Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi: (How to Mess up in Love) A movie review

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi is a hilarious movie tells a story causing you to laugh out loud. A charming college girl (Amala Paul) confronts with her love counterpart (Siddharth) only to win “a big ego”—to resolve --“he or she”...?. The pseudo clashes begin with fun, frolic, gaffe, from a dreamy urbane college love with an identity offbeat. All blunders that begin in a spinning love, ending love in failures, a cinematic process made obviously to say, “All these are patchwork of comedy”

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi(How to Mess up in Love)

An obsessed lovebird, Parvathi alias Paru (Tamil actress Amala paul) has too many terms of preconditions laid to expose her possessiveness, and she expects everything should be her own more particularly her dream boy Arun (Tamil actor Siddharth). The engineering college undergraduate Arun, and his dream girl Paru, and all their friends, each one with fair and lovely girl are from the same college with a telling a tale of romance, hotchpotch, wit blunders in love and, Much ado about nothing"

Paru feels that Arun should prove to her a more henpecked—a delicious idea of course!!-- in every deed and action...,"Be it a shopping at a mall, or lengthy mobile talk, or repeated SMS, all must be for her" is the innumerable persuading command of Paru, her love to transcend above all, but all these make Arun a miserable. Freaking such trifles on and on becomes dilemma for Arun.

Arun is a boy from a cultured and sophisticated family where as Paru is dissimilar in the sense that her parents are divided and heading for divorce. Arun is papa's and mamma's boy where as Paru has a shaky home, which makes her more miserable and feels as an inexorable fate and for her it is an unpleasant one.

Arun does not hasten his love towards Paru and remains covert in saying, "I love you process" although Paru never misses the overt feelings of Arun. As seen almost in all the movies an usual sensational term, Arun after a long last explodes his emotion, "I love you Paru", and here it is interesting to note a dialogue from Paru wondering nonchalantly, "Idha cholla ivvalu naala"......"To say this so much days....."?

Their entire insignificant trivial are shared with boisterous nagging, continually faultfinding each other finally to end in separation, and both Arun and Paru feel such a situation painful. At times Arun feels that girls' minds are unfathomable.

Here begins the cinematic or dramatic irony and that is the "in -thing" or turning point in the story line: Cathy (Pooja) helps Arun guiding him how best to attain back Paru, and Arun's father a lawyer (Ravi Raghavendra) advises how best would be the reunion with his wife-Paru's mother.

Repentance.....reconciliations......happy reunion.....is all about in the movie.

Now the question arises whether this film is made for urban audience?
The traffic locations from Chennai, Bangalore are good because they are not congested, and Arun and Paru scooting around metro thoroughfares are nicely filmed. The costumes are selective for the college pairs. The camera does not tilt unnecessarily, and keeps the audience well focused to the scene, and saves from digital tricks.

Paru's affectionate father an onetime divorce applicant,who lost the affection of his wife,earned censures looking shabby with unshaven face, with clumsy form, and instantly turning into well dressed man, how smart in appearance, and he sending a love letter to his wife through his own daughter Paru is something,or can we call it novel.....? I doubt very much here. How much his wife admonished and reprimanded him for his folly and failure to maintain the family. Don't forget to bring back the flash back to your mind once again!!!!

The advice by the lawyer telling how despicable is divorce has really worked as a solution to Paru's father. If it is really so true, nearly 5000 divorce cases in the family courts pending will surely be minimized because the advice of the lawyer is so appealing.

The debutant director Balaji Mohan has done clean job. A deft and and clever professional has scores of short films such as Velichem,Kodi,The Juniors,Addi Tail,Pudhayal,Kadhalil Sothapuvadhu Yeppadi, Mittai Veedu et al.

The film Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi (How to Mess up in Love) is the bilingual film both in Tamil and Telugu(Love Failure) released at a time became a hit. The film was released on 17 February 2012.

Siddharth an actor is in full buoyant in fun and upbeat, and he has versatile interests. As Arun in the film,he shows an impeccable body language whenever his antagonist character Amala Paul confronts with him. An MBA graduate from Mumbai is also a playback singer and screen play writer too.

Amala Paul, with the parental name Paul Ponnu has pet name as Anakha. She is robust and strong in the role of Paru (Parvathi) a good character as a college girl. She not only delivers the dialogue so homely and also fits enough to all the costumes chosen for a college student.

The story which runs so fast becomes bit sluggish in the later part.

S.Thaman has composed the music and five titles are fairly good and nothing to retain for a long time, as the old melodies do, Madhan Karky has inked the lyrics, and the song "Ananda Jaladosam" finds the lines from the director Balaji Mohan himself.

The casts are as follows:

Siddharth plays the main role as Arun, he is handsome; Amala Paul, his pair as Parvathi fondly addressed as Paru is beautiful.

Surekha Vani,
Dhanya Balakrisha et al have done the role fairly nice.

Though the fits all age groups whole college class rooms should learn how to mess in love and how miserable it will be.

Whether you are a lovelorn, or love-win, visit your favourite hall but better let it be in metros. Nevertheless,tell your friends to enjoy the movie; if you are in pair don't nag the ice-cream, or popcorn, don't mess your love too.
Let your love long last but never to say "Loves Labour Lost"


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