Sankarankoil Election – Latest News about Investigation Teams towards various Politicians Campaign

The latest news prevailing in Sankarankoil election towards politician campaign by the special investigation team along with the list of specified strict rules for the investigation team defined by the election commission towards the forth coming election can be known here. In addition the list of nominee from different parties are also been highlighted. Read more to get with the updated information.

Sankarankoil Election 2012

The date of Sankaran koil election is nearing by and due to this various important political parties have started with their campaign in a full swing. In order to avoid unnecessary situation towards the forth coming election at sankarankoil the Election Commission have developed a special investigation team and these people have instructed by the Election Commission to have an eye towards politicians campaign and have been instructed to record all the activities done by the politicians right from starting of their campaigning dates.

Some important politicians who have put themselves into campaign are been highlighted below. On behalf of DMK Central Minister Alagiri along with Stalin and other important politicians and actress of their team have involved in campaigning and from current ruling government – AIADMK all 32 ministers have been put into the campaign work towards their success. More over on behalf of MDMK Vaiko have involved himself directly in campaigning activity and other politicians like Chief Minister Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi andVijayakanth have give their schedule date towards this special election campaigning activities for the forth coming election. This time to conduct the election in a smooth manner and to avoid bribery a special investigation team will put them self in watching each and every move and activities of these politicians. More over the Election Commission has instructed 10 strict rules towards the investigation teams in monitoring the politicians campaigning activities. The lists of rules are highlighted below:

Rules by Election Commission for the Investigation Team

1.The investigation teams have been instructed to move behind the entire politician's vehicles who have been involved in campaigning.
2.The investigation team in prior before starting of campaign must check whether the political parties have got proper permission for the vehicles they are going to us in their campaigning.
3.The time allocated towards the campaign is from 6am – 10pm and the investigation teams are instructed to keep an eye towards the timings.
4.An individual has been eligible only to carry 25,000 along with 2.50 Lakhs worth items. Even if there is proper document over 2.50 Lakhs worth items the parties will be allowed to carry it with them only after proper permission from the Tax department.
5.If the Tax department finds more money than 25,000 then they have rights to seize the amount and file a case.
6.Even though if there are more number of individuals including the driver in a car only a total of 25,000 are being allowed to carry with them.
7.The daily campaigning activities of the political parties must be recorded and the copy of the cd must be sent to the Election Commission office without fail.
8.In addition issue of money and drinks to the voters are also to be watched and avoided completely.

List of Nominees selected from each political parties for Sankarankoil Election 2012

A total of 13 Nominees from different parties have been selected towards forthcoming Election and their lists are being highlighted along with their symbols.
1.Muthu Kumar – DMDMK – Murasu
2.Muthu Selvi – AIADMK – Two Leaves
3.Murugan – BJP – Lotus
4.Jawahar Suryakumar – DMK – Rising Sun
5.Ganesan – AJK – Light House
6.Santhanam Thirumalikumar – MDMK – Top
7.Nageshwarao – Samajvadi – Cycle
8.Aiyalo – Self – Kudaram
9.Arumugam – Self – Candle
10.Udaiyar – Self - Cap
11.Shankar – Self – Carrot
12.Perumal – Self – Cricket Bat
13.Vellathurai – Self – TV

Complaint number for Public towards Sankarankoil Election 2012

The public can make use of the following below number in case if they like to raise a complaint towards the Election.
94890 51193
98402 79207
94430 91030


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