Tamilnadu history, tourist places, districts and visiting details

Here in this article you will find complete information about Tamilnadu which is a state of India and is well known as Temple state of India. This article contains information like, tourist places, history, visiting details, districts etc of Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu - the land of temples

Tamilnadu, a state of India is situated in the southern most part of Indian Peninsula. This spectacular state of India is established in 1773 i.e. Madras state was formed on 26 January 1950 and then on 14 january 1969, Madras was renamed as Tamilnadu i.e. Tamilnadu country. Tamilnadu is spread over 26 area of about 50,216 sq mi. The capital of Tamilnadu is Chennai which is one of the largest city of this state too.

Tamilnadu borders Pondicherry, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to its east and Indian Ocean to its south.According to area, Tamilnadu is the eleventh largest state of India and in population, it takes seventh most rank. Tamilnadu is governed by Governor Konijeti Rosaiah and the Chief minister of this state is Jayalalithaa (AIADMK). In this state there are lot of natural resources, temples, resorts, hill stations.

The official language of this state is Tamil. According to 2001 census, about 89% of people communicate in Tamil and other language through which people communicate in this state are Kannada, Telugu, English, Urdu, Malayalam.

History of Tamilnadu

Neolithic period

The history of this Tamilnadu is concerned 4-5 billion years back. Archaeological clinchers points this state to be the longest continuous habitations in India. According to Archaeological Survey of India, they found 170 urns containing bones,grains of rice, which are about 3800 years ago and there evidences gives the proof of Neolithic period.ASI archaeologists announced Adichanallur as an archaeological site for digging and studies. According to Archaeological survey of India (ASI), about 60% of the inscriptions found in India are from state Tamilnadu and are in state's official language, Tamil.

Many geologists found fossilized eggs of dinosaur in a small village of district Ariyalur and they found these eggs to be 65 million years old. Many other researchers from Periyar believe that these eggs of dinasaur belongs to the aggressive carnosaur.

Medieval period

Medieval period begin with the tug-of-war between the Pallavas and Pandyas which causes the revival of Cholas. During the Sangam era, the Cholas were very present but were not present in the starting period. In Medieval period, Cholas went on to become a great power and this decline of them saw the brief comeback of the Pandyas. Before the Sangam Era (300 BCE to 250 BCE), the Cheras ruled in the southern most part of India.

In the Sangam period, the Kalabhras encroach and dislodge, three kingdoms of Tamilnadu and ruled between the third one. This period is referred as the dark age in the history of state Tamilnadu.

Janism garnished in the land of Tamilnadu during the Kalabhras rule.
This state saw the origin of the Pallavas under Mahendravarman during forth to eighth century. In the sourthern area of country, Pallavas establish a very large portion, Kanchipuram as their capital and during Pallava rule, Dravidian work was on its hights. In the 10th century C.E., the Pallavas were replaced by the Cholas and in the 13th century the Cholas were replaced by the Pandyas. The capital of Pandyan is Madurai which is deep south away from the coast. As a result of this, they had trade links with the sourth east Assian Maritime empire of Srivijaya and then with their successors.

The Pandyas are mentioned as the richest empire by Marco Polo in 13th century. Some of the best temples of Pandyan Architecture are Meenakshi Amman temple, Nellaiappar temple.

Chola temple

Rajendra Chola period is well-known as the Golden period of Tamilnadu earlier and under the supervision of Raja Raja Chola and Rajendra Chola, Chola estate rose to be as a strong estate in the sourthern area of country.
Under the rule of Maravarman Sundara Pandya along with his younger brother, Pandyas rose once again with the decline of Cholas between 1230 and 1280 C.E.

Nayak period and Vijayanagar times (1336 to 1646)

This estate remains for starting two centuries till the defeat of Vimayanagara in the battle of Talikota in 1567. After the defeat from this fight in the mid of 16th century, Vijayanagare empire went into decline. They further construct few of the oldest temples of India, one of them is Meenakshi temple of state Tamilnadu which is located in Madurai.

Nawabs and Nizams period (1692 to 1801)

During 18th century, the eastern most part of state came under the ascendancy of the Nizam of Hyderabad. In the middle of era, the western most part of state came under the ascendancy of Hyder Ali and after that in the ascendancy of Tipu Sultan.

Tamilnadu during 1947

On 26 January 1950, Madras Presidency was formed and when India came into existence as a independent country, Madras presidencency became Madras state and after that on 14 Jan 1969, Madras was renamed as Tamilnadu.

Population of state Tamilnadu

From 2001 to 2011, the population level of Tamilnadu grew by 15.6%. Population vise, Tamilnadu takes seventh rank in India. According to 2011 census, total population of Tamilnadu is about 72,138,958 which means that its population level represents approximately 5.96% of the total population of India. Density vise, it is 555 people per sq km.
The rate of population dropped from 1971 in Tamilnadu but population rate goes on increasing and increasing significantly over the last 10 year i.e. from 2001 to 2011. As per 2011 census, population level reached to 97 lakh. The death rate of this state was about 7.6/1000 and birth rate was 8.6/1000. Thus, rise in population is 53 lakhs.

Religious ethnicities in Tamilnadu

About 88.34% of people living in this state of India believes in Hinduism and about 5.57% of the people believes in Islam, 6.08% of the people believe in Christianity and others are 0.26%. It means that the rate of people believing in Hinduism is highest in this state as compared to other one but the fact is highest number of people believing in Christianity lives here as compared to other states of India. According to 2001 census, mostly 89% of the beings of this state communicate with each other in Tamil.

