Aravaan Tamil Movie Shooting Spot, Story Line and Review

Aravaan shooting spots along with facts behind creation the movie including highlighting scenes and technical information of the movie can be known here. With excellent art and team work Vasantha Balan has given up his own creation of flavour towards the story for the movie Aravaan which adds up with another mile stone of success towards his journey. The story line and song tracks list can also be known here. Read more to know with these updated informations.

The anxiety over most expected Periodic Tamil film Aravaan is finally over and it has hit the screen on Friday 2/3/12 with a big opening in huge sets of theatres all over Tamil Nadu on its first day of release. Angadi Theru fame Vasantha Balan is now back with another avatar in presenting a periodic film and this movie story is based on a novel Kaaval kottam by Su. Venkatesan who won the Sahithya Academy Award 2011 for his debut novel.

Technical information about the Aravaan movie

Movie name: Aravaan
Starring: Aadhi, Dhansika, Pasupathi, Shwetha menon, Bharath, Anjali
Screen play and direction: Vasantha Balan
Producer: T. Siva
Banner: Amma Creations
Music: Karthick
Genre: Periodic Film
Certification: U
Release Date: 2/3/2012
Song Track List: 7 songs
Cinematography: Siddharth
Distributor: Vendhal Movies
Editor: Praveen. K. L, N. B. Srikanth

About Aravaan Movie

In this movie Aadhi plays the role in two names us Varipuli and chinna along with Pasupathy role as Kambodhi and heroine Dhansika as Vanapechi and Archana kavi as Chimitti. All the above character plays a prominent role and Bharath, Anjali, Shwetha Menon and Kabir Bedi do cameo appearances. The sound tracks of the movie are being composed by play back singer Karthik which debut him as a composer through this film.

Facts about the Aravaan Movie

Aravaan will act as a 2012 Indian periodic film. The movie being directed by Vasantha Balan is based on the sub plots of the novel 'Kaaval Kottam' a Sahithya Academy Award winner by the writer Su. Venkatesan. After his previous venture of success Vasantha Balan has put himself into a research works towards the story line and other details for his upcoming movie Aravaan and he said it took nearly one year for penning the script to bring live and life to the movie which is a mix combination of action and emotion. With Aadhi performance in his previous venture Mirugam and Earam Vasantha Balan by looking at his appearance said he would be more suitable for the character of Varipuli and in his birthday celebration during the shoot of the movie Ayyanar he was given advance and as the director said his role in the movie is given high weight age he insisted him to develop his body like a wire which would be more flexible and accordingly the hero developed his body shape with proper diet.

Location and Shooting Spots of the Aravaan Movie

As this is a periodic film the creator along with his team put themselves in finding a best location where we would first be able to witness the trace of modern life and the team said it nearly took 4 months to identify a suitable location. Later the film was shot at various location like Arithapatti village in Madurai, Aachan koil in Kerela, Humbi in Karnataka, Handhikotta in Andhra Pradesh, Babli Palace in Vishakapatnam and at Melur, Karaikudi, Theni, Kuttralam, Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu. According to the script of the movie the first half would happen in a dry land at a small village so Arithapatti was selected at it best spot and more over as novel the movie has a flash back and the art director decided to slot it at a greenery, water along with huge tree and so it was slot a Kerela and Coutrallam.

Technical Highlighting Scene of the Aravaan Movie

Several scene created in this movie should be definitely appreciated but among them there is a scene which would be highly appreciable. According to the script and scene in the movie Pasupathy is being tied in between 1000 cows and the hero Aadhi is in a position to save him. It is not possible to keep all 1000 cows in a single shed and so the director by discussing with his team decided to handle the scene through animation. 3D Digital Fusion Technology was being adopted with the help of 3D technician from Leo vision a Hollywood Animation Company. The animation work for the specific scene was done for 6 months. Several photos of Aadhi, Pasupathy and cows were taken and using motion capture technology the scene was brought to live. More over this scene would be only for 2-5 minutes in the screen but it is developed with the budget was 20 lakhs and only if clearly observed the animation techniques used for the scene can be notable.

Songs Tracks Lists of Aravaan

Na. Muthu Kumar who won the awards towards his lyrics for a song in his previous ventures with Vasantha Balan is now back with good set of songs for the movie Aravaan. The movie totally consist a mix combination of 7 tracks and tamil lyricist Na Muthukumar has penned the lyrics for 6 songs and an individual song goes to Viveka. Music composer Karthik has tried his best to bring his outcome towards the songs according to the situation of lyrics. Finally Aravaan would be worth to listen. The 7 tracks of the song in the movie are given below.
1.Oare Oare Ennpetha - Viveka
2.Nila Nila Pogutha - Na. Muthukumar
3.Kalaundu - Na. Muthukumar
4.Unna Kola Porean - Na. Muthukumar
5.Nagamalai Sanchuidchu - Na. Muthukumar
6.Nanoda Kumara - Na. Muthukumar
7.Oruvan Iruvaan - Na. Muthukumar

Aravaan Story line

The main theme of story revolves round three village peoples of south Tamil Nadu. The main job of the people in a small village vembur is robbery and these people are more talented in burglaries and involve themselves in a team work. Pasupathy leads the head of the team towards robbery and Aadhi comes into this picture and Aadhi by understanding the nature of these village people jobs using their village name with guts get into a palace and steals the valuables and when it comes to the situation the robbery done is being put towards the people of Vembur. Pasupathy now involves himself in identifying the real thief and comes to know it is Aadhi and catches him and returns all the robbery items to the respective people to sustain their name. Pasupathy who identifies the special traits of Aadhi asked him to join in his team towards robbery and soon after their relationship these people in a team plan to go for a robbery at Kottaiyur village. Vembur village people known it would be a difficult task since there has been no robbery for past year in that place but Pasupathy makes a calculation and tries to use Aadhi into this robbery. Kottaiyur palace and village is being guarded by Karikalan and Vembur people according to their plan steals the valuables and while escaping Pasupathy got into the trap of Karikalan. Aadhi using his traits by next day itself saves Pasupathy and with this action Pasupathy sister fell in love with Aadhi and both of them insist to go with their marriage. Mean while an ego situation arises between the two villages and they like to compete with-each other in an adventure game and Pasupathy loses the game but Aadhi saves him. In this situation Mathur people comes and catches Aadhi and Pasupathy tries to save him but Karikalan says it is not due to robbery but he has been caught because of a transaction between them. There comes the climax and crux of the movie. Aadhi as Varipuli has some hidden truth behind him and he is in a position to reveal his original identity. Aadhi was Chinna in past who was hiding himself for several years. What would be the real situation towards hiding him for 10 years from his village people? Why do Vembur people wants and like to save Aadhi life? What happened to Aadhi family? What is Aadhi in search for these years? Did Aadhi identify the real situation? What made him to change his role? Hope it would be quiet interesting and if you like to know the answers for the above watch it in big screen to experience the feel towards the movie.

My Verdict on Aravaan movie

Some of the scenes are breath taking needed for a perfect periodical film. The entire team should be appreciated and Vasnthabalan has got another success in his mile stone of journey in presenting a periodical film with whole guts. Why don't you make your mind to watch it on big screen with good sound effects?


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