Oil pulling - Ayurvedic treatment for gum and teeth problems

Oil pulling is an effective natural healing treatment for gum and teeth related problems. Read the article to know how to do the oil pulling treatment at home.

Oil pulling is a very old ayurvedic technique,which became very popular for past few years, in curing diseases related to gum and teeth.Almost all the mouth related problems will be benefited from this simple procedure, and one can heal lot of diseases preventing the need of surgery and medication.
It basically involves swishing (rinsing)cold pressed oil in the mouth.In the morning on empty stomach,take 1 table spoon of oil in to mouth.
Rinse and pull it gently through the teeth,in a comfortable way.Do not try to pull it vigorously.
Try to mix lot of saliva from your mouth to the oil.This will use your enzymes,which in turn will draw harmful toxins out of your blood stream.
Do not swallow oil.Even if you get a desire to swallow the oil keep the oil in the front portion of your mouth and swallow only saliva.

As one continue swashing the oil, after some time it will become thin, even turns to white like milk.Continue oil pulling until the color of the oil becomes white.If it becomes unbearably unpleasant spit it out, and try with fresh oil.It is just like brushing our teeth every day.Then immediately rise the mouth with salt water, and brush the teeth thoroughly.
you can do the oil pulling every morning if you like. It can be powerfully detoxifying. There's no hard rule that you should do it every day.Doing oil pulling would heal the tissues of all your organs at the same time. Harmful toxins would be eliminated without destroying any beneficial bacterium. This beneficial bacterium acts like anti oxidant. Moreover, doing this everyday would prolong your lifespan. Oil pulling will generally increase your metabolic rate, and thus your health. Another beneficial effect most people have is the curing of bleedy gums, and cleaner teeth. But of course, the main benefit lies in its restoration of health.
For a few months, you may really notice any benefits. However, after 2 to 3 months one can see the lively energy, and healthy digestion .

Oil pulling is something we all should try. It is innovative, exciting and is extremely simple, and involves nothing more than buying a packet of good cold pressed oil, and swishing it every morning. It's just like brushing your teeth.

Some of the ailments that many people have successfully treated with oil pulling includes headaches, bleedy gums, leukemia, as well as acne, digestive problems, and kidney disease. Oil pulling gives visibly softer skin, better sleeping habits, and a higher boost of energy throughout the day.

1) Do oil pulling before eating or taking any breakfast. If you have any chronic ailments ,you should do oil pulling more than once a day, but do it on an empty stomach.

2) Please do not swallow the cold-pressed oil while rinsing . The oil will be contaminated with toxins. If you do swallow it, nothing will happen to you - it'll just be eliminated through your bowels, but better not to swallow.

3) The best oils to do this is sunflower and sesame oil. You also can experiment which different oils and see which one suits you the best.


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