Districts of Tamilnadu

State Tamilnadu is have 32 total districts. Every district of Tamilnadu offers an exciting tour to the tourists. This state of India has lush green valleys, hill stations, beaches, hills which attracts a lot of people towards itself. The total districts of Tamilnadu are named below:
1. Ariyalur
2. Chennai
3. Pudukkottai
4. Coimbatore
5. Ramanathapuram
6. Salem
7. Cuddalore
8. Sivaganga
9. Dharmapuri
10. Thanjavur
11. Dindigul
12. Theni
13. Erode
14. Thoothukudi
15. Kanchipuram
16. Thiruvarur
17. Kanniyakumari
18. Tirunelveli
19. Karur
20. Tiruchirappalli
21. Krishnagiri
22. Thiruvallur
23. Madurai
24. Tiruppu
25. Nagapattinam
26. Tiruvannamalai
27. Namakkal
28. Vellore
29. Nilgiris
30. Villupuram
31. Perambalur
32. Virudhunagar

Tourist destinations in Tamilnadu

This southern most state oe Tamilnadu offers the most exciting tour for tourists along with many tour packages. Tamilnadu is one oe the topmost tourist destination of India which is bounded by Annamalai hills and Palakkad to its west, eastern ghats to its north and Bay of Bengal in the east. The lush green valleys, hill stations, beaches, resorts, hills and various ghats enhances the beauty of this state.

The dance form of this state is Bharat Natyam which speaks the most about the culture of this state. If you are in Tamilnadu, you can enjoy your vaccctions here, as lot of beaches are awaiting for you. The longest Marina beach, Kanyakumari beach are here for beach seeker.

Temples of Tamilnadu

A lot of popular and ancient temples are there in this state. That's why this very own state of our is also known as "land of temples" and the temples in Tamilnadu located in this state are architectural masterpieces. Tamilnadu is having about 30,000 plus temples and are ancient ones. Most of these temples are built by Chola dynasty, Pallava, Pandya, Nayak and Vijaynagar ruler. The temples of this state attracts thousand of tourists towards itself. This state of India is having century old temples which are designed in gopuram shape and are of hallways size. This state of India is having a lot of temples and some of them are named below:

1. Kanyakumari temple
2. Meenakshi temple
3. Chidambaram temple
4. Rameshwaram temple
5. Chayavaneashwara temple
6. Chennai Krishnapuram temple
7. Kumbeswara temple
8. St. Stephen's church
9. Swamimalai temple
10. Nageswara temple.

Beaches of state Tamilnadu

Beaches of Tamilnadu is popular among tourists. As Tamilnadu is having a lot of beaches. This is the place where one can see the horizon of nature. Although there are lot of beaches in this state but there are beaches which are to be explored. Tamilnadu is having world's longest beach and is Marina beach. This beach is about 13kms long. Some of the beaches are named and discussed below:

1. Marina Beach
2. Mahabalipuran beach
3. Kanyakumari beach
4. Rameshwaram beach
5. Elliot's beach
6. Covelong beach

Marina beach

This beach of state Tamilnadu is world's second longest beach and is about 13kms long and is one of the popular beach in state Tamilnadu. Marina beach is covered with silver sand and is located on the eastern part of the city which adjoins Bay of Bengal.

Kanyakumari beach

Sometimes this beach of Tamilnadu is referred as the "land of end". At this beach Indian ocean and Arabian sea confluences with the Bay of Bengal. Its really a great experience to enjoy viewing the spectacular scene of sunset and moon rise over the ocean simultaneously on this beach. If you want to reach there by air link then Thiruvananthapuram airport is the nearest airport and is about 87km away. From there by the mean of taxis, rickshaw you can reach to Kanyakumari beach.

Rameshwaram beach

Rameshwaram beach is an ideal beach for swimming and sun bathing and is the place where lord Rama rested after his victory over Ravana, king of Srilanka.

Covelong beach

Covelong beach is situated at a distance of 40kms from Chennai and is referred as a small village sometimes and a dreamy village too.

Weather of Tamilnadu

There is a slight variation in temperature in most of the southern parts of country. The level of moisture remains relatively at its peak. Umbrella is required throughout the 365 days as rainfall is common at any time of the year. In cooler months, some warm clothes are necessary in this state but in the evening, mostly there is a drop in temperature.

Best time to visit Tamilnadu

If you are interested in seeing the beauty of nature, ancient temples, beaches, great hills etc, you must visit Tamilnadu. The best season to visit Tamilnadu is cooler one and in the begining of summer, you can also have great time in this state because rainfall is marginally lower at that time in this state.



How to reach Tamilnadu

You can easily reach to this place as it is well connected with the rest of the world by air, road and rail links. Here is some information which will help you to reach to this state of India.

Tamilnadu by rail
State government of Tamilnadu has provided a main railway station which is situated in Chennai. All the mains trains from various big cities of country are well connected with the railway station of Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu by road
This land of India is crisscross by a number of state highways, national highways. Various cities like Delhi, Banglore, Kolkata, Mumbai are well connected with the road which leads to Chennai.

Tamilnadu by air
If you want to reach Tamilnadu through air link then the most convenient point to enter in Tamilnadu by air is International airport which is situated near Chennai, state capital. A lot of airlines from various countries like England, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Srilanka, Dubai are connected with this airport. From the airport by the mean of private taxis you can approach to the place wherever you want to.


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