A Brief Review on Marina Beach Chennai, Tamilnadu

This is the article about the famous marina beach that is situated at Chennai which is the second largest beach in the whole world which stretches to about 12 kilometers. This is the beautiful tourist place that is famous and attracts the people on a large scale towards them.

Introduction to Marina Beach

There are a lot of things that attracts the people towards Chennai and the first and foremost things among the attractions are the marina beach which is in the heart of the city. You can see a lot of crowd assembling there in the beach each and every day at every part of the day. I have been visiting the marina beach often as it is very close to our place. It is a wonderful place to visit where the friends turn out in good numbers always. It is considered as one of the cheap tourist places as we don't have to pay anything to enjoy the situation here in the marina beach. I think most of the people in Chennai would definitely have visited the marina beach which is the best tourist place in Chennai.

Situation of the famous Beach

It is the beach which is situated in the southern part of our nation and is one among the famous beaches in the world. It is situated very close to Triplicane and covers a vast area of about 12 kilometers. It is also called as Anna square where there are many buses traveling through them in every part of the day and from all the part of the city. I think its location is the biggest positive aspect as it is highly visited by most of the people of the city. It also connects the light house which is also located very near which is used to direct the people struggling in the sea.

Marina Beach- Most famous tourist place in Chennai

It is one among the favorite places that the visitors are interested to visit. There are approximately more than 30000 people visiting the beach on a normal day other than Saturdays and Sundays and in those days the number of people visiting the beach raises more than 50000 people on an average. I think it is one among the few places that a visitor likes to visit. There are many people who walk in the beach and also take a run early in the morning to enjoy the fresh breeze in the beach. Most of the people enjoy their weekends with family and friends here in this beach. It also attracts the foreign tourists in Chennai. As there are various places nearby like Madras University, Presidency College, etc., the number of students visiting the beach would always be more in the day time too.

Transportation Facilities available near the Marina Beach

I would say that there are many transport facility available for the travelers that are very close to the beach. There are electric trains and various buses that link to the various places in and around Chennai. The train route facilitates more travelers are there is the facility of train route for places like Thiruvallur, Arakkonam etc., I would say that there are many trains for the beach station from Avadi and Tambaram and there is train for Tambaram once in every 10 minutes. Hence the transport facilities are widely available in beach.

Important things to note

There are various things that are important and can be found in the marina beach. Of them one is the artificial waterfall that was constructed in the year 2005 at am expense of about 1.5 million rupees. There is a large light house that covers a large distance and can direct the travelers deep in the sea. The beach is also known as Anna square as the Samadhi of Anna is situated over there in front of the beach. There is a light which never gets off and it is placed in the Samadhi in front of the beach. There are various other things like workers statue where a statue of 5 people pushing a small boat is made. I would also say that it is one of the most important symbols that denotes the workers day in India. There is also a MGR statue situated at the beach, apart from these there are more number of shops, vendors and stalls that sell a variety of things near the beach. There is a ban on the plastics in the area and if anyone uses them there is a fine posed on that person up to hundred rupees.

Problems that occurred in the Marina beach

The most important problem that was faced by the beach was the tsunami attack that occurred somewhere in the year 2004 and the beach came forward to about some meters after the tsunami. There were many numbers of people who lost their life in this disastrous incident that occurred due to the natural collision. This is the large incident that created more problems to the tsunami and after this incident the people going to the beach was stopped for a certain period of time. The fishermen had to struggle a lot as they were not allowed into the sea for their livelihood.

One more controversy where the marina sea was involved was the Kannagi statue which was placed by the DMK. The DMK government placed the statue in the beach but as soon as the DMK was defeated in the next election the ADMK removed the statue from that place and this was a greater concern to our state. It made a bad impression in the minds of the public and then as soon as the DMK came into rule the statue was placed once again.

Important events conducted in Marina Beach

The most important event that is conducted in the beach is the Republic day function and the Independence Day function. These are the days were the thousands and thousands of people come to the beach to view the display that has been arranged for that day. On that day the chief minister or the governor of Tamil Nadu would host the flag in the Beach and it would be a very beautiful day to spend here on this special occasion. There would be lot of other programs that would cover the people towards the beach on those two days.

Apart from these two days there is one more event and that is the Vinayagar Chatturthi Where the statues of lord Ganesha made of mud would be mixed in the water after three days of the Chathurthi. I think this is one of the major festivals for Hindu people and the whole lot of statues are mixed or thrown in the ocean. Though it creates lot of pollution to the ocean it is the cultural and religious belief and it happens once in a year in Marina.

I think I had provided the detailed information of the marina beach which is situated in the Chennai. I think that it would help the common people know about the historic beach which is situated at our state and it is the second largest beach in the world as of now which covers a area of 12 kilometers.


Guest Author: Sahana pazil26 Apr 2012

I like marina beach... I knew the crowed during independence day republic day.:) i like tat two days spending in beach... I was danced in independence day in front of two political legend former CM Mr. Karunanidhi & present CM Ms.Jayalalitha.

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