Breakfast And Its Importance For Good Health

This article describes about the importance of breakfast and its importance towards good health.

Breakfast is very important in a day's schedule. One should not avoid it in spite of a busy schedule

"Breakfast should be like a king, lunch like an ordinary man & dinner like a beggar"

Breakfast has very important place in diet.It should be heavy & consists of a good no of calories so that one feels energetic till lunch.It should provide adequate amounts of carbohydrates and proteins.It should be like a king's breakfast.Mother's are always worried about this as child doesn't like to have same things repeatedly and they need variety

Ideally one should include following foods

For vegetarians and nonvegetarians

1. Milk with or without bread, toast
Milk is gives a good amount of many vitamins - vitamin A, D, B complex but it is poor in vitamin c.It is a very good source of calcium and is essential for growing children

2. Boiled egg /omlette

Egg proteins are the best proteins. Proteins are the " building blocks" of our body. Its very important to have adequate proteins for muscle development and body building. Youngsters who regularly attend gymnasium should eat diet with adequate proteins.

3. Idli

4. Dosa

5. Chicken soups or veg soups

6. Cornflakes with milk

7. 1 fruit/juice
Fruits like banana, orange or any other available fruit in that particular season

8. If someone doesn't like milk,try tea, coffee

9. Sprouts -
Sprouts are an excellent source of vitamins.Even poor people can afford to have sprouts

10. Dry fruits-
Cashew, almonds, pistachios, dried figs, etc if included it will be very good.All of them are costly.

For very small children, one can add cooked smashed potatoes with added salt,dhal, etc.If child eats all these properly, one need not give supplementary foods like complan, horlicks, etc as all these commercial preparations are costly
Avoid junk foods like sauce, ketch-up, kurkure, etc.Also avoid cold-drinks. These will not give any vitamins and valuable requirements of our body. Excess bread will also lead to constipation. Breakfast should contain foods which will give adequate fibres.


Guest Author: Dr Sachine (Eye Reti03 Jan 2009

If a growing child eats a good balanced diet properly, neither horlicks nor complan is needed
Horlicks or complan is needed for children who don't eat properly due to any reason e. g. some children don't like the taste of milk & in such cases complan with different flavours may be helpful.

Guest Author: Dr Sachine (Eye Reti12 Jan 2009


Guest Author: srb12313 Jan 2009

The study showed that school going children having breakfast show more activity than the children attending empty stomach. not only children but the grown up also need a good breakfast. nice article and nice blog.

Guest Author: SHOBHA SINGH13 Jan 2009

Yes breakfast has very important place in diet.But tou don't cllassified that what age should take what quantity.

Guest Author: Binod Ram14 Jan 2009

Hi drsachin,

I agree with your subject and it is very very necessary for all age group. But people living in village do not know what is breakfast and what should be in breakfast. They just take one plate full rice or chapati or anything which is available at that time and went to field.

What do you thing about them?

Author: Venkiteswaran C S27 Feb 2023 Member Level: Silver   Points : 8

This article is of 2008 and updated in 2021. But it is still valid and relevant. I also concur with the author that one should not avoid breakfast.

Even without influenced by any propaganda or awareness campaign, I was by default always a stickler to a full breakfast. This is one good habit I am continuing still from my young days. Even during my career days, though I had to forego my lunch and in between snacks, coffee, etc. I was always ensured to have a proper breakfast, men of which usually was a starch item like Idli, Dosa or Pongal, a fa cum protein item like Vada, Poori etc. and the accompanying Chutney, sambar etc. plus the coffee or tea. Some times would have a small banana in plc of any other item.
That sufficed as a balanced one time diet . With that I could stay for more hours supplemented with just occasional coffee/tea.

I had the experience that if I skip breakfast as situations may compel me sometimes, then the whole day I would be feeling uncomfortable, weak, hungry and may have acidity or even headache.

I had noticed from my experience that I cannot go empty stomach more than two or three hours after waking up. I have thus really knew the meaning o breakfast, which is breaking the 'fasting' of about eight to ten hours after previous night dinner.

Thus when I am to travel early morning when even the restaurants would not be open, I take at least a small banana or a slice of bread and coffee/Milk depending on time and availability. In this context, I leave the breakfast menu to individuals as per their liking, choice and habit and will not insist on the list given in the article.
The article has its permanent relevance.

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