Plus 2 Examination, how to face the exam without fear?

In the blistering hot summer 7, 60,975 plus -2 students who toiled year long take their examination today as scheduled (Thursday March 08 to Friday 30 March 2012). The most important worry and great concern this year for the students are that most schools where they write eleven day examination go without power. Although the government has made a makeshifts of power generating sets, which also has become a part of criticism since most schools provided with generator sets said to be defective.

Tamilnadu +2 Exam 2012

In Tamil Nadu and Puducherry 7, 6o, 975 students perform the long awaited plus-2 government examination today. The ordeal this year is the lack of power supply that adds to anxiety and summer blistering and unusual sweating. The data shows the girls outnumber the boys. Total number of girls appearing in two states 4, 07,969, and the boys are 3, 53,006, girls winning the percentage is 54. Total number of centres is 1974.

In Chennai 27 532 girls take their academic challenge and boys number 22669 and total number of aspirants is 50201. The examination will commence by 10 am 10.10 am (10 minutes) to read question paper and they must be thorough and ready to answer the questions from 10.15 am to 1.15 pm - yes, to be on march with pen and paper running to 3hours to write exam after a ten minutes brainstorm.

+2 Time Table 2012 Tamilnadu

March 8 2012 - Thursday - Tamil -I (Language 1st Paper)
March 9 2012 - Friday - Tamil -II (Language 2nd Paper)
March 12 2012 - Monday - English - I
March 13 2012 - Tuesday - English - II

March 16 2012 - Friday - Physics, Economics, Psychology
March 19 2012 - Monday - Maths (Mathematics), Zoology, Micro-Biology, Nutrition and Dietetics
March 20, 2012 - Tuesday - Commerce, Home Science, Geography

March 22 2012 - Thursday - Chemistry, Accountancy, Short-hand
March 26 2012 - Monday - Biology, History, Botany, Foundation Science, Business Maths
March 28 2012 - Wednesday - Computer Science, Typewriting, Communicative English, Indian Culture, Bio- Chemistry, Advanced Language

March 30, 2012 - Friday - All Vocational Theory, Political Science, Nursing (General), Statistic.

These students have been suffering from physical or mental exhaustion due to exertion for several hours of power cut in peak hours of studies. While summer shows its sweltering heat, courtesy calls that they must be helped in power supply. These students especially show some examination syndrome such as exam fever that vanishes in no time.

How to prepare for examination

Examination anxiety is inevitable, face it with confidence.
A daily reader of the entire subjects is the one who is well prepared for the examination. "Be well prepared" is the best answer and to face the exam squarely. You may feel the subject a volatile, but once you write, your mental dam is open and answers will gush out from your mind in jet speed.

Do not be upset few minutes before exam, you may see your thumping heart, that means you fear something for nothing. It is known as anxiety, a psychological fear, expecting some danger to come. It is common to all. Be confident, take deep breathe, and be relaxed with body and mind. You will settle down very soon.
Never consult anything with your friends before going to examination hall. Do not be confused, and do not confuse others. Instead have a normal chat and good laugh, and be merry that you have an examination after all. Do not rush page after page, do not feel you have undone something. Relax! Relax!! and relax!!!
Your last-minute frantic reviews, on the waiting hall will only increase your panic, avoid it totally.

The last and most important thing that you can do to bolster your confidence is to have a strategy for taking exam. People who know what to do in emergencies is," Don't panic" This holds good for taking examination too.

Tips for your health during examination

Sleep well; do not think about the examination before going to bed. Do not read burning the midnight oil(Stay up working or studying late night) Next morning your tired body will be awake but your brain will be sleepy.

Never miss a good hot square meal in time, and it is the one which helps your brain straight and definitely. Do not forget it.

Take healthy food

Mostly vegetables and fruits along with you staple food. Avoid constipation, take simple fruits like banana, if possible apple too. Take plenty of water, and empty bladder as an instinct arises. Take a bottle full of sterile water, and drink if you feel thirsty. Do not keep the paining bladder, empty it with the permission of the examiner.

Best food during examination

Select food that contains iron and vitamin B. Broad beans, soy, kidney beans, cluster beans, cereals, spinach and fish all have sufficient nutrients helpful for exam goers. Fish is one that will help the brain's health if eaten regularly.

Do not ignore vitamin C: Do not hurry for all these from pharmacist shelf. Your normal diet is good enough to receive all these A cup of hot milk, an orange contains not only Vitamin C, but also fiber, beta carotene and other minerals, carrot, beetroots, lentils, and any dark colored vegetable is good enough as healthy brain food. Apples, bananas, Clementine, carrot sticks or dried apricots all are rich in vitamins that needed for brain. Never take one week dose at one stroke. You will purge next morning.

Avoid junk food, packed snacks; they never contain all the good things needed as advertised. That is a commercial clever tactics.

Take iodide salt in required minimal quantity. Avoid too much added green chillies, and tamarind added sauces.

Importance of breakfast

Break down the conventional idlis and dosas, because in hurry heavy morning chore obligated to perform, mother may feel them easy to cook. They will surely reduce the appetite, but they are never a brain food.

The ideal menu for breakfast is cereals like oats meal, with milk, loaf of bread with boiled egg, or fried eggs (Do not say egg emits smell. Smell is everywhere. It is in milk, fish, meat and even if smell your own skin, and it smells. Do not worry about smell) Crave for a good brain and healthy brain. Never ever replace pills for these entire nutritive supplements. They all will go as waste undigested, most time harming the health.

Exercise most essential part of life

Finally keep some healthy daily exercise. Twenty minutes daily walk is great enough.Girls may learn dancing. Boys must be keen on active sports. These entire regimens should not only for examination but as a systematic health procedure.

Now, Good luck to you, come with smiling face.


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