Why IITians wish death on stress, why no such bizarre in medicos! Suicide cases in IIT Madras

This is too agonizing and remorseful that an engineering student Dhairya Lakshmi ended her life. This is third in series of wished deaths in the Metro, part of the uncanny succession of suicides happened, Kuldeep Yadav, an IITian (9April), and D.Manivanan,an engineering student ( 28 March). What is perturbing the minds of engineering students, why not such massive grievous deed seen in medical institutes? A holistic approach is necessary to probe why few IITian run to this kind of wretched helm.

Life is precious,cherish and nourish it.

"I could not do anything right. I could not read well. I failed in more of the subjects. My home (parent) educates me in difficulty (poverty).I could not read in expectation (to the parents anticipation) I feel (the subjects) too hard. Anyway I will fail in 2nd semester. If I do not read (perform well) I am waste (worthless to my parents) .That is why I go (Commit suicide) Teachers were good to me.It is me, that I did not read. I am responsible for that. Do not mistake me."

These are the last words of despaired Dhyria Lakshmi who committed suicide. The comments in the parenthesis are from the author to explain fundamental implied meaning.

On April 17, a 19-year-old, this girl S.Dhyriya Lakshmi, a first year student of BE civil engineering student of Anna University in Chennai, ended her life, with and the police reports said she had difficulty coping with the academic pressure. She also is said to have six arrears. She is one of the daughters of Sakthivel, a poor farmer from Villupuram, 160km south of Chennai.

This is too painful and truthful that again an engineering student Dhairya Lakshmi ending her life. She never deserved her prefix "Dharya" meaning "courageous". It is high time to probe and stop such unnecessary self- killings.

IITians Wish Death Record

From 2008, IITM has witnessed three suicides, in 2010 there was one suicide reported, again in 2011 (till October 16), three suicides have been reported, and it is said to be the highest among the IITian across India, total being seven.(See report "The Week" dated October 16,page 39)

One Mr. Samsher of JSS Academy of Technical Education, Chennai informs that IIT Madras witnesses second in the row suicide of 26-year-old, R.Sandeep from Hyderabad, and further he laments that this the second in the list of a post graduate students in IIT Madras hostel in the last two years. He says, "In October 2008, a first-year MTech mechanical engineering student, Sankar Perumal, had committed suicide at Krishna Hostel.

Is moral policing necessary in IITM?

A report by Prasanth Radhakrishnan and Vasudha Venugopal in "The Hindu" dated April 17, captioned, "IIT-M may enforce more norm" is worth mentioning .It says that IIT-Madras perhaps, "impose stricter disciplinary measures on students". It is all about an e-mail exchange that "The Hindu" sourced. The discussion of few of the "professors, some of whom are also administrators" regarding moral policing and how to make the life and qualities of students upright, curtailing students' freedom in nights at campus may be an augury that the future of the stress ridden students will be none too rosy; many say and write that the IITians have high expectations, severe competition, a few love failure, distance of affiliated genders may all account for their stress, and they should have more outlet of entertainment and relaxation.

Medical Students Vs Engineering Students

I personally do not believe that a lot of students drawn from Tamil medium to urban college are core cause for such catastrophic tragedies. If we analyze medical students, they also hail from rural areas with Tamil as a medium. Again if one speaks on infatuated romance, it is more in medical colleges than the engineering students. It is easy to infer that there is no heavy suicide reports from medical colleges despite their indulgence in romance, nevertheless they are not indolence in their studies. The subjects they deal on life and death. They have more inter-personal bonding with patient of all gender and ages. All the more they are gleeful and delighted on their future, and a white apron with stethoscope dignifies their life; they are respected as healers next to God, and live a prestigious life. These elements are absent with engineering students although they can mint money and have luxurious life after a successful graduation.

The engineering students should learn how to relax from the stress arising from intense competition, should not at despair with small failures, should establish inter personal relationship. A good laughter is all the best medicine for the relaxation. One should not brood on conflicts when they confront. They should learn how to cope up with stress.

Life is so precious

One should realise how condemned prisoners are waiting to be hanged, and they are fraught with legal battles to escape from the noose. They have not seen outer world other than prisons, and they are willing to stay put in jails lifelong but never to be hanged. Life is so precious.
Some countries condemn the capital punishment.

Humour Clubs in Chennai

Let all the engineering students visit Humour Clubs every Sunday, and let them feel a change in their attitude. Three hours healthy humour skits that rib-tickles, evades all the stress what so it may be. Life is precious; it is only once, never to come back again. Let them cherish it.

Contact Nos for Humour Clubs in Chennai

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