Keywords, their use and how keywords help you to get Google Adsense through Tamilspider

As we all know that Keywords are the basic aspects in an article. Suitable Keyword will not only attract traffic towards the site but also helps to decorate the article and thereby makes you to get good cash as well as points from the site. Here in this article you are going to get information about the Keywords, their use, how to choose rich keywords, where to place keywords etc while writing article in Tamilspider. For more information, kindly read the article as below:

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words or you can say the phrases which represents the content of your article and make people comfortable with your respective article. While writing article in Tamilspider, just try to add rich keywords in your article to attract traffic towards your article and thereby towards the site. Keyword is not a particular word but a sequence of words.

How to use keywords in Tamilspider?

Keywords is an necessary factor in terms of Search Engine Optimization. A keyword is not a particular word but a sequence of word which represents the whole article. A number of people do online work by giving information on specific or various topics respectively, but the thing which matters in an article is its contents, links and most importantly usage of keywords. Here in this aticle you are going to know about the usage of keyword while writing an article in Tamilspider.

How to use a keyword in an article?

By using a proper keyword, you can attract good traffic toward your article. If you are confused that which keyword to be taken, just simply think that while searching for that specific topic or article, what one is going to write on google and try to add that particular keyword in between your article. There are lot of ways to know that which keyword to be taken which online users are penetrating for. While writing article in Tamilspider, your article should be like, it represents whole of your article. We all can guess that what our users are going to search for a particular topic, then just go
forward and add those keywords by bolding them, which are going to rep/ while writing article in Tamilspider. Here is an illustration which which will help you to know about this aspect.
Let us suppose that you want to bold or want to use any text as your keyword then you should write it as:
You can write any keyword instead of TEXT here.

Importance of Keyword

Keywords are the building blocks which represents whole of your article. While writing article in Tamilspider, all the members should be aware of the fact that which keyword to be add and where. You can also bold keywords to make article attractive and to attract traffic towards Tamilspider. Let me give you an example of an keyword, let you are writing an article about Kanyakumari and if you use keyword like Danceform of Kanyakumari,then while searching for Kanyakumari, user can search with a keyword as famous danceformof Kanyakumari...then as shown below, your article is going to come on the first page of Google. Keyword will not only attract number of people but will also make user comfortable with your respective article.Basic Hyper Text Markup language can be used for Bolding the Text. Don't use unnecessary keywords while writing article in Tamilspider, it will reduce the importance of your basic or necessary keywords in your article.

Where to use Keywords in an article in Tamilspider?

While adding keywords in an article, the question arises where to place these keywords. While writing article in Tamilspider, you can add or place keywords in between the contents of your article, in the main headline, subheadline, you can also associate it with some of the links. Links are also the main aspect of an article. If you add links to your article then while reading your article, one will definitely click on that link, which will gain more traffic to Tamilspider.
You can give link like this:
While giving link, just take care of this aspect that the link which you are giving should not distract traffic from Tamilspider. Try to give links from resources given by members in Tamilspider, otherwise if you are not getting that particular link then search in google for that topic and add that link in Bookmark section and then take that link from Bookmark section and place that link or URL as illustrated above.

How Keywords help you to get Google Adsense

We all know that Tamilspider is one of the good site to get Adsense from Google. By writing good article with rich keywords, you can make your article as the most visited article, which will lead your article to get assurance from Google and thereby by posting such kind of highly content article, you can get Adsense from Google. Make one thing very clear, while writing article in Tamilspider that the contents which you are not copied from any other site.While posting any resource, make one thing sure that you are not using any un-related keyword within the resource. If you are confused that you are not having proper space to put all keywords then dont be tensed because you can put keywords with in your article. Just try to fit your keyword within any line of your article.Keyword Optimization is not the new thing for Google Adsense. By using good keywords, you can make Google Crawler to target your article on first page and thereby by keyword optimization, you can make user comfortable with your article. Which will help you to get Google Adsense.



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