History, Climate, Culture and How to reach Chennai

Chennai, the capital of state Tamilnadu is one of the largest city of Sorthern India and is also known as Madurai. Chennai is well known for its advancement in every field. In this article of yours, you are going to get information about Chennai, its history, weather and how to reach Chennai. For more information kindly read the article as below:

Chennai - The name says it all

Chennai also known as Madras is the capital city of state Tamilnadu and one of the long run city of this state too. Chennai is situated on the Coromandel shore of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is one of the most well known and established economical as well as educational point in Tamilnadu. According to 2011 census, the population of Chennai is about 6.23 million which will in result makes this city as the India's 4th most populated city.

Chennai saw its establishment under many great Kings and starts its beginning with British East India Company and was established in 1645. Chennai saw many wars as French Colonial forces used to attack and the British government always prevent this City from many attacks. After 15 August 1947, Chennai comes out as the capital of sorthern state Tamilnadu.

Chennai's is well-known for its success in medical field, automobile field, technology and computer field too. Chennai is recognized as the exporter city of country as it is well known for its Information Technology and business exports. A lot of automobile industries are there in this capital city. Chennai is the centre for Carnatic music also and anchor a number of cultural themes as in the annual Madras season, a lot of performers comes to perform.In the culture of Chennai, Bharata Natyam is the well-known dance form. After Bollywood, Tamil film Industry is the country's 2nd largest film industry.

Origin of 'Chennai' Name

Formally Chennai is referred as Chennapattanam. Chennapattanam is actually the name of the town that garnished around St. George fort made by a English men in 1638. There are two theories about the formation of the name; according to first theory, Chennapattanam was known after Nayakudu. Capital is officially started to called as Chennai in 1638. According to the second theory Chennapattnam was named on a temple known as Chenna Kesava Perumal. In Tamil, the meaning of the word is "Face" and this temple of capital is referred as the "Face of Chennai".

Madras, the name of man who made the city is supposed to be taken from word Madraspattinam. Madraspattinam is basically a village in Chennai located in north direction to the fort. It is said that the name of the village Madre de dues is named by Portuguese. The meaning of the word Madre de dues is "Mother of God". It is not known yet that whether the name Madraspattinam was ever used before Europeon. It is not yet familiar with the thing that whether the name Madras actually concerned to Chennaipattnam.
After 17th century when these two cities merge-up, some of the Englishmen starts calling it as Madraspattinam but in 1997, it was finally and formally starts known as Chennai because of state government.

History of Chennai

Since the starting of century period, the area nearby Capital city serve as an important and well established commercial area. Chennai as almost ruled by the Chollas during the Stone period. As per ASI(Archaeological Survey of India), the origin of a culture named as Pallavaram takes place. Some of the paintings of that time have been found in some places of Chennai.
In 1523, Portuguese made a port named as Sao Tome. In 1613, Dutch tribe used to live in this city, the place where they start to live in Madraspattinam. By the end of 18th century, Britishers establish Madras estate with Madras as their capital. After some time, Madras came out as a well-established city. After 15 August 1947, Madras Presidency became a sourthern state which is as named Tamilnadu.

Flora and Fauna of Chennai

Chennai is also known as "Gateway of Southern India" and is situated in the coast of south India. This city is situated at an height of 22 ft. There are lot of beaches in Chennai but Marine Beach is one of the famous and is situated in Chennai and is one of the most lonest run beach whole over the world. The atmosphere of Chennai is really good and for that it is known for its cleanness. Chennai is said to be the 2nd cleanest city in country. The soil of this land is almost clay, sandstone. Soil filled with moisture can be found near the river shores.

Chennai is basically divided into North, Central, West, South major parts. Out of these four,South and West parts are well established than others. Capital is basically the economical heart of the state. You can found a number of birds in this city and National Parks too.

Weather conditions in Chennai

The weather of Chennai is quite good. The climate of city is hot and humid throughout the year. The warmest time of the year is between May to June.The most coldest time of the year is in January month.
Maximum temperature of Chennai- 35–40 °C (95–104 °F).
Minimum temperature of Chennai-15–22 °C (59–72 °F).
The minimum temperature observed ever is 13.8 °C (56.8 °F) and maximum is 45 °C (113 °F). The mean yearly rainfall is about 140 cm. Between October to November the city is struck by Monsoons. The maximum yearly rainfall recorded is 257 cm.

Regional ethics of Chennai

A number of people from different religions used to live in this city. In total percentage, Muslim constitute 9.4% part, Hindus 81.3% part, Christians contributes to 7.6% part and Jainism only 1.1%. People who used to live in this city are known as Chennaite. According to 2011 census, the population of Chennai is about 4,681,087. Between 2001 to 2011, the city experiences the population growth of about 7.8%.Mainly Tamil people used to live in this city. People use to communicate with each other mainly in Tamil,English.

Culture of Chennai

Chennai is mainly known among people for its music and Culture. Chennai is known for its folk-dance which is Bharata Natyam. During Madras festival, a lot of performers used to perform in this city. Chennai is very rich in its culture. Chennai film industry is known as Kollywood. The most favourite and holy festival of people living in Chennai is Pongal.

How to reach Chennai

Chennai is well-connected to rest of the world by road links. Air links and rail links. Below is the information which will help you to reach Chennai. For more information kindly read the article as below:

Chennai by air
Chennai referred as the gateway to southern part of our country. Its really very easy to reach Chennai through air links as Chennai International Airport is there for you. There are a number of flights through which you can head towards this city. From Chennai International Airport, you can approach to your destion as a number of Taxis are there for you. This airport is well constructed with the cost of Rs. 20,000 million.

Chennai by Rail
Chennai is the main headquarter of the Southern Railway. This capital city has two main railway stations as Chennai Central station and Chennai Egmore. These railway stations connect the city with small towns to big cities of the country.

Chennai by road
Chennai is well connected to rest of the country through road links by the mean of NH-4, NH-5, NH-45 and NH-205.These road links connect the city by road to many major cities and to small towns as well.Taxis mainly known as Maxi cabs are available for you everywhere to take you to your desired destination . State government has provided the city with the facility of Government buses as well as luxury buses too.


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