The decision taken by our Chief Minister Jayalalitha for the welfare of the society

This is the article about the decision made by our Chief Minister Jayalalitha for benefiting the people and the children's in the society. There were lot of bold activities done by her that affected the people to a large extend but now she has done something that would be well appreciated by most of the population of our state.

The decision taken by our Chief Minister Jayalalitha for the welfare of the society

Introduction to the Employment Opportunities

There are various steps taken by our Chief Minister Jayalalitha in the short term immediately after becoming the chief minister of the state. There are many actions that haunted the minds of the people and now the chief minister has taken some initiative in providing some huge employment opportunities for the needy ones. She has planned to provide employment so that the various vacant fields in the government in nutritious food provided to the students and pre education staffs. Recently before sometime it is a remarkable one that she had snatched the employment opportunities provided by the previous government to the people but now her act is something like a relief that is very much welcomed by the public in the state.

A brief note on Employment opportunity provided by Jayalalitha and the benefits to the students

It was a decision ordered by Jayalalitha madam on the beginning of the month of December where she has stated something that would benefit a lot of people. As per the latest report it has been stated that she has ordered to recruit or provide employment opportunities to the people in order to fill the vacant places in nutritious food providing and pre education to the children's and it is also to be noted that there are almost 28600 people who would be benefitted by this act of the government.

Employment opportunity to Women and development of schools

It is the fact that in Tamil Nadu, in the department of nutritious food providers and pre education staffs, from birth to six year old children's, growing younger females, girls, ladies, pregnant women and older women, mother of some children's and more than 28 lakhs of them are getting benefitted. She has also asked the children welfare association to provide proper security to the students. She has also added to increase the infrastructural facilities, welfare measures and the maintenance facilities offered to the students in the schools. According to this out of about 7449 self financing institutions a huge cost of about 47 crores and 61 lakh has been spend to do the welfare activities stated before.

Benefits for the children's

She has also ordered to provide facilities like Electric fans and electric lights for about 27 crore and 21 lakhs that would cover about 45345 children's on the whole protecting them from the various seasonal variations. I think that it is one of the most important things that would be definitely beneficial to the children's society and this would lure the students towards the public schools that offers free education to the poor and needy children's of the society.

Not only this, she has also taken some steps to protect the environment from the pollution for which she has suggested to open up about latrines and bathroom facilities in 29727 institutions in Tamil Nadu and the cost incurred in this is about 23 crores and 78 lakhs. It is also said that the bathrooms would be built in such a manner that the children's would not have any difficulty in using them. Altogether she has taken some nice steps to protect the interest of the childrens especially with a wide number of employment opportunities provided at lot.

Various vacancies that are to be filled in the near future

At present the vacancy for the nutritious food contractors in the government schools about 4373 workers, 5717 workers for preparing the food, 6703 helping assistant for cooking, about 4689 Pre School staff vacancies, 1168 officers for the schools and 5946 assistant helpers for cleaning the school campus etc., are to be appointed by the present government in a very short period of time. All these employment opportunities as stated before provide employment opportunities for nearly 28600 employments.


I hope the future of the government schools is turning out to be a positive one than that of the activities before. This activity of the Chief Minister requires more appreciation as almost all the activities as stated above are very much useful to the society and its development and this would reduce the child labor to a great extend. Therefore it is definitely a benefit for both the category of the people like children's and the laborers who are striving to get some employment opportunity.


Guest Author: 06 Dec 2011

Hai Sudhan,

Hope you have provided us with a complete set of information about the current Chief Minister actions and benefits done for the welfare of the society for the people of Tamil Nadu.
S.Naina Khan

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