A tourist guide on Lord Sreeranga natha temple in Sree rangam, Trichy Tamilnadu

Sree rangam is a famous place where Lord Sree ranganath is lived. This article is meant for the history of Lord Sreeranganatha temple. In this article we have given details about the how to reach Sree rangam and where can stay in Sree rangam.

History of Lord Sreeranganatha temple

Sree rangam is a sacred place where Lord Sree ranganadha is worshiped by devotees from all over the world. This temple has so much history as its background. The idol of Sree ranga natha was presented by Lord Sreemannaarayan to Brahma at the time of creation. Because of situation of Brahma in doing nothing when Lord Sreemannaarayan disappeared, Lord Sreemannaarayana gave this idol to Brahma. Brahma created all this universe by worshipping idol of Lord Sreeranganatha. After crossing many yugaas, Brahma presented this idol to Ishvaaka dynasity to worship it. Lord Sreeranganatha was worshipped by Lord Sreerama also. After killing Ravana, Lord Sreerama came to Ayodhya. When Vibheeshana did not like to leave from Ayodhya, then Lord Sreerama presented the same idol of Sreeranga natha to Vibheeshana. While Vibheeshana was taking this idol, he wished to install this idol at the shore of river Kaveri by facing this idol towards south. Vibheeshana thought that his wish was good as Lanka had filled with the dead bodies of army of Lanka. So, that place is not a holy place to install the idol of Sree ranganath. After awaking from the bed, Vibheeshana saw towards north to worship Lord Sreeranga nath. This is the history about Sreerangam.

Idol of Sri ranganatha temple

There is a history on how Sree ranga Natha attracts Dhanurdaasu. One day, he came to Sreerangam on pilgrimage with his wife but he put an umbrella on her to protect her from the sun rays. He put carpet on the front of her to save her feet from the heat of the floor. This was seen by Sreemadraamaanuja and he would like to change the concentration of Dhanurdaasu on Lord Sree ranga nath. For that, Sreemadraamaanuja promised Dhanurdaasu that he would show very beautiful one in this universe if he would come along with Sreemadraamaanuja. Dhanurdaasu went along with Sreemadraamaanuja near to Lord Sree ranga nath. After touch the eyes of Dhanurdaasu with holy water with him, Dhanurdaasu saw the most beauty in this universe. After that, Dhanurdaasu would not like to leave Lord Sree ranga natha. That is the greatness of Lord Sree ranga natha.

This place gave foundation of devotion in Alwars to worship Lord Sreemannarayana. Sreemadraamanuja lived in Sreerangam by giving Panchasamskaara deeksha to the people who wish to know the method of Vishishtadvaitham. For Sree Vishnavaas, they have 108 Divyadesams where Lord Sreemannaarayana lived. Sree rangam is one of the Divyadesam of Sree Vishnavaas. So, pallavaas, Cholaas and Hoyasaalaas show their devotion to Lord Sreeranga natha by developing the temple in vast way. This temple is protected by Vijayanagar dynaasty from Mohammad administrators. At the time, Vishnava Aacharyaas sacrificed their lives for the protection of idol of Sree ranga nath from Mohammad administrators.

View of Lord Sreeranganatha temple

Sreerangam is surrounded by rivers Kaveri and Kollidam. The world largest Raja gopuram is in Sreerangam which has height of 73 meters. There were about 21 gopurams in the temple and total town is surround by Praakara. Except Madhurakavi alwar, remaining alwaars showed their devotion by writing about Lord Sreeranga natha in their Pashuraas. Sreemadraamaanuja instructed the administration of the temple in systematic manner. In Sreerangam, Vikuntaekaadasi is the festival which is commenced with delightful manner. Our eyes are not suitable to see that festival in Sreerangam. Such a beauty will be expanded on that day.

How to reach Sreerangam:

To reach Sreerangam, there are many ways. In those feasible features are:
  • Trichi airport is 7 kilometers from Sree ranganath temple. From where there is the facility of air service to Chennai, Bangalore, Madhurai and Colombo also.
  • From Thrichi, there is the train facility from metropolitan cities such as Chennai, Madhurai and also other main cities.
  • For bus services also, Trichy is the main centre from where bus service is provided to Pandichcheri, Chennai, Madhurai and Thaanjavur.

Where can we stay in Sreerangam?

As Sreerangam is very near to Trichy, one can stay in Trichi. There are many hotels which provide excellent facilities to stay. In that Breeze residency, Hotel Sangam, SRM hotel and Ramyas hotel will give satisfaction to the devotees who visit Lord Sree ranganatha.


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