Kamal Haasan – Best Tamil Actor and performer in Cine industry

Kamal haasan is one of the leading actors in the Tamil industry, he is known for the variety of roles and the characters he takes in his films. Each film of the actor would be a different one and would definitely get praise and appreciation not only from Tamil Nadu but throughout the world. He is a lone actor in the Tamil cinema Industry who is performing in various characters.

Kamal Haasan – Best Tamil Actor and performer

Tamil actor Kamal haasan is one of the leading actors in Cine industry, he is known for the variety of roles and the characters he takes in his films. Each film of the actor would be a different one and would definitely get praise and appreciation not only from Tamil Nadu but throughout the world. He was the only actor after Sivaji Ganeshan who performed in different characters and attracted most of the fans in Tamil Film industry. He ruled and is still ruling the Tamil cinema Industry; He got introduced in the Tamil industry at the age of six and is still doing well. Though there are some movies that were flops for him the list of Kamal is somewhat noteworthy that has most of the hit movies that in all the genres like Comedy, Classic, Action, Emotional etc.

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About Kamal Haasan

Kamala Haasan was born on seventh of November 1954 and has won many awards to his name and is well known for the variety of acting. His birth place is Paramukudi and he came to Chennai to lead his life and got introduced in the Tamil cinema industry at the age of six in the Tamil movie named Kalathur Kannamma. His first movie that earned him a lot of name was the Apoorva Ragangal in which he was in the lead role supported well by the famous actor and the female lead by Sridevi. After this movie Kamalahaasan was one of the best actors in Tamil industry which was followed by many such greater performances.

Top 5 Performances of Kamalahaasan in Tamil Industry

There are many movies that were noteworthy but the movies that follows are some of them that were merely like a breakthrough for the actor. The movies are as follows


Guna is the famous movie that was released in the year 1991. This is the movie about a person who is mentally affected and is admitted to the mental hospital. Soon he escapes from the hospital and meets a girl who he thinks is his lover and starts to impress that. Soon he kidnaps the girl and takes her to the mountains. Soon the activity of the actor impresses the heroine and she too falls in love with him. As the story goes on the family members of the heroine that is his uncle wants to kill the girl and get the whole wealth of the girl and so he decides to find the kidnapped girl and he succeeds too. At the end the heroine is shot dead and the hero tends to die falling from the mountain after killing the people who were responsible for the death of his lover.

Devar Magan

Devar Magan is the movie that released in the year 1992 which had the lead roles Kamal and Sivaji Ganeshan in the lead role and was supported by Gowthami and Revathi in the female lead. This is one of the major creations in the Tamil Cinema industry which is about the village life of men who are of same caster but the difference lies in the heart of men. Both Sivaji and Kamal want the Village to be free from fights and quarrels but on the other hand the Villain of the movie Nassar wants to destroy the village as the people in the village respect the other family rather than his. Vadivelu plays a vital role in the movie that always looks for the welfare of the Sivaji's family.


Nayagan is the Tamil movie that was released in the year 1887 and got a great response from the audience. It was about the person who enters into a city after many problems and begins a new life where he finds a family to take care of him. After some days the actor gets into some problem where he gets against a police officer and soon kills him the son of the killed man becomes a psycho and kills Kamal at the end of the movie. In between this the story is actually casted on how he meets with Suganya and rules the area and the heart of the people around him. The dialogues like "Neenga Nallavara Kettavara" is even been found in some of the movies that releases recently.


Indian is the Tamil movie that released in the year 1996 that is one of the movies that evokes the patriotism in the mind of the people. This starts with a Kamal who is fighting for the independence and is arrested for the same. After getting Independence the problems that rise within the country are somewhat greater than that of the fight against the britishers. Soon the old kamal tries to fight against corruption and so kills many men in the row and at one stage the son of the man who is fighting against corruption also involves in that and the old man kills his own son thus showing that he is a real Indian and he has got more respect and love towards his country than his son.

16 Vayadhu nila

This was one of the remarkable movies that were released in the year 1977 and had the lead role played by Kamal and The female lead by Sridevi. The performance of Rajinikanth in the movie made a good attraction in the industry. This is about the character that is very innocent and lives with the family that provides him food and in that family there is a beautiful girl who doesn't like Kamal right from the earlier stage. Sridevi falls in love with a fellow who does a doctors degree and soon the doctor cheats Sridevi to marry other wealthy girl. Soon Sridevi's mother dies and Kamal tries to Console her and he does that, Rajini on the other hand is attracted by Sridevi and tries to get her. At the last the movie ends when Rajini is killed by kamal and the heroine is waiting for the return of the hero.

There are even more films that were not included in the top five movies, as the list can contain only five movies. But the list could not get completed without stating the other movies that did well in the Industry they are Hey Raam, Aval Oru Thodar Kadhai, Ninaithale Innikum, Apoorva Saghodhirargal, Kalyanaraaman, Sigappu Rojakkal, Anbe Sivam, Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu, Vasool Raja etc.,


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