A brief view on Tamil Movie Poraali staring Sasikumar and Swathi

This is the article about the movie Poraali that was directed by Samuthirakani and the lead roles played by Sasikumar and Swathi. I hope this movie would get good response from the Tamil audience and would be a good movie though it got some critical response from Sify and Rediff.

A Brief review on the Tamil Movie Poraali


Introduction to the Tamil Movie Poraali

This is the movie that has created much of hype previously before its release but has got some critical response from the viewers. The movie is directed by Samuthirakani and the lead role was played by Sasikumar and Swathi. It was the same crew once again except for Jai. I would say that though the movie seems to be good according to me, the movies rating has been something that has downtrodden the movie and it is said that raters like Sify, Rediff rated the movie as below average and this is the thing to worry as the movie was thought to be a super hit before its release.

Sketch of the Tamil movie Poraali

The movie is all about a person who is struggling in his life to overcome the problems that are created by his relatives and family members. The person acts and behaves nicely to others to get a good name among the community of the people but as the time passes the problems of the past hinders them a lot.

Brief View of the Tamil movie Porali

The movie starts with Ilamkumaran (Sasikumar) having a dream where he is riding two horses at the same time without a cart. Soon Ilamkumaran wakes out of his dream and notices that all those who are sleeping besides him have been in deep sleep. He wakes up one of his friend Nallavan and they both start to run away from the place in that dark night. One more person sleeping nearby wakes and notices there activity and tries to stop the two but the two friends beat the other person who chases them and hangs him in a rope above the well. Soon they reach a bus and tend to go to Chennai without the notice of the people who were chasing them.

Soon they both reach the place of Ganja Karuppu who is a friend of Nallavan and find that he is living illegally in the house without the notice of the house owner. Ganja Karuppu avoids them both and both the fellow play a drama so that they are attracted by the people and hence the house owner comes to know that they are the friends of Ganja Karuppu but doesn't object them to stay here in the house. There is a lot of drama going around always in the block of houses as there are three to four families residing over there. One of the families has always problem between the husband and wife but after each fight the husband pulls the bachelors into the act saying the house owner should not allow the house to the bachelor. There is one more family residing there which is of Swathi where the heroine, her sister and her Grandmother live together but later as the story move the real thing is known that Swathi is a girl who has no other relation of her family and likewise the other two in the residing place.

The girl Swathi is impressed by the act of sasikumar who is residing in the opposite house by his good act but sasikumar refuses to accept her as he has a history which is unknown to anyone in the current society. On the other hand they find something wrong with one of their friend Tamilselvi who is working with them in the petrol bunk and sasikumar solves the problem and the girl and her family has a good respect on Sasi because of his act. Before this Sasikumar tends to start a new part time apart from the present job in the petrol bunk by delivering the products ordered and gets successful in that too. On the other hand they succeed in the original business too where the owner of the petrol bunks offers the land to sasi and friends who are working in the bunk.

Soon after the rigorous progress of Sasi and friends, His friend Nallavan and Ganja Karrupu start to make some pamphlet's where the original photograph of both of them is given and this makes the trouble. Soon the people who are searching for Sasikumar and his friend get the information after seeing the pamphlet and start approaching them and when the people near the house of Sasi ask why they are searching him they say that it is because both the friends have escaped from Mental Hospital and the Intermission of the movie comes here.

Soon they start to search everywhere but they both escape from there and reach at a safe place and they inform their friends about their status and their friends come to help them out. Soon they both reach the house of Tamil Selvi where the past of Nallavan comes into picture where the person is mentally affected due to some reason and is admitted in the mental hospital before some period of time. On the other hand when Sasikumar meets Swathi he too tells about his past where his father had some affairs with a lady and this lead to his mother death. Soon his father and the other lady marry together and have a boy for whom the father of Sasikumar tries to get the money of his ancestors but situation is somewhat different where the grandfather of sasikumar writes the will on the name of sasikumar and gives the original will to a person who he believes more.

Soon after the death of sasikumar ancestor, with the duplicate will the father of sasikumar and the step mother affect the life of Sasikumar and he is not sent to school and he starts to lead his life in the temple with his friend Soori and soon the girl Maari comes into the picture who lives with her father and tries to protect Sasikumar from the danger. Soon the father and other relatives of Sasikumar come to know that the will is fake one and the original one is somewhere else and when they tend to find out who has the original then it is the father of Maari who has them and they kill both the daughter and father for this.

When they catch Sasikumar , he acts like a mentally affected person to get rid of the person and this connects with the introduction of the movie. After this narration Swathi accepts Sasikumar and they both along with Nallavan and Tamil try to get out of the city but at the end fight against the group to get rid of them. Sasidharan shows a aggressive fight at the end.

Conclusion of the movie

I would say that it is a decent movie with all the good things in them and I watched the movie and liked them too. The reviews may not be that much good about the movie but I believe that the audience would make this movie a good one for the pair of Samuthirakani and Sasikumar once again.


Guest Author: 06 Dec 2011

Hai Sudhan,

The information provided by you would be interesting for Tamil Film Lovers.

S.Naina Khan

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