Kaala Bairavan II (Ghost Rider) Full movie Story Review

Kaala Bairavan II ( Ghost rider) is released in Tamil nadu on 24.02.2012. The movie is good and gives the thrilling experience. I have written the full movie story of Kaala bairavan in this article. I have also added the picture of Kaala Bairavan II along with the review. You can also download the movie as the download link is given in this article.

Kaala Bairavan (Ghost Rider) Full movie review

The Tamil Movie Kaala Bairavan (Ghost rider) is released on 24.02.2012. The movie is a dubbed movie in Tamil. The movie is all about Ghosts and its agreement with the human beings. In short we can say that a devil makes agreement with all the people of one village in condition that their soul will be for him after their death. During their life they can get whatsoever they need.

The Tamil version of "Ghost Rider" Kaala Bairavan II was done by Thenandal. The film was directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. The screenplay was written by David S Goyer, Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman. Ashok Amritraj is the producer of the movie Ghost Rider Kaala Bariavan. The casts includes Nicolas Cage, Ciaran, Idris Elba, Violante Placido Christopher and many others.

Kaala Bairavan – Ghost Rider Story

As the movie title says as "Ghost Rider" the movie is related to the Ghosts in Tamil. The movie starts as a Ghosts starts to have agreement with all the people of a village. The agreement is that the people will get everything in their life while they live. After their death their soul will come under the custody of the Ghosts. After their death the Ghosts puts them in the same village as prisoners and persecutes them. The Ghosts then appoints a another person to look after the souls in that village who is then known as "Ghost Rider". The Ghost Rider does not like to see the suffering of the souls of that village people. So the Kaala Bairavan takes all the agreements and runs away from the Ghost. The souls get freed and they go and live in a old torn building of that village.

As the agreements were stolen by the Ghost Rider the Ghost did not have the right to control the souls. Now again the Ghost plans with a new Bike Rider. A boys who is a bike racer was seen in the hospital because of his father's ill health. The Ghost goes to him and cures his father and asks him to come for an agreement. But in the evening itself the Ghost kills his father. When the boy asks about this to the Ghosts, it says rudely that it told that it will save his father, but never mentioned that he will not kill him again.

The Ghosts makes an agreement with the bike racer that he will make him to win in the bike race. The boy accepts for the agreement. The Ghost also helps him to win the race. The boy jumps six helicopters in a row and makes record. The Ghost always helps him in the race. The boy wins all the bike race and becomes very popular. Then the Ghost gives him the work of finding the old Ghost rider who ran away and get the agreements from him. The boy now grown up and he is the hero Nickolas Cage.

The Ghost's son also trying to capture the agreements and wants to become the powerful being in the world overtaking his father. Now the hero hero Nickolas Cage has the work to manage the Ghost's son and also get the agreement from the old Ghost Rider. Now you can watch Kaala Bairavan II in action when he tries to get the agreements. During the night time hero Nickolas Cage changes himself as burning man and rides a burning bike and searches the old Ghost rider. Meanwhile he faces many ghosts and kills them. Somehow he finds the old ghost rider and gets the agreement form from him.

Hero Nickolas Cage also has a love affairs with a girl. When the girl comes to know that his lover is not a human being at all, she was shocked and later accepts his love. The climax of Kaala Bairavan is when the heroine is kidnapped by the villain. Hero saves her from the villain and defeats him. The Ghost again comes and asks for an agreement with Nickolas Cage to resign the job as a Ghost Rider and become a normal human being and enjoy the world with his lover. But kaala Bairavn Nickolas Cage refuse to beome human being. He says that he wants to punish the wicked in the world for which the Ghost rider position is needed very much. Nickolas Cage remains as Ghost Rider and saves the world. In all the nights he goes like a burning Skelton on a burning bike and stops the injustice.

Download Kaala Bairavan II (Ghost Rider) videos

The movie Ghost Rider is a thrilling movie. It is something related to the supernatural power. Though we know well that the story is not a real one we have the tendency to watch Kaala Bairavan movie in Tamil. The movie was released on 24th of February 2012 and running successfully in Cinema theatres in Tamilnadu you can download Ghost Rider Kaala Bairavan movie and watch. But it is good to watch such a thriller movies only in theatres with digital effects. The downloading link will be updated soon.


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