Queensland- A perfect place to hang out with Friends and family in Chennai

Are you looking for the perfect place to hang out with your friends in Chennai? Are you planning to visit the best theme park in Chennai? Queensland is the best theme park in Chennai and it is also one of the biggest theme parks if the area is considered. It is the biggest theme park that has an area of about 70 acres and has some 50+ rides. Go through the article to get more details on the famous theme park Queensland.

Queensland- A perfect place to hang out with Friends and family in Chennai

Queensland is the very famous theme park that is known for its class and the wide level of people assembling over here in each day of the week. This was the theme park that was started in the year 2003 by the famous Rajan Hotels. It is one of the best amusement parks that are situated well in the center of the city in the Chennai Bangalore Trunk road. It is situated just near the famous college in Chennai Panimalar Engineering College which is one of the top 10 colleges in the city. There is more number of visitors here than that of any other Theme parks in Chennai. It has got nearly 50 rides but at present only 25- 30 rides are available. The Theme park opens nearly at 10 and closes after 9 in the evening. One has to say that the time of one day would not be enough for a person who wishes to try all the rides so one has to select his rides carefully and utilize the time properly if he wants to enjoy what he has spend.

Rides in Queensland - Exclusively meant for the children

Queensland Child Bumper car
Kids Taxi
Mini Avio
Mini Wheel
Mini Jet
Mini Train
Cliff Hanger
Battery slide
Frog roll
Play System

Queensland rides for Family members

Super Tele Combat
Space Journey
Dragon Fly
Fun house
Cable car
Dark House
Mirror House
Battery car
Himalayan Water ride
Swimming Pool
American Wave pool
Queens express train

Some of the other games that would attract you

Free fall tower
Octopus Roller coaster
Space Journey
Adult Bumper car
Crazy Horses
Go kart
3 lane slide
Fall Twister
Free fall Slide
Covered twisters

Some of the best rides in Queensland without which your trip to Queensland would be incomplete

1. Free fall Tree
This is the ride where you are taken to a height of about 150 feet's from ground and simply leaving you from there and suddenly stopping in the middle and they would again pull you up and from there would leave you. This is the first and foremost right if you are going in the actual format from first to last. This is also one of the dangerous rides and this is the reason why there is a notice board near that stating people who are weak hearted don't go to this ride and the ride is also meant only for the Adults and Kids are not allowed. Here a total of 24 seats would be there and there would be two slides each going up and down simultaneously.

2. Himalayan Water fall
The next important ride in the Queensland as per me is the Himalayan Water fall and this is open for only a certain period of time and so it is not a full time ride where you can go anytime and have it. You should wait for the time as said in the announcement to have this ride in the time as specified by them. It is like traveling into some river full of falls and would be very interesting.

3. Centrox
Cetrox is one of the Rides where most of them fear. This is not because it is dangerous but the matter is it revolves at a very good speed over the ground and would push you towards the other seats as the revolving speed is high. This revolves so fast as many of them even vomit in this ride. You would be given a cup of Coke before this ride starts and beware of this round as you might have some difficulty in this ride.

4. Pirata Ship
It is one more ride where you would be very safe. In this round you would be travelling from right to left directly which is similar like a seesaw that oscillates up and down. This ride is also one of the fastest rounds and so only the adults are admitted here in this ride.

5. Octopus
Octopus is another ride where there would be a similar thing in plastic that looks like octopus has some eight legs in it. In this ride almost each leg of the octopus would revolve around them without co operating with each other. It would revolve in such a way that they seem to crash with each other.

6. Go kart
It is the ride where it is simply like car race that's why it is named as Go Kart. In this thing you can go for rides using your car in the roads that are specially meant for that.

7. American Wave pool
It is the ride which is just like a swimming pool but has the effect of sea waves in them. Rather than the waves everything is like a normal swimming pool that is large enough and you would feel as if you are in the sea shore or in the beach.

8. Roller Coaster
This is the very famous ride where you would be flying in the tracks that are specially meant for this and are in such a way that it goes in all the directions that too in a speedy way.

Some of the Poor Rides that is simply the waste of Time

1. Fun House
Fun house is like a bore house where there won't be anything except some things that would roll beneath your legs and some air would be coming where you don't expect anything. This is said to be a fun house but there are nothing that would make this as a fun house.

2. Mirror House
This is the house that is build full of mirror and you have come out of this by finding out the proper way out. Hence there would be more crowd always you can just follow the person before you to find the proper way, hence it is also useless.

3. Dark House
In this dark house something is tried by the management to scare the visitors who come there but it would not be so interesting where some dim lights would be placed here and there and some toys of the snake, crocodiles, skull etc suddenly come near you to frighten you.

4. Cable car
It has nothing to do though this has lots of them waiting in the queue always to go for this ride. In this ride two of them can go for the ride at a time where only one person would get the chance of driving that car and the other one has to just sit beside you and watch the game and this is why the ride is not so attractive as one would get chance while the other wont.

5. Orchestra
It is simply a ride that goes rounding for many times and it is already available in many other rides that too in a fascinating manner Hence I would not like to get for this ride and would spend the time on some other ride that can be more attractive than this.

Queensland rides that would try to frighten you

I think I have explained all the rights that are stated beneath except the Crazy horse where there are moving Horse toys that would be located and the horses would spin and jump. If the person sitting in that horse is not holding them properly they would fall for sure when the horse jumps high. I think I too visited with one such experience where one of the girl fell on the ground while going for this ride so be careful while you go for these rides.

1. Free Fall tower
2. Centrox
3. Crazy Horses
4. Pirata ship
5. Octopus

Queensland Orchestra

There is a dance program going on in the evenings in the theme park where some set of students or dancers are appointed. They would dance, Singh and also provide gifts if the visitors are able to do what they tell in the stage. You can also dance in the stage if you wish to dance and you would be awarded a small gift for that also. I feel that this is always given to the great teams that are doing well in the locality and so it would be nice to have them in sight.


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