy accessibility the Floor Section Details are being pasted at the entrance of the Lift and even too inside the Lifts where an Individual has an option to choose his required floor without accessing anybody help. The user can carry papers and Note into specific section with proper screening from the security of each section.

Instructions to Readers by the Library Management

1.Readers are requested to keep silence.
2.Readers are allowed to bring loose sheets and only one note.
3.Readers are advised not to use Cell Phone inside the Library.
4.Readers shouldn't listen to Music and disturb others.
5.Own book are not allowed other than own book reading section.
6.The readers are requested not to leave their belongings un attended and to take self care.
7.Readers can take water bottles inside the sections without causing any damage to the books.

Floor Index at Anna Centenary Library

Anna Library is being constructed with 8 floors with fully centralized air conditioned facility all over the study area of the Library. Each and every floors are being separated by 2 wings named A and B for easy accessibility and to categories the required books under each sections. Let's have a deep look at its sections.

Ground floor
The Ground Floor is provided with a Reception, Waiting Hall, Braille Section, Own Book Reading section, Competitive Exam Section and Conference Hall with Lifts, Escalators, Rest rooms and Cafeteria. The Ground Floor is separated by A and B wings.

Braille Section
It is one of the most important high lighting sections provided by the Library and it was mainly developed for the benefits of the Blind peoples. It is being constructed with care at Ground Floor in order to provide easy accessibility. This section has a huge collection of Books, E- books and audio books. The main feature in this section is when the user access the computer it provides them with a display readers where there have their own accessibility and has the flexibility to type the required language books with additional facility of storing the required book and have its accessibility Page by page at specific time.
This section has a software tool that can convert any text written in any language into Braille section and the user can have their accessibility of required books with faster speed. Moreover the visually challenged are given access to specific installed audio software's for their assistance.

Own Book Reading Section
Anna Centenary Library - 2
This section is well furnished with good lighting in order to taste the feel of the study area. It is one of another good section that every reader expects. Moreover this section is also spacious and the readers are being given rights to carry their personal notebooks, learning materials and laptops. Due this design of study area this section is mostly crowded with peoples as they have a good feel of study environment.

Competitive Section
This section is also being located at Ground Floor just adjacent to the above mentioned sections and this too takes a good place in the minds of the readers as this section is provided with huge sets and collection of volumes of books that are require for a competitive exam. This section is mainly accessed by the job seekers.

First Floor
The First floor is separated by 2 wings. Wing A is provided with periodical section and wing B is provided with Kids Section.
The periodic section is provided with a huge collection of journals, magazines with different volumes and authors with more number of prints and this is the other section which is almost totally populated as it is being accessed by all age group of peoples. There is also a separate women reading section at this section with few library staffs to provide required assistance in timely manner. The outside area of this section is provided with a small study area and the people who didn't find a place in own book reading section takes their seats at this place.

The B wing is provided with Kids section and it is being well populated with huge collection of books of different authors and publication with more number of prints. This section is decorated with good lightings with children's and adults furniture's. A number of wall cartoon wall hanging exists in and around and also provided with multimedia systems. An artificial tree is located at the middle of this section and if visited we would be able to notice many parents sitting under the tree and teaching their child to learn. This section is also provided with a small play area at one of its corner and the entire construction team should be appreciated towards the design of this type of section. With this section it may provide a child with an opportunity to cater his life to a discrete heights in future.

Second Floor
This section is commonly known as Tamil BooksSection and it is being especially designed for the readers who are interested towards Tamil language and desire to learn Tamil. In this section you can find a huge collection of Tamil books, Tamil Novels,Tamil Stories and different Celebrities Biographies.

Third Floor
This section is called as English Books Section and separated by 2 wings. Wing A is being provided with Computer Science, Philosophy,Psychology, Religious and Sociology types of books and this section is specially designed for Students, Researchers and Teachers for their references and if necessary this section may ask for a proof of Id card or Authorization Letter from the respective Institutions.

Fourth Floor
This floor is separated by into 2 wings. A wing caters to Public Administration, Criminology, Criminal Justice,Education (School Management,Special Education,Elementary Education, Secondary Education,Adult Education), Economics(Labour, Financial, Land, Production Micro and Macro), Law(Industrial Law,Constitutional Law,Administrative Law,Military, Tax, Trade,Industrial, Social Law,Labour welfare Law and Criminal Law).
The B wing caters to English Literature(Fictions,Stories,Poems),Etiquette,Body Language,Languages(Linguistic,Reading Skills,Communication Skills and Technical writing Skills).

Fifth Floor
This floor is divided into 2 separate sections and caters to various sets of books like Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Paleontology, Biology, Medicinee and Health,Botany and Zoology. This section is mainly accessed by Science students and Medical students.

Sixth Floor
This floor is divided into 2 wings and A wing caters with books like Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Home and Family Management, Business Management and Accounting and B wing caters to Advertising,Chemical Engineering, Bio Tech, Food Tech, Manufacturing, Textiles, Buildings,Fine arts and decorations,Civic and Landscape art, Architecture,Plastic art and sculptures, Drawing and decorations, Painting,Graphic arts,Print making and prints, Photography, Music, Recreational and performing arts. As this section is more subjects oriented it is being accessed by Students, Teachers and Researchers.

Seventh Floor
This floor is provided with History and Geography oriented Books.

Eighth Floor
This floor is highly restricted as it is only used for Administration and used by various staff of the Library.

Facilities under Anna Centenary Library
    2.Amphi Theatre
    3.Conference Hall
    4.Mini Conference Hall

Pipe Line Facilities at Anna Centenary Library
    1.Membership Facility
    2.Amenity Centre and Food Court – Recently only French Loaf Cafeteria has been established
    3.Digital Library
    4.Residential Facility for Researchers

How to Reach, Timings, Bus Routes, Contact Address

By Air: 12 km from Chennai Airport
By Rail: 8 km from Chennai Central Railway station and 6km from Chennai Egmore Railway station and 3km from Guindy Railway station.
By Road: ACL is well connected by Roads with 15km from CMBTKoyambedu.
Local Access: Taxis, Auto Rickshaw.
Local Bus Route and Stop: ACL Bus stop – Kotturpuram with nearby land marks likeAnna University, IIT, Cancer Institute, Birla Planetarium
Local Bus Number: 21G, 5C, 47C
Timing: Own Book Section (8am – 9pm) and Other Sections (9am- 8pm)
Address: Anna Cenetary Library,
Chennai – 600 025
Tel: 044 - 65515031

In spite of various rules by the current government with several protest and campaign I feel this place have got a good position in the minds of book lovers from different sections and it provide an individual with a good feel of study environment. My personal salute and Hat offs to the former government, architect and builders for their effort of work within a short span of time. By considering current government rules and changes anything may happen to it and my personal opinion is to support the issues raised over it have a visit with along with your family members, Relatives and recommend it to unknown peoples.


Guest Author: 19 Nov 2011

I think you have provided the detailed review on the various aspects and things relating to this Centenary. I think the detailed view on the various floors in the centenary would provide a better idea for the viewers about the things happening over there. I dont know why the present government planned to make this centenary into a hospital, as the centenary is already doing well.

Guest Author: karthik13 Apr 2013

how to get membership card from anna library.What is the procedure for getting membership card

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