Top 10 Tamil Comedy Movies of all time

There are many movies of the comedy genre that has been released in Tamil Cinema Industry as of now. I have produced a list of the top 10 Comedy movies that belong to the Tamil cinema industry and the list is as follows

Top 10 Tamil Comedy Movies of all time

There are various movies that did well in the Tamil Industry recently and in the older period of Tamil Cinema Industry. Here is the list of the movies that were fully based on comedy.

1. Panchathanthiram

This is one of the famous Tamil movie starring Kamalahaasan and Simran and are supported by Janakiraman and Ramyakrishnan. This movie is a good entertainer that attracts almost all the audience of various age levels. It is simply the story of an individual who wishes to enjoy his time with his friends but falls into problems with his wife whenever they meet together. In this movie Tamil actor Kamal haasan plays a Pilot role who marries simran in the early part of the movie but as the movie goes on the act of the actor to attract his wife turns tragedy each time which makes her wife angrier. The movie is full of fun and the director Ravichandran gives a good entertainer cum comedy movie.

2. Vasool Raja MBBS

The movie was an entertainer and was the remake of the Hindi movie Munna Baai MBBS. In this movie Kamalahaasan plays a Dada's role that is involved in Rowdism (Katta panchayathu). Sneha played the role of heroine with the name Janaki. There are other roles like Prabhu, Karnas who are doing as friends of Raja (Tamil actor Kamal haasan). It is about a Dada who cheats his father that he is a doctor and soon the secrets that lie within him are revealed by the Villain of the Story Prakashraj who insults Kamal's father. Kamal thereafter tries to take revenge of Prakashraj by getting admitted in his college, what happens next is the plot of the movie.

3. Thillu Mullu

Thillu mullu is the movie which got a massive response from the audience and was released in the year 1981. The movie was lead by Superstar Rajinikanth who did an entirely different role for the first time in his career in this movie and got succeeded. Thillu Mullu as the name stands is full of cheating where Rajinikanth acts both as Indhiran and Chandiran to cheat his owner. His acts as such that he is a very innocent boy whereas he is a man of lies. This movie also had Kamal playing his Cameo at the end as a duplicate lawyer.

4. Siva Manasula Shakthi

Siva Manasula Shakthi shortly and familiarly known SMS is the story of Tamil actor Jeeva who meets a girl in the train and falls in love immediately. Soon the girl tells lies that she is an air hostess and Jeeva also lies that he is a Military officer. Soon the truth is known by each other and they get anger cum love against each other. At one stage Siva makes fun of Shakthi and so Shakthi gets anger, at the end when Shakthi pleads Siva to marry him he mocks her and acts accordingly and has sex with her. The movie is very well backed with the comedies of Santhanam (Jeeva's friend) and Sathyan (Shakthi's brother).

5. Imsai Arasan 23 am Pulikesi

One of the fantastic movies in Tamil with full of comedy is the 23rd pulikesi which released in the year 2006. This movie was the first movie for Vadivelu where he acted as the lone actor of the movie. This is the story of the king who is very childish in his behavior because of his father in law. In this movie vadivel plays a dual role where one character is childish and the other character is brave enough. On one end the Pulikesi supports the British and the other vadivel fights against the British. The movie revolves around these two characters and at the end both the characters join together to fight against the British rule.

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6. Pammal K. Sambandham

One more Kamalahaasan Film that is fully a comic is Pammal K sambandham where kamal plays an Actors role. The female lead is played by Simran and Sneha. Abbas does a brothers role in this movie towards Kamalahaasan. It is simply a comedy film that lacks a good story but has a good humour that made the movie a success. Abbass and Sneha love each other and marry soon and soon many problems pop up between them and the pair goes to the hero and heroine, means Abbass goes to Kamal his brother and Sneha goes to Simran to solve their problems and what happens next is the plot of the movie.

7. Thenali

Thenali is the comedy movie that was released in the year 2000. Thenali is the movie in which Kamalahaasan plays a mentally affected person who introduces himself as a person affected by fear. Soon he gets into the Janakiraman's family and falls in love with Jyothika, this makes janakiraman more angrier towards Kamal and tries to kill Kamal. Kamal escapes death each time and the end of the movie Kamal and Jyothika are paired to each other.

8. Boss Engira Baskaran

This is story of the young man who has been trying hard to clear his exams and he is not able to clear them even after repeated tries. This makes his family member angrier towards him and starts accusing him. Soon his brother is married to a girl whose sister is Nayanthara. Soon the hero falls in love with Nayanthara and she makes fun of him. At the end of the movie Jeeva plays a cameo role and the role of santhanam is somewhat entertaining. The movie is somewhat similar to SMS not based on the story but based on the characters and cameos. The dialogues "Nanben da" got a massive response from this movie.

9. Kalavani

Kalavani is the entertainer movie in which the hero is simply a man who does nothing and is involved in small cases and thefts. In this movie Vimal is a free go character who plays with girls in the locality and as soon as he sees the heroine he starts to roam behind her. At one stage vimal kidnaps a teacher for his friend and gets caught by his father after this there are lot of problems on the way and how he faces all of them and marries the heroine is the plot of the story.

10. Karakattakaran

This is the movie that was a huge hit in the 1980's which starred Ramaraj in the lead role. The Vazhappalam joke is still one of the best and well known comedy scenes that are everlasting. Karakatakaran is the story of the local karakatta dancer who goes to various locality for dancing and on the way he meets the heroine who is also a dancer and soon they both fall in love nut as the story goes on both the hero and the heroine tend to prove their own skills. This creates a competition between them and who wins the race of dance is the climax of the movie.


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