Review on the Tamil Movie Porali by Sasi Kumar

This article is about Tamil movie Porali and its story. The Director and actor Sasi kumar who has given continuous successful movies in the Tamil industry comes again with the new movie porali. Sasi Kumar is known for introducing new faces in the Tamil Cinema.

Review of the Tamil Movie Porali

Director : Samuthirakani
Hero : Sasikumar
Heroine : Swati Reddy
Side Actors : Allari Naresh and Vasunthara
Comedy : Gancha Karuppu
Cinematograph : S. R Kathir
Music : Sundar C Babu

The Successful Tamil Director Sasi kumar

Director and actor Sasi kumar who has given continuous successful movies in the Tamil industry comes again with the new movie porali. Sasi Kumar is known for introducing new faces in the Tamil Cinema. Mostly for all the movies he has released he has introduced many new hero heroines and also many side cum comedy actors. Many has to be faithful towards Sasi kumar who has given them the chance to come them on the screen.

The successful movies such as Subramaniyapuram, Nadodigal, Pasanga, and Eesan has given the place for Sasi kumar in the hearts of the Tamil people. In Subramaniyapuram along with Samuthra Kani, Sasi kumar has given the good film. The film came to the theaters without any advertisements and got the attention of all in a short period of time. This was the starting path on continuous victory of Saisi kumar. After which he has done the Pasanga with little children and gave a huge victory. Many small boys got the big opportunity to explore their hidden talents. The boys from then became very popular and now very much popular in Tamil Nadu.

In the next movie Eesan, Sasi kumar has not done so as to say about the film. It was a victory film all as a whole but comparing to the other Sasi kumar's film it was little low. In this movie also he has introduced many new faces.
Nadodigal was the another great winning film given by Sasi Kumar. The film Nadodigal is all about the friendship. In this film only he has introduced two actresses and many new faces on the screen. The film ran for hundred days in many theaters of Tamil Nadu.

All the whole, Sasi Kumar is well known as director who introduce new faces in the Tamil movies. All the actors and actresses including boys he has introduced in the Tamil film had their own place in the minds of the viewers. Sasi Kumar has the brilliance to make a good picture with new faces. He has the skill to handle to use the new faces which gives him the successful movies.

Story of Tamil movie Porali

The story of Porali is about a ordinary man's struggles against the social evils. As in all the films the hero comes once again the form of Sasi Kumar and clean the society by removing the rowdies and maintain social peace. Sasi Kumar faces many trials and difficulties to accomplish his job. He undergoes many problems in doing that.

Sasi Kumar comes on to the screen in the name of Kumaran. Sasi Kumar is introduced as happy go Chennai urban guy with along with his lovable family members and with good friends circle. The first half of the movie goes in enjoyment and jolly. Mean while Swathy who is known as Bharathy in this film happens to meet Sasi Kumar. Swathy then being attracted by Sasi Kumar who is a happy go young man. Also his good character is liked by Swathy and she falls in love with Sasi Kumar. At the first stage the love of Swathy was not accepted by Sasi Kumar. Sasi Kumar tries to avoid her. Finally Sasi Kumar accepts the love (which happens in all the movies) and they enjoy their love. Their enjoyment could not be continued for a long period of time as the problem enters in the form of his friend Naresh. Naresh comes to Chennai and meets Sasi Kumar and says about the problem. The rest of the film is spent for solving the problem. The one could be avoided is the over heroism of our hero Sasi Kumar. It would be a extra heroism by Sasi Kumar.

The positive about the film is the very perfect acting of the hero Sasi Kumar. The comedy played by Kancha Karuppu is enjoyable. Over all it is a another good movie produced by Sasi kumar and Samuthirakani's output. The character of the heroine Swathy also is enjoyable. She again proves her talents and comes back to the minds of the people. The music by Sundar C Babu also plays very much in the victory of the film. The music is done excellently by him so as to make curiosity among the people.


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