Some of the best Vijay Movies that were released after 2000

Are you looking for the best Vijay movies? Here are some of the Blockbuster movies of the famous tamil actor Vijay. All the three movies that are available in the article proved vijay as one of the leading actors in tamil cinema industry. I think that these were the movies in the recent past that brought him big name and more offers.

Some of the best Vijay Movies that were released after 2000

One of the leading actor who is performing well as of now in the Tamil Cinema Industry is Tamil actor Vijay. He has a front name called Illaya thalapathy. He has the largest number of fans other than the actors like Rajini, Kamal and Ajith. He is well compared with Ajith all the times and to say there is always a war between the fans of these two actors. Recently Vijay has done well in almost all the movies that released recently the latest being Nanban.(Read Nanban movie review here)! His upcoming flick is said to be released in the beautiful occasion of Deepawali. There are huge expectations on this film by the fans and hope this would be a good film that would cover most of the audience in Tamil Nadu. Now here is the list of some of the top Tamil Films that have Vijay in the lead roles. The list is as follows


Pokkiri This is the Tamil movie that released in the year 2007 that casted Vijay in the lead role and Asin playing the female lead. It was said to be one of the major movies that became a blockbuster in that year and ran for over 175 days in some Cinema theatres Tamilnadu. This is all about the IPS officer who is undercover to clean the rowdies in the city. In this movie there are two gangs one is Narasimman gang and the other one is Ali Bhai gang. First of all Vijay joins the Narasimman Gang to raise hand on Logu, who is one of the members of Ali Bhai group and this gives him a chance to get into the Ali Bhai Group. Soon he joins the other group in the crime city and starts killing the members of Narasimman Group. Soon he is established as one of the most important member of the Ali Bhai gang. He goes on killing the other parties' rogues and one point of time falls in love with the heroine of the movie Asin who plays the role named 'Shruthi'.

When Shruthi wishes to show his love to Vijay, there comes the rowdy gang to kill Vijay. Vijay in return kills all the Rowdies who came to kill him. The heroine is very much upset by this incident and tries to get out of Vijay's life but due to the affection on him. Soon he also kills Guru the head of Ali Bhai team and brings Ali Bhai into the picture. Soon Ali Bhai kills Narasimman and on the run after some time kills the father of Vijay to find who the IPS officer is who is in his gang. At this stage the Hero enters with a Police uniform and kills all the rogues in the city within the next day. The movie is well arranged with some comedies by Vadivelu.


NanbanNanban is the latest movie that released in the year 2012 just before Pongal. It is the Remake of the famous Hindi movie Three Idiots. This movie Casts Vijay, Jeeva and Srikanth in the lead roles and Illeana in the female lead. The movie grossed about 155 crores in the first 50 days itself. It is one of the movies directed by Tamil director Shankar and this is the boost for the movie.

In this movie Vijay plays the role of the student who understands the topic and loves his subject where as on the other hand all the others in the class focus on only by hearting. Vijay is always found with his friends and because of the mischievous act of Vijay all the teachers try to send him out of the class this reflects in his friends also as they are asked by the dean of the college "to leave the friendship or leave the college". There is one more character named silencer who by hearts each and everything and gets more exams in an exam he is surpassed by Vijay and this makes him worry. While one of his friends leaves his friendship, Vijay makes him understand what does real study mean it is not by hearting something its a process of learning something.

At this process the silencer is cheated by Vijay and is insulted by Vijay so Silencer challenges Vijay to meet after 5 years and see who has achieved a lot in life. Soon one more incident happens against the dean by the three friends and when one of the friend jeeva is asked to tell that Vijay is behind the Mischief that took place Jeeva commits for suicide and unfortunately escapes death falling in comma. When Jeeva comes back from the comma his confidence level boosts up and all the three friends are making their own way down one getting placed in a big company and the other getting a photography job that he likes and says it as his passion.

At the end Vijay Ranks first in exams and leaves the arena without informing his friends when his friends search him after three years they find that someone else is there with the name of vijay and when they try to find where Vijay is one more shock awaits and that is Vijay is a scientist who had agreed a contract with Silencer. Silencer is heartbroken as he thought Vijay to be a normal teacher but Vijay is someone who has achieved lot by his practical behavior.


GILLI Gilli is yet another flick that featured Vijay in the Lead role and Tamil actress Trisha in the female lead. The villain role was very neatly done by Prakash Raj. Vijay plays a local Kabbadi players role but Trisha plays a MCA student who has finished her studies and is with her two brothers and family. Prakash Raj plays the son of the MLA who is in a high position in Tamil Nadu.

The Movie starts with Trisha's song who is a mischievous girl who is free from thinking about her future. Prakash Raj falls in love with Trisha and when one of her brother opposes that, Prakash Raj kills him and throws him near the railway station. When this information is passed to his other brother and he goes to take revenge for the murder, Prakash raj kills him too. On the other hand in Chennai in a quarterfinals Kabbadi match Gilli team wins with the points scored by Vijay and enters into Semi finals that will be conducted in Madurai.

When they enter Madurai, Vijay is practicing for his match running a long distance in the streets of Madurai, he finds that one girl is tortured by a man in the streets and so he tries to protect her by hitting the man. The man hit by Vijay is prakashraj and the girl protected by Vijay is Trisha. Vijay takes Trisha to her home and hides her in his room carefully with the sole aim of sending her to the foreign as per their parents wish. Soon Prakash Raj gives a complaint to the police stating that his spouse is kidnapped and the police to whom the Complaint is given is non other than Vijay's father. On the other hand Vijays father doesn't know that Trisha is in his house and the person who kidnapped Trisha was none other than his son. Soon his father comes to know that information about his son and that girl and Prakash Raj also comes to know about that. Soon Vijay tries his best to protect Trisha and leaves her in the Airport just Half an hour before the Flight and leaves the place to reach the Stadium where he has to play his National level Kabbadi match. Both Prakash Raj and Vijay's father try to find vijay and at one point of time his father gets the news that Vijay is their in the stadium. Then both Prakashraj and Vijays father reach the stadium and at last when they find him in the stadium after Vijay & co winning the match. Vijay's father arrests him but as trisha insults Prakash Raj, Prakash Raj gets his complaint from the police officer and asks him to leave Vijay with him. There is a fight between Vijay and Prakash Raj for the sake of Trisha.


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