The problem of Traffic jams and the condition of roads in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Are you looking for the reasons why we have huge traffic problems in Chennai? Here are some factors that are responsible for the high traffic that hinders the travelers in the city. This is the cause of my personal experience of a days travel in Chennai.

The problem of Traffic jams and the condition of roads in Chennai

There are many problems that arise within the states of Tamilnadu and one of the most important problems that pop up then and there is Traffic problems. There are many roads that are build then and there causing lots of trouble to the general public but even then the roads laid by the government are not of adequate quality which gets damaged very soon, this is the evidence that the roads are laid only for show off's and not for the purpose or welfare of the people.

There are many things that are becoming the cause for this traffic problem and they are as follows

Quality of roads

I think this is one of the major problems that hinder the people in the certain area. The population always likes to travel in good roads or in the shortest route. These are the two factors that determine the road for the users the shortest or the shortcut is definitely not good as in terms of quality and on the other hand the good road are blended with heavy traffic and so lets the user to drive very slowly inch by inch.

No proper Traffic officers

Though the government has appointed many traffic controllers in the city they are not seen most of the time. I think they get duty according to their turn but they don't turn up or be there for certain period of time and leave the sight to their wish. One of the biggest roles in controlling the traffic is in the hands of the traffic controller and if he fails or is absent it may lead to some heavy traffic problems in that particular area.

No proper maintenance

The roads are not properly maintained in the city and this is the cause for more problems as it gets damaged then and there. The government is giving the contracts to the incapable people or company who are not able to maintain them properly and this is the reason why there are heavy damages in the road. The road gets damaged making the one way road thinner which is already thin. I would say that the contract given to the contractors should be canceled and a fresh contract should be made that should be provided to the able and capable contractors who can maintain the roads well.

Inability of the government to take regular inspection

I would say that even the government and the political ministers have failed to observe the quality of roads in the city. They are observing and traveling only in highways that are really good and think or predict that the roads are good. I would add that the government should take care and inspect the local roads not only highways to know the status better. A big role is laid on the part of government to inspect the roads for the welfare of the people and the population. The government is levying high road tax from the people but they are of course being untrue to the population on this regards.

More number of vehicles

As of now there is more number of vehicles that are running in the cities of Tamil Nadu. As of in Tamil Nadu as of 31st of December 2011, there are 1,47,51,330 vehicles running in Tamil Nadu and this is one of the reasons why the traffic in Tamil Nadu is blooming day after day. There are vehicles in almost every home and the usage of vehicles in huge numbers raises the problem more and more as of now. The improved vehicles in numbers in the city cause more problems leading to heavy traffic jams within the city limits.

Less width of road

One of the facts that hinders and causes more trouble amongst the public and travelers is the width of the road. It is the fact that our roads are less broad than that of the other countries. There are many travelers and there are many vehicles that drive in a road simultaneously. When the driver drives his vehicle slowly that too in a congested road as ours it causes more problem to them who are following the slow drivers.


Accidents are the incidents that not only affect the people who are involved in the accident but also the passengers who are traveling by that road. There are many incidents where due to an accident the traffic is more as the vehicles are stopped till the clearance of the vehicles and the people involved in the accidents. Accidents thus are also one of the major causes that can affect the people by causing more traffic.

Though there are many reasons which are affecting the people by causing more traffic, I have provided only a handful of reasons that may cause traffic problems within the city limits. Recently I experienced one such experience where it took almost one hour to cross a distance of less than a kilometer traveling in a bus which was horrible and that was the reason why I created this article. Please provide the suggestions beneath if you do have such experience or if you feel that there are more reasons for the traffic in our cities.


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