TNPSC Group 2 Exams Cancelled as the Question paper leaked, six arrested including 3 professors

Are you looking for the TNPSC Question paper leak? Do you think that the exams that were held yesterday would be canceled? This article is about the TNPSC exams that were held yesterday. It was found that the question paper was leaked in certain areas and the police is taking some steps to find out who were all involved. Get the Latest updates on the TNPSC exams that were held yesterday.

TNPSC Group 2 exams 2012 Question paper leaked

TNPSC is one of the most important exams as far as Tamilnadu is concerned and it is the fact that most of the officers in Tamil Nadu are selected based on this test. The latest news about the TNPSC Exams are that about three of the teachers and their spouse were arrested by the police as it is confirmed that they have published the TNPSC exam Question paper for the group 2 exams that were held recently in Tamil Nadu. This has become a very sensitive issue as of now as it has also be found that the question paper was sold for 4 lakh rupees and it is visible as of now that this is one of the most important issue that may have some big heads connected to the issue. We have to wait till the police give more of the information about who were all the others who were involved in this act of dishonesty against the state.

About the TNPSC Group 2 exam

This was the question paper for the post where about more than 3687 vacancies were available and the exam was held only yesterday that is 12-08-2012. It is the fact that in about 144 centers all over Tamil Nadu about 640000 students attended the exams to get the job from the government of Tamil Nadu. In this stag there were some places like Erode, Namakkal, Dharmaburi where the rumors spread that the question paper for the respective exams were released or were sold for money.

How TNPSC Group 2 leak paper came out

In this situation a person named Suresh Kumar who belongs to the village named Ichambadi near Dharmaburi wrote his exams in a center named Kambhainallur. The person had a question paper in his hand which he gave to the supervisor Karuppasamy who was also one of the assistant Thasildar in the village. As soon as the exam was over Suresh Kumar was very much happy about the exams and this created some doubt in the mind of Karuppasamy and as soon as He opened the paper which he got from Suresh Kumar before the exam he was shocked. He saw a simple Xerox of the question paper that was issued only during the exam and the person got that before the exams itself. The Thasildaar then gave a complaint regarding this to the police soon after the exams.

Words of Suresh kumar in the Police enquiry

He said that he had a sister in a small village named Thannipadi located in the district of Thiruvannamalai. When he was going there for leave he got good affection from a teacher named Vivekanandhan. He has told the teacher his efforts that got in vain after failing many times in the TNPSC exams. Vivekanandhan seems to have suggested him to meet two men named Rangarajan and Kumar and they would help you to get the question paper easily and that would make you pass and get the government job. Soon Suresh Kumar contacted them to get the paper and they asked him to pay 4 lakhs for the question paper which he did. He also stated that he along his friends (Arun, Bubhesh and one more friend) managed to get four lakhs from their family and at last they bought the paper which was handwritten.

The Question paper was also released in a place near Thiruvanamalai to Senthi & Danakodi

After the Enquiry it seems that police had registered a complaint on the people who were responsible for this and the students who got them. Soon they went to Thiruvanamalai where they found the two teachers who were the sole reason for the Question papers Xerox. Soon the person who sold the Question paper, Rangaraj of 40 years old was supposed to be a teacher in a village named Rushivandhiyam. He was arrested in the midnight of 12-08-2012.

In the enquiry made by the police it has also been found that there are more officers who are involved in this crime and it is like a chain going on and on and on. The Police have been strictly watching the peoples involved in it and hope they would try to catch all the culprits who were involved in this case. In this stage one more girl near Bavani named Dhanakodi came to the collector's office and said that the question paper was out. She reported that she found a copy of the question paper in the bus beneath the seat and that was also a Xerox of the question paper. She along with her husband registered a complaint and the police enquired them till 2 in the midnight. After the enquiry it was found that it was only them who bought the paper from a person named Sudhakar and as some of her friends saw that she and her husband came to the commissioner office to register the case but unfortunately the thing was dug by the police.

TNPSC 2012 Group re-exam

After this incident the TNPSC has made some steps where the officials seem to have been released the question paper for the sake of money. The report has been asked by the TNPSC head and as soon as they get the reports from the Place like Dharmapuri, Erode and Namakkal it would be decided whether there would be a re exam on the paper or there would not be any exams and the exam held would be final. But as per the reports it is obvious that there would be a re exam as there is a possibility of the exam papers been circulated to various parts of the state. In case any official is found guilty the government should take immediate steps to suspend them and award punishment for the same.

It is today that is on 14-08-2012 that the government officials have stated that the exams that were held day before yesterday was canceled. The Government was thinking whether the exam should be canceled or whether a re exams should be paced in the areas where the papers leaked. But as of now the government had simply canceled the exams as it is not clear that the papers leaked in these areas alone. Hence the government had taken this action and that would definitely spoil the hopes of many who have prepared for the exams sincerely and did well. I think the responsibility stands with the board and the board should act wisely so that papers don't get leaked anymore in the future course of time.

My View on the Topic

I think that this is one of the important exams that decide the talent of the students wide across the state and there should be some steps taken in order to find where and all the question paper are circulated. The police should find the origin of the release and the officials who are responsible for this act should be punished whatever their designation is. The Government should also have a close look at the papers in the coming years so that such things never happen again in the history that spoils the chances of the deserving candidates.


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