8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing [TRENDS]

In this article, we highlight the top 8 reasons why you cannot video marketing as a powerful marketing tactic while defining the overall marketing strategy for your business.

The use of video for different purposes has been growing steadily. Marketers are excited to showcase their products/services with the help of videos too. This strategy has proved to be very successful. The latest statistics reveal that a whopping 63% of various businesses are happy to utilize video content. More than half of that number find it vital for promoting their business. Do not worry about the efficacy of such a statement. Video marketing is definitely 'in' and a powerful tool today.

Therefore, if you too want to make the most of this powerful medium, it is best to utilize a superior online video editor. Create captivating videos and gather the attention of the audience that matters.
Here are 8 reasons why you need to use video marketing in your marketing strategy today:

1. Lead Conversion & Sales

Adding a video to the landing page can have a magical effect. First-time viewers are likely to be enticed by it, generating a positive lead. Moreover, digital marketers have also noted an increase in conversion rates, courtesy of the strategic placement of the video. Moreover, research studies have shown a correlation between the increase in sales with the inclusion of videos in the marketing strategy. Going through a beautifully created descriptive or explanatory video that showcases the product/service can result in an instant sale. A good quality video captures two of the most important senses, i.e., vision and audio, that come together positively.

2. Return on Investment

A business owner is keen on making profits. Therefore, creating a video to grab the attention of your potential customers is nothing new. Surprisingly, you do not have to spend enormous amounts for the creation and/or editing of the videos perfectly. There are a plethora of online video editing tools available for this very purpose. What's more, you can create a video with very little tech knowledge as well. Your smartphone can be just as effective a tool for video creation and editing. Concentrate on the content and put your ideas across convincingly, and don't worry about making it perfect. Content remains the King today, as far as videos are concerned, so remember to keep that in focus.

3. Trust Building

Hard selling strategies seldom work. But a beautifully created video that leaves the viewer emotionally moved can work wonders. It is important to build trust and establish a close connection with the target audience. Provide your prospective customers with interesting ideas that highlight the product/service and build a relationship based on trust. You may also draw upon the power of social influencers, including celebrities and YouTubers, to promote your brand or company. It will work effectively as long as your content is convincing. By doing this, you get to build your reputation by having the end-users feel confident. A chain reaction will