Top Ten Tamil Movies Based on Unique acting skills that got a massive response

Are you looking for the top 10 movies in Tamil Cinema Industry? This is the article about some of the best Tamil Movies that were blockbusters because of the acting skills. Almost all the movies in the list got the Best Awards for the particular year and got some awards like Vijay awards, Filmfare awards and Tamil Nadu best actor and actress awards. These are also the top 10 movies in Tamil Cinema History if acting and different roles are concerned.

Tamil Movies with Unique Acting Skills that made the movies a Blockbuster

There are many movies that are having some unique characters played by the actors in Tamil Cinema Industry. It is this basis which is looked by the award givers like Vijay Awards, Film fare awards etc., there are many actors like Kamalahaasan, Vikram, and Surya etc who are known for their acting skills in Tamil Cinema Industry.

There are various movies that are releasing each year and bagging some precious awards for the acting and performance of the actors and actress. Not only the Actors are known for the unique act but sometimes the actresses are also involved in such characters that show their unique skills. The best example where the actress proved their unique talents are Jyothika in Chandramukhi and Ramyakrishnan in Padayappa. Both the movies gained so much popularity to the characters that they overcame the acting skills of Rajinikanth and paved way for the success of the movie. The unique acting skills are one that influences the movies to a great extend. There are some movies stood high and gave a big name to the actors and the best of them have been identified in the article below.

1. Kaasi- Vikram's Role as a Blind man

This is one of the most popular movies that featured Tamil actor Vikram in a Blind role. This role was so nature to Vikram that there was lots of appreciation from the media people as Vikram did one of the toughest jobs in Tamil Cinema Industry. I would rate this as the top most movie as per the acting skills. I don't think anyone can surpass this acting of Vikram from this movie. The actor won the Film fare award for this movie in the year 2001. This was the movie that took Vikram to an entirely different level and I think this is the remarkable movie which had some good songs added to it that was composed by Illayaraja.

2. Perazhagan- Surya's Role

Perazhagan is the movie that features Tamil actor SuryaSurya and Tamil actress Jyothika in dual roles. While one Surya was a Boxer the other surya was performing different characters where he played Chinna a person having a Hunchback and legs and hands not in proper condition right from the birth. While on the other hand the Jyothika also acted in Dual role in the movie where one was doing her college studies while the other did a blind girl who roams in the streets and begs for its livelihood. The lead actors were well supported by other characters like Vivek and Manorama. I think this was one of the milestones in the Tamil Cinema Industry. The story revolved around these characters and made the movie a huge hit that got massive response from the people. Surya won the Film fare actor award.

3. Sethu- Vikrams Role

Sethu is a entirely different movie that made a hype in the minds of everyone the film Distributors, Theatre owners, Public etc., on one end the Theatre owners were afraid of getting the movies print from the distributors as the movie had a negative ending and could get a negative response. But as the movie was released, it covered almost all the audience in the Tamil Cinema Industry. The first half of the movie revolves around a beautiful love story in college and the student's power in the campus.

Where as in the second half the movie goes on with the mentally affected Vikram, Why and how he was attacked. The movie ends on a sad note where the Actress Abitha dies drinking poison as she was not able to see Vikram in that stage and Marriage was going to be fixed for the actress. At the end when Vikram gets cured and comes to the house of the actress he finds her dead and gets to the mental Hospital from where he escaped before. The movie got the Special jury award and the Tamil Nadu best film award in that particular year.

4. Ghajini- Surya's Role

Ghajini is the popular movie of Surya that was a great hit that featured Surya and Tamil actress Asin in the lead roles. The actor Surya is heavily attacked on his head by the villain and his groups and the heroine is killed and the actor suffers from Short term Memory Loss after the attack in his head. This is the first Tamil movie that focused on this disease. The movie was well directed by Murugadoss and the movie was also remade in Hindi and some other languages. The movie was itself remade from the English hit Memento. The movie is fascinated by lots of turns and was supported well by Nayanthara who does a medical student role. The movie also had double acting villains which was an added advantage of the movie.

5. Kadhal Kondaen- Dhanush's Role

Kdham Kondaen is the movie that casted Tamil actor Dhanush Athi and Sonia Agarwal in the lead roles. This is all about a psycho who falls in love with a girl and goes on a killing spree whoever comes in the way of their love. Thew movie starts with Nagesh sending Dhanush out of the church as he gets an admission from the top Engineering colleges in the City. Dhanush though is not willing to go to the city as he is very much dependent on the father of the church. Soon dhanush is forced to leave to the city and he joins the college and does part time jobs to satisfy his needs. He also joins he Engineering college and is insulted there by his colleagues and teachers and at one point of time he proves his talents. Soon he gets the friendship of Sonia and falls in love too but on the other hand Sonia falls in love with Adhi and so is Sudheep.
At one point of time Dhanush murders his colleague who misbehaves with Sonia. Soon the police finds out that Dhanush is behind the murder the father Naagesh, Chinnu is colleague and a dancer. Police tries to arrest Dhanush but Dhanush succeeds in Attacking all the police and in the climax Sonia slips down from the hill and so is Dhanush and Sudheep. Sonia is held tight on a tree and holds the hands of Dhanush and Sudheep who are hanging in the cliffs and Dhanush leaves the hand of Sonia and fells down and dies. Dhanush at the start does a innocent character that later goes very Violent.

