Tips to stay healthy during the Durga puja, 2013

The countdown for the Durga puja begins as we are busy shopping and planning for this great event. One could only enjoy this great event when one is hale and hearty no matter what one's age is. This article describes some of the useful tips on how to stay well during this puja for everyone. Taking some precautions would go a long way having fun, cheer and entertainment during this festive season.

The Durga Puja of 2013, right at the corner and once again people gearing up for the big occasion. The countdown begins as there are only a few days left for the big propitious event. The youngsters, getting themselves involved with their elders to plan the occasion. Several categories populating the menu lists like how to celebrate the four days to reap the most excitements, what to wear on each of these days, catalog of recipes and desserts, particular pandals one would hop from north to south Kolkata, etc. If everything works out easily, then it would guarantee entertainment in those four days for sure.

Useful tips to stay well in the 2013 Durga puja

To enjoy this great event one should stay well during this festive season. If some precautions taken beforehand, then the chances of falling sick nullifies. Let's check out some of the ways to stay well during the Durga Puja of 2013:

  1. Since Durga Puja comes after the monsoon season, certain diseases like the malaria and dengue could cause an infection. So sleeping under the net is the basic precaution that one should follow not only in this season, but throughout the year. It has several advantages over the other conventional methods like burning coils because it guarantees safety for health.

  2. Apart from the diseases given above, people may also get infected with viral infections like cough, cold and fever in this season. Therefore, one needs to avoid drinking cold water and refreshments in this season. Moreover, one needs not to enter an AC room soon after coming from outside. The best way out to sit and relax in a normal room for some time before entering the AC room. This helps because while relaxing the body temperature comes down to the normal room temperature and thus prevents from getting infected with a cold infection.

  3. Many people do hop pandals during the day to avoid the crowd. While the idea is good, but before moving out one needs to make sure to move out with an umbrella and a sun glass for proper protection against the intense sunshine during the day.

  4. Those who are planning to hop around pandals during the night should also take precautions. During the late nights the temperature falls and the chances of getting affected with cough and cold increases. So avoid cold drinks, ice-creams, curd, lassi, etc.

  5. One thing that is synonymous during Durga Puja is hopping pandals to see the idols and treating one's taste buds with foodstuffs available outside. While this is acceptable, but precaution is necessary. The outside foodstuffs like chow, rolls, pani puri, etc., are not of quality make and could affect one's health. Hence, one needs to avoid these lest one falls sick and could not enjoy the remaining days of the festival. Moreover, one needs also to avoid cut fruits and roadside water because problems like hepatitis A, E and typhoid may surface. If possible, one should carry water from home before moving out.

  6. Hopping different pandals may make one tiresome, feel without energy and thirsty. If this happens one should sit and relax for sometime lest pressurizing oneself to move along. If possible one should drink a salt, sugar and water solution. This would help to restore the electrolyte imbalance of the body.

  7. While one may wake nights during the puja, but good sleep is important for the body. One have to sleep in order to get the proper amount of sleep to keep oneself going. Waking nights is not good for the small children and the aged.

  8. Asthma patients should avoid the crowd or this may aggravate their problems and may sustain attacks of the asthma. They could visit the pandals during the day or any time when there is less rush.

  9. Diabetes patients should continue to take their regular doses of medicine as usual during the puja.

  10. Though loudspeakers are not that loud these days, but still heart patients need to avoid the noise.

  11. Conclusion

    Given above, some of the basic tips to get oneself going during the pujas. Another great way to enjoy the puja safely is to sit before, the television set and see the lighting, decoration, pandals from the comfort of one's home live during these four days. If these basic precautions followed properly, especially by the small children, women, patients and the aged, this would add to the joy of this festive season.


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