Tamil Movie Naan EE - A Complete Entertainer

It is the Tamil movie which was simultaneously released in Telugu also with the name EEGA and EECHA in Malayalam. The Movie has Done well as of now in the Box office in both the languages and is one of the best Imaginary Story Where a fly takes revenge of the Villain who has killed him for the sake of his love.

A full cast on the Tamil Movie Naan EE

It is the Tamil movie which was simultaneously released in Telugu also with the name EEGA and EECHA in Malayalam. The Movie is directed by S.S.RajaMouli and the Music was composed by Keeravani and the Visual Effects for the Movie was done by Rahul Venugopal, Adel Adili and Pete Draper Who by his ability has drawn the attention of the audience. I feel that these three have done their best which can be compared to the standards of Hollywood movies. Some Tamil Channels and Dailies have also praised the Movie as one of the Remarkable movies in Tamil. The Movie has Done well as of now in the Box office in both the languages and is one of the best Imaginary Story Where a fly takes revenge of the Villain who has killed him for the sake of his love. It is based on the story by V Rajendra Prasad and the Film's Producer is Param V Potluri.

Major Roles in the Naan EE Film

Nani – The Hero of the Movie with the name Nani
Samantha – The Heroine of the Movie named as Bindu According to the Story
Sudeep – The Villain of the Story With the same name
Santhanam – A Robbers Role who also gets attracted by the Heroine Samantha and misunderstands that the Heroine loves him.

Naan EE story and actor performance

The Story starts with a father who narrates a story to his daughter and the topic that arises is EE Story. Immediately the daughter gets attracted and tells her dad to narrate the story as she thinks that would be interesting and the story goes on like this. The first shot of the movie is where the Villain shows that he is a specialist in shooting with some excellent shots where the apples are thrashed to pieces by his bullets and immediately attracts a girl who is also practicing the same in the field. Soon the introduction of the heroine is done where Bindhu is carving some shapes that seems like a heart but is not attractive as she expects it to be. After taking the photocopy of the thing that she produced she hears her brother in law appearing with a coffee in her hands and they have a small chat regarding the creation. After this the introduction of the hero is made where the hero tries to attract the heroine when there is a power cut in the area. The hero takes the silver paper from the room and he keeps them in such a way that it reflects light which would be useful for the Heroine to study.

The Hero tries to attract the heroine whenever he gets a chance and he has loved the girl for over two years. Soon the hero tries to show his love and though the heroine understands the motto she keeps mum and does not react to the hero's activities. Soon the Villain of the Story comes in and at a place in a party he first looks the heroine and says his friend that he will look after the girl in the future. The heroine is running a project with her friends where the prime motive is to help the needy and poor people. Soon the find it difficult to run the trust and tries to get more funds and supports and in the run finds the villain for some charities and to her shock the villain produces a check of 15 lakhs to the heroine and the heroine is overwhelmed by it. Soon Sudeep tries to attract her and becomes one of the partners of the charitable organization so that he can spend more time with the heroine.

Soon the Actress is impressed by the actor and his acts. Soon Bindhu falls in love with Nani and when she expresses it to the hero, The Villain captures the Hero and tries to kill him and also does the same after sometime. His final words are "I will kill you if you disturb Bindhu". After the hero is killed by Sudeep, he is reborn as a fly with the motive of taking revenge of the villain. He at first finds the villain and tries to hit him hard but as he is just a fly his abilities to hit hard is not enough to cause pain for sudeep and he could not do anything else than to stare at him. Soon he remembers about his girl friend and tries to see her and when he enters her room he finds that she still remembers him which he finds from the conversation between her and her brother in law.

He tries to his maximum to show that he is her Nani but fails every time. He then wants to disturb the villain who was the sole reason for the break between him and his lover and when he finds that the villain is taking advantage of his death and tries to be close with the Bindhu his anger exceeds and then he shows his strength by simply disturbing sudeep by making noise near his ears and this disturbs him a lot soon he disturbs the villain and this causes trouble that includes a accident on his way to Delhi where he arranged to take Bindhu with him. Immediately after the accident he writes on the dust that "he will kill him". After seeing this Sudeep is tensed more and he tries to kill all the flies near him and gets a HIT spray with him always. The people including the doctor start mocking him but he feels that he is right.

Soon the Fly tries to show that he is Nani to the actress and succeeds in it after many struggles. After this Nani and Bindhu plan together to take revenge of Sudeep. Bindhu carves some nice eye glasses and weapons for Nani and Nani starts disturbing Sudeep with the full abilities and Sudeep is tensed when the fly destroys all the plans against it and at last when sudeep finds that Bindhu is behind the Fly taking revenge on him, He finds Bindhu and with the help of bindhu captures Nani(The Smart Fly). Soon Nani wants to kill Sudeep therefore without fearing of its life he destroys the place by making fire that destroys the whole place of sudeep.

My Verdict for Naan EE movie

As of the title the movie revolves around the character Nani EE which also means "I am a Fly in Tamil". I think that the Director has done a good job with the help of co directors and the help of visual effects make the movie one of the amazing one in Tamil. Hope this movie gets more awards to its name giving a good name to the people who developed such an amazing movie to Indian Cinemas. The Budget of the film was nearly 40 crores and it is doing well in the box office as of now.


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