List of all Waterfalls in Tamilnadu

Waterfalls of the Tamilnadu fetch a number of people towards southern part of country.These waterfalls not only attract the tourists towards Tamilnadu but also help the populace of state Tamilnadu to raise their living. It can be said that it is a source of employment for them. A list of waterfalls in state Tamilnadu is given below. For more information kindly read the article as below:

Tamilnadu-Home of waterfalls

Tamilnadu, the southernmost state of India is well-known for its scenic beauty. There are number of waterfalls in Tamilnadu which attract a lot of people towards itself. Waterfalls of Tamilnadu are helping the people of state to raise their lives economically. Thalaiyar waterfalls is the third highest waterfall of country. List of waterfalls in Tamilnadu is given below. For more information kindly read the article as below. Here is the link for those who are looking full details of Water falls in Tamilnadu

Hogenakkal waterfalls

Hogenakkal falls is situated about 45km away from Dharmapuri district of state Tamilnadu. It is also recognized as "Niagara of India. Hogenakkal waterfalls is the place where a number of people came as it is the main attraction of state Tamilnadu. Hogenakkal falls arises from river Kaveri. The name Hogenakkal is taken from Hoge and Kal. Hogenakkal means the time when water falls on the rocks it looks like an emanate smolder. If you want to visit this waterfall then the most suitable time is between month September to December.

Ayyanar waterfall

Ayyanar waterfalls is situated in VirudhuNagar District and is 9-11Km away from Rajapalayam city. The water of this fall is so pure that populace of this region use it for drinking. Ayyanar waterfall is a spectacular place to get relief from troubles. This waterfall is the main reason which fetch a number of people towards itself. Ayyanar waterfall is recognized by this name as Ayyanar temple is located adjacent to the waterfall. Populace of this place not only use the water of fall for drinking but also use for the purpose of agriculture.

Catherine waterfall

Catherine waterfall is situated in Nilgiris district and is 6-8Km away from Kothagiri city. This waterfall is also pronounced as St. Catherine's Falls. It is basically an 250 feet waterfall.

Kiliyur waterfalls

Kiliyur waterfalls is situated in eastern end of Salem District. Kiliyur waterfalls is 3 km away from Yercaud lake. Kiliyur waterfall is the main attraction of Salem district and a source of economical growth of the populace living in district as a number of visitors come here. If you want to visit this waterfall then the best time to visit is after monsoon season.

Ullakarvi waterfalls

Ullakarvi falls is situated at a distance of 17KM from Kanyakumari. There is no mean of transportation in Ullakarvi waterfall, you have to reach there by foot as it is situated in between the forest.. There are two falls in Ullakarvi waterfall
  1. The lower falls
  2. Higher fall

Lower fall is an amazing tourist place and one can reach there after trekking. One can get relief here by getting bath in the waterfall. The water in this waterfall comes from a spring. During hotter season, the atmosphere around this waterfall is good as water is quite cool. If you want to reach to the Higher fall of Ullakarvi waterfall then you need to know the basics of climbing because to rech there you need to climb(200m).

Kumbakkarai waterfalls

Kumbakkarai waterfalls is situated in Palani hills of Theni district and is not so popular as compared to many other waterfalls of state Tamilnadu. This waterfall is situated 8-10km away from Periyakulam city. The most noting point in this waterfall is that the water of this fall doesn't falls directly i.e. falls in two levels:
  1. In the first level, water is being collected in a big rock type container.
  2. And in the second level, water falls down from the rock. If you want to reach to this waterfall then through Madurai, you can reach in an easy way, which takes an hour.

Kutrallam waterfalls

Kutrallam falls is situated 54 km away from Tirunelveli. Kutrallam waterfall as situated in Kutrallam place of Tamilnadu. Kutrallam is known for its amazing scenery and for its beautiful waterfalls. This waterfall fetch a number of tourists towards Tamilnadu. Nataraja temple is situated near waterfall and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The place where this waterfall is situated is having nine waterfalls out of which four are banned for visitors. It is said that by taking bath in this waterfall, you can get relief from many diseases and this fact is scientifically proven.

