New Year Festival in Tamil Nadu

This article is about the new year festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil people follow many customs and rituals on new year. Though the new year is celebrated by all in some place the celebration is conducted in a grand manner.

New Year Festival in Tamil Nadu

The New Year is celebrated every year on first of January month. On this special occasion the people wear new dress and visit the temples and worship God. During this special day the people remember their past victories and losses and take a good and firm decision to be good in the coming new year. New year resolutions are taken and old unwanted hobbies are given up through this festival. This also a day on which the scattered people meet their families and share their feelings with one another.

History of New Year

The celebration of New Year starts in the ancient times and continues today. The New Year date was changed at many situations and finally it is being stick on to January first. The New Year celebration is believed to have been started before 2000 years. The Egyptians, Persians and some people from Greece celebrated this New Year festival during the month of March. The New Year was celebrated on the month of March first because at those times there were only a total of ten months and March was first of them. So the New Year celebration was celebrated on March first. During these days the calendar was based on the growth of moon.

After some years a Roman king called Numa Pompilas has added two more months in a year and made it be twelve months in a year. The months January and February were added newly. These two months January and February were placed before March. So March became as third month of the year. So January which is the starting of the year is considered to be the New Year month. However the people had not changed their system of celebrating the festival in the March month. The people had continued to celebrate the New Year festival on the March month. After years the Roman emperor Julius Caesar has declared that January 1 will be the New Year. After this proclamation of the king the New Year was celebrated in the January month.

Tamil Nadu Rituals on New year Festivals

Tamil Nadu has very high rituals. All the festivals have its own reason for its celebration. The people perform many rituals during each festival accordingly. On the New Year festivals the people in Tamil Nadu wake early in the morning and clean their house and wash them. The spread cow dung water in front of their house and clean it. In front of their house they make many decorations on the floor with color powder which is called as Kolam. Different varieties of "Kolams" are placed in front of the house. The people also tie mango leaves in all the sides. Few people paint their house and make it a new look.

Another notable custom among the Tamil people is the looking of the jewels. The people rise up in the morning and see the jewels of Gold, Money and many other valuable items which they desire of most. This is done in the belief that a good start of the New Year will give wealth and happiness in the coming year.

Celebrations on New Year's Day

The New Year celebration starts with decorating houses. The people get up early in the morning and get ready by having worn their new dresses. Through this they get rid of the old worries and come to a new life. The people likely to visit temples and churches in Tamil Nadu and attend the mass or pooja. After the worship the people may spend their time with family or friends. During these days thousands of people get assembled in the beeches. In whole the people spend their new year day in merry making and enjoying.

New Year festival in kanyakumari

The New Year Dawn in kanyakumari is very much famous in the south India. Thousands of people visit the tip of the Indian main land and see the dawn and the rising of the sun in kanyakumari. The people enjoy the morning by seeing the New Year's first sun rising The sun set in Kanyakumari is also popular among the people.


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English New Year is part of Tamil culture? I dont think so.

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