A brief review on the Tamil Movie Mayakkam Enna Starring Dhanush and Richa

This is the movie that was released just before some time and is doing well in the box office. The movie is directed by the Director Selvaraghavan who has provided only hits and it is to be noted that none of his movies have flopped till now. The movie has the lead roles played by Dhanush and Richa Gangopadhyay. Hope this movie turns out to be a super hit in Box office in the future period too.

A Brief review on the movie Mayakkam Enna

Introduction to the movie Mayakkam Enna

It was the fourth film for the combination Dhanush and Selvaraghavan. I would say that this combination has done well in all the movies to provide the hits Thulluvadho Ilamai, Kadhal Kondein and Pudhupettai. Now one more project with the two has stroked the theatres and the movie seems to be a super hit. Though the movie goes well in the theatres there are some negative reviews and I think that would not affect the movie to a greater level. I would say that Selvaraghavan has provided a different story once again and I hope he would be doing more such movies in the future period of time. His contribution has been very successful in Tamil movie industry and he has not provided any flops until now. Dhanush on the other hand has been performing well in almost all the movies till now and I hope he would have more such movies in the future.

Sketch of the movie Mayakkam Enna

The movie is all about the youngster who is trying to achieve something in the life but has been disturbed very much by other forces and at a certain period of time he loses his conscience and disturbs the others in the locality with the attitude of him. Soon he is supported by someone that gives him great motivation and achieves something great in the future period of time.

Reviews and responses for the movie Mayakkam Enna

From the words of the director Selvaraghavan it is clear that the director is very much happy with the response that he has received from the public and media. It seems that even Superstar met Dhanush to congratulate him for his latest flick. He also stated that the movie was made to attract the target audience and it reached them very well. He also stated that the movie has touched the hearts of the people and has made them to feel for the character of the photographer played by Dhanush in the movie. Most of the media have rated the movie above par and hope this would get the desired results in the future period too.

Story of the movie Mayakkam Enna

The movie starts with the introduction of some friends in which Dhanush is one and his sister is also there. The friends share their light moments and enjoy the things and share the difficulties of each other. Dhanush is dependent on his friends for his livelihood and so is his sister. They have a good friend who helps him whenever Dhanush is in trouble and their life goes in a smoother way.

One day it happens that the friend of Dhanush brings a girl along with him and introduces to his friends stating that she is her girl friend and Dhanush and Co get angry on him at first and start to beat him up in a friendly manner to express their anger towards him. Soon after some point of time they meet at a bar and there too a fight arises between Richa and Dhanush. After some point of time Richa comes to know that Dhanush is struggling a lot to get into the Photography and has tried a lot but is unable to get into that and tries to get a good job but fails as the experts say that the photos taken by him were poor and Richa could not do anything.

After this hard moment he tried hard to get into the field by one of the most popular photographer and the photographer at first insults Dhanush but later asks him to draw some photographs from the wildlife and he would give him a chance if he is satisfied with that. Dhanush obeys his orders and gets in the forests with their friends to draw the photos and meanwhile Richa falls in love with Dhanush and Dhanush at the beginning refuses her love indirectly then states that in front of her eyes saying that he cannot be unfair to his true friend. Dhanush draws some photos and takes them to the person who commanded them but the other person refuses to keep Dhanush as his assistant and insults him very much. When Dhanush is insulted one more time Richa supports him and this brings love in the hearts of Dhanush towards Richa but as Dhanush is very true to his friends decides to run away from the town to a distant place and tends not to return back.

The situation goes in a different way where the popular photographer who refused to make Dhanush as his assistant uses the photos taken by Dhanush and becomes more popular and knowing this Dhanush is forced to come back from the far off place and meets the photographer to do justice for him but the popular Photographer not only refuses to give justice but pretends to show that he does not know the person Dhanush. When Dhanush returns back to his home his friends meet him and ask him the reason to leave the place and Dhanush is forced very much by his friends to tell the truth but he hides them. Soon Richa hugs Dhanush and this is seen by all his friends and this makes a problem between Dhanush and his dear friend.

Soon both the friends i.e., Dhanush and His close friend decide to get rid of Richa as she was the reason for the quarrel between them and Dhanush does the same. But Dhanush has got some inner feeling towards the girl that makes his friends father do a justice by joining Richa and Dhanush. After some time it happens one day that Dhanush once again comes through the Photographer who also earns the national award for the picture drawn by Dhanush. This makes him heartbroken and he falls from the building and the mind is affected to a large extend.

After some time there are many problems that arise in the life of Dhanush and Richa where one of his friends husband is hurt by Dhanush, lot of complaints are received by Richa because of Dhanush's activity in the public. At one stage there is a interview going on where the faomous photographer tries to describe the photo taken by Dhanush intimating to be done by him and this make Dhanush very Angry and he shows that on the television set and as Richa tries to stop him he attacks her too by which the baby in her stomach gets destroyed and this makes Richa angry and she never talks with Dhanush till the end. At the ending of the movie Dhanush gets more popularity after getting some nice photographs and leads the other photographer by getting the international award to his name. The Movie ends with Richa saying hello on a phone to Dhanush.

Conclusion of the movie Mayakkam Enna

The story ends with something that needs to be continued and I think Director Selvaraghavan is planning to do a sequel of the movie if the movie is successful. Altogether it is a nice movie that has some beautiful songs and some nice emotions and I hope the movie would be a great success.


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