Agaya Gangai

Agaya Gangai waterfall is situated in the eastern ghats of Kolli hills. Agaya Gangai is an multi- layer waterfall in which you can see various shades from different sides locations. Agaya Gangai is located near Arapaleeswarar temple. It is basically an 300 ft waterfall which arises from Aiyaru river. Agaya Gangai waterfall is enclosed by mountains from every side. Temperature of Agaya Gangai waterfall is a little bit lower and hence moisture is higher in this region because of these mountains. A number of people enjoy there by taking bath under the fall. Arapaleeswarar temple is about 20 minutes from this waterfall of state Tamilnadu and one can reach to this site as there a number of means of transportation which will take you to this place.

Pykara lower and upper waterfalls

Pykara waterfalls are situated at a distance of 19KM from Ooty. Pykara waterfalls are situated in Nilgiris district. A large number of tourists came to Pykara to see Pykara waterfalls, reservoirs and power stations. Pykara waterfall is very famous among children as it is a natural and dramatic spot. This waterfall offers a breath taking view of the naturehere.

Sengupathi waterfalls

Sengupathi waterfalls is situated at a distance of 35km from Coimbatore city. Sengupathi waterfall is well-known for the taste of its water. The Sengupathi waterfall and Sengupathi dam are situated at a distance of 40km from Coimbatore. This waterfall fetch a number of tourists towards Coimbatore. This place is quite enjoyable and amazing.

Suruli waterfalls

Suruli falls is situated at a distance of 123 Km from Madurai. Suruli waterfall is also recognized as Chinna Surili, Cloud Land falls and Meghamalai falls. It is situated in Theni district. Suruli waterfall is situated at an elevation of 410m from sea level and is got water from Surui river. Suruli waterfall falls from the height of 150feet. Suruli waterfall fetch a number of tourists to come to Theni district and is an spectacular tourist attraction.

Monkey waterfalls

Monkey waterfalls is situated in popular Anaimalai range. Monkey waterfall is at a distance of 70km from Coimbatore and at a distance of 27km from Pollachi. Zing waterfall situated near an roadside stop This waterfall is an famous tourist place where a number of people from different part of country come to enjoy. Monkey fall is an amazing place for children.

Thalaiyar waterfalls

Thalaiyar waterfalls is also referred as Rat Tail falls. It is situated in kanyakumari district of state Tamilnadu. Thalaiyar waterfall falls down from an height of 975 feet tall. Thalaiyar waterfall is one of the highest water fall in Tamil Nadu. The water of this fall is used by the farmers for irrigation. There is an small temple near by this waterfall in which people worship lord Vishnu.

Thirupaeappu waterfalls

Thirupaeappu waterfalls is situated in Kanyakumari district and arises from Kodayar River. It is situated at a distance of 13KM from Pechiparai water reservoir. This waterfall is situated at a distance of 60km from Kanyakumari. If you want to reach to Thirupaeppu waterfall then through Kanyakumari you can reah there as a number of taxis, rickshaws are there to take you to your destination.

Vattaparai waterfalls

Vattaparai waterfalls is situated at a distance of 15KM from Nagercoil city. This waterfall is situated in Kanyakumari district. This spot is away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Vattaparai waterfall is an untouched place where you can see only one tea stall. This is marvelous place to get relief from all the tensions. This waterfall is enveloped by forest from every where. The soil of this spot is quite humid. People from nearby places came here to take bath. Vattaparai waterfall is situated at an elevation of 40m from sea level.

Vaideki waterfalls

Vaideki falls is situated at a distance of 36km from Coimbatore. This is the tourist spot where water falls down smoothly. Vaideki waterfall is situated in between forest so the tourists are warned to go there safely along with an forest officer.You have to walk by footto reach Vaideki waterfall. It is an suitable spot for those who loves trekking.


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