A Brief Review of RMK Engineering College Chennai, Tamilnadu

This is the article about the RMK Engineering college which is situated at Kavarapettai, Chennai. It is located at about 26 kilometers from Chennai and is known for the standard of education provided in the college. I have given a brief description of the college in the following paragraphs.

RMK Engineering College Kavarapettai

This is article is all about the RMK college which is one of the best college in the cities of Chennai. It is located about 20 to 25 kilometers from Chennai and it is one of the top 5 colleges affiliated by Anna University. All the sister colleges of RMK Groups are also in the top 5 college and the college founder Munirathnam has set a good platform to the students who prefer to join this college. The college is known for the low fares that that of the other engineering colleges in Tamilnadu.

I think the college is offering a wide range of facilities that facilitates the students to a large extend. I think that most of the students prefer to do the courses in this college in the surroundings of the college and from various other places too. I think this is the best college in Chennai because of its placement facilities and the other infrastructural facilities.

About the Chairman of RMK groups

The chairman of RMK group of education is R S Munirathnam who has provided a good platform to the students. I think that he has developed the college in such a manner that the students are highly benefited. All the problems are cleared by the management as soon as the problems reach the staff. The management is the biggest positive of this institution as they look into each and every aspect and correct their mistakes then and there.

There are various other members who are having a big hand in the development of the college and they are as follows
  1. Thiru R Jothi Naydu – Director of the college
  2. Thiru R M Kishore – He is the vice chairman of the college and the college is constructed in the name of Kishore. He is the son of the chairman Munirathnam.
  3. Thiru Durga Devi Prasad – She is the daughter of the chairman Mr. Munirathnam and has been married to Yalamanchi Pradeep who is now the secretary of the college. RMD Engineering College refers to R M Durga. She is also the vice chairperson of the college.
  4. K Chandrasekaran - He is the principal of this great institution and has been providing valuable contribution to the college for years together.

Undergraduate courses in RMK Engineering College Chennai

There are various undergraduate courses that are taken in this college and all of them are for engineering students. I think I have given the details of the various courses that are conducted by the college in a brief manner in the below paragraphs.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the engineering where the various things like Plumbing, fitting, lathe shop, foundry, Lathe shops are taught in a detailed manner to the students. The college has a display of all the types of machines and lathes that are used for the operation and a detailed study is given to the students by a display of these tools at their front. This makes the students get a better idea on the principles used in these tools as they are displayed in front of them.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

It is one of the courses that are students are interested to take. I would say that the college is giving more importance to these courses where there are more than 20 faculties for this section alone and there are two courses taken like M E power electronics and Drivers and B E Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This course is highly recognized in our college and there are many students who get placed in this line of study. There are various companies hiring the students like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Caritor technologies etc.,

Electronics and Communication Engineering

This is the course that is considered by most of the students. Usually the B E students go for this course and if they are unable to get this they tend to go to other courses. This section has a good scope in the market in the past as well as in the future period of time. Various activities like Symposium, seminars, industrial visits are carried out to enhance the knowledge of the students in this department. It has been reported that more than 90 percentages of the students are placed who did this course.

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer science Engineering is the course which relates to the present world. There is huge importance given to the computers now a day and Computers are said to be the essentials without which nothing is possible in this earth. Now a day's most of the students enter the computer field to gain good knowledge on computers and the companies are also expecting the talented computer professionals who can make their work simple.

Electronics and Instrumental Engineering

This is the course where more importance is given to the instruments used in the companies. A detailed study is given or offered by the college to enhance the knowledge of the students towards such courses. The latest equipments like ECG analyser, UV spectrophotometer, etc., are found in the laboratories that are used to explain the mechanism and process that are involved in the machinery while working them. The laboratoty contains various instruments and so it would be very easy to guide the students and make them understand the working of those instruments.

Information Technology

Information technology is the sector that is blooming like anything in the current scenario and I think there is huge scope for this branch in the future periods too. I think that once the Information technology was selected by almost most of the students and now though the percentage has dropped the field has good placement opportunities too. It is to be noted that more than 85% of the IT students have been placed in the college and it remains one of the most liked courses in the Engineering Colleges.

Post Graduation courses in RMK Engineering College Chennai

There are many post graduation course that are available but the most important courses are Master of Business Administration and Master of Computer Applications. Both these programs are almost run by all the Engineering colleges and there are some Arts colleges that also run the Business Administration courses. Now a day even Engineering students prefer to do the business management courses and I think the scope of MBA is large not only in India but throughout the world. There are even other master courses like MCA which is focusing more on computer applications and almost all the major computer languages are taught here in this college. Recently in the present MBA batch of this college 7 to 10 students got the university rank in this college alone and that shows how well the college is doing in the education system in Tamil Nadu.

Canteen facilities

Almost all the students and staffs are requested to take the food from the canteen and it is also provided at a low cost than any other college in the city. The college is strict on the hygiene and other facilities offered by the college. This college is known for the canteen facilities and various schedules have been kept for all the days of the week. The college provided vegetarian and non vegetarian foods for the students at different rooms. There is separate room for vegetarian foods and separate room for non vegetarian foods.

Hostel in RMK Engineering College Chennai

The Hostel facilities are the best offered by the college and the college offers many programs like sports and various competitions for the students who are located in the college hostels. I would say that the students are much disciplined in the hostel and time has been allotted by the college itself for studying, playing, internet facilities and sleeping hours too. Other things like haircuts, library, dhobi etc., are provided by the college itself at very cheap rates.

Library RMK Engineering College Chennai

Library of the college is one of the best among any other college in the city where all types of books, magazines, computer CD's, Encyclopedia's and all the books related to the students education are provided in separate shelves of the library. There are many other books like novels, stories written by great authors like Chetan Bhagat etc., the students are asked to take the best utility of the libraries and utilize the time properly and efficiently. The library students always performed well that the Day scholar because of the strictness prevailing in the college.

Transportation Facilities

Transportation facilities are the best services provided by the college and there are buses for various areas in Chennai. Almost all the bus is well maintained and taken care. The drivers are specialized to a greater extend and there are various routes for which the buses are allowed. For those students who are coming from Andhra Pradesh there is no bus provided and they have to depend on private bus to come and return back home. Each and every bus contains speed controller that would reduce the speed of the bus to a great extend. Anyhow the drivers drive slow and reach the college in proper time without any delay. Most of the buses are green and yellow in color and even the staff's travel in the same bus with other students and for the head of the departments separate van is provided so that they can reach the college in time.

I have briefly discussed the various facilities that are offered in the college. I can definitely say that this is the best college that provides good infrastructural and various other facilities to the students of the college. This college is one of the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu according to the latest reports given by Anna University.


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