6. Varalaaru- Ajiths Role as a father

Varalaaru is one of the best movies of the Ultimate star Ajith Kumar. He does a triple action role in this movie they are a father and two sons. This movie got a lot of appraisals on lot many criticisms. This movie is all about a son who is eagerly waiting right from his child age to take revenge on his father who has cheated his mother.

On one stage his father who does Bharatham is having all the Navarasams of the bharatham and his movements coincides with the ladies style and this makes many of them to mock him. Soon the bride which is seen for Ajith insults him saying that he is not a man and refuses to marry him and this results in the death of his mother. So to take revenge of the words that caused his mothers death he spoils the life of the girl and later tries to marry the same girl but she refuses to marry again. Soon the girl tries to do abortion and it goes as a failure leading to two children's birth one child remains with the mother while the other is taken away by his father.

The son with the mother undergoes lots of pain to make livelihood for him and his mother and so after growing up tries to take revenge of his father and in the run gives more pain to the father and his other son and in the climax the truth is revealed and the father is shot by the police, the son doing the villain is put in the bars while the other son takes care of his mother.

7. Dasavatharam- Kamalahaasan's ten in one Role

Dasavatharam is one of the finest works in Tamil Cinema Industry which gave about 10 roles done by the single person none other than Kamalahaasan. He does a Doctor, A grandma's role, A kung fu specialist, A tall man, A black man, The villain, A singer, A brahmin who lived before some centuries, A CBI officer and the US presidents role at the end.

It is definitely a bigger thing to do all these characters in a single movie and Kamal did that. The whole world praised the efforts of the man including the famous Jackie. This movie is all about a scientist who invents something that can destroy the whole world and the people around him try to sell the thing in the market for the terrorist but how he manages to destroy the hope of the terrorist and destroys the thing invented is the plot of the story which is well structured with various other things like Love, Comedy and welfare of the people.

8. Chandramukhi- Jyothika's Role

This is the Indian movie that was very much famous not only in India but throughout the world. Almost all the stars did a good work in this movie. This movie had Rajinikanth, Prabhu doing the lead actors role and Nayanthara, Jyothika doing the female lead. They were well supported by Vadivelu, Nasser and many more. The movie was directed by P Vasu and ran for over 890 days making a record in the southern states of India.

The movie was a wonderful one where the acting of the Superstar was overcoe by the character of the title of the movie Chandramukhi which was done by Jyothika. She got many awards including the Tamil Nadu best actress award. Jyothika did a fantastic role where she attracted the audience in the fearsome role. The looks, the actions, the dance everything was perfect for Jyothika and I done think it can be better by any other heroines in the field. This gives the sole entry in my list where a Heroine gets the top 10 unique actions in Tamil History. This movie is all about a naughty girl who has many problems in her childhood days who turns into Chandramukhi to take revenge of the Vettayyan Rajini and what the actor does to protect her and himself from the evil Chandramukhi.

9. Deiva Thirumagal- Vikrams Role of a Father

Deiva thirumagal is a movie that was directed by Vijay who also did the famous Madrasapattinam. The movie had the lead actor Vikram who did a beautiful performance acting as a mentally affected man. He was well accompanied by the little cute Baby Sara who did a wonderful job as his daughter. The other characters like Amala Paul, Anushka and Santhanam supported the movie with some attractive roles.

The plot of the movie goes like this, Vikram is a mentally affected person who marries a girl and they have a baby named Nila. Soon the mother of the baby dies and Vikram and Nila are left alone. Krishna works in the chocolate factory of his friend and as Sara grows up Krishna joins her in a school nearby. Soon it comes to know that the Principal of the school Amala Paul is the sister of Nila's mother and seeing her with his father she wants the child back with her and so they separate the child from his father. Soon Vikram approaches Anushka to take the case, they finally succeed in the case but Vikram though wins the case gives the child to them as he thinks the child would be good with them than with him. The climax of the movie was very much appreciated by almost everyone where the things work only with the childish actions between Vikram and Sara.

10. Pithamagan – Vikram's Role

Pithamagan is the famous tamil Movie which had Vikram and Surya doing the lead roles accompanied by Sangeetha and laila who do the pairs of the actors. Vikram is doing a caretaker of graveyard in the starting stage of the movie as his mother dies giving birth to him here in the graveyard. A old man takes care of Vikram and teaches him all about the things in Graveyard and so Vikrams grows as a man without feelings. As soon as the old man dies Vikram leaves the Graveyard and goes into the city where he faces many problem and goes with Sangeetha who deals with drugs. Soon Sangeetha gets a job for Vikram in the place of the drug dealer and Vikram faces many problems including arrest and in this stage he meets Surya who gets more affectionate to him. Soon surya threatens the drug dealer to get Pittha(Vikram) out of the jail. Otherwise the drug dealer would have to face the problems. Soon this causes anger in the minds of the Drug dealer and he tries to kill Surya and succeeds in that. Vikram is now left alone by all the others associated wit Surya and he goes to take revenge of the villain who is the sole reason for this. At the end Vikram murders the Drug dealer by biting in his throat and leaves the place and everyone there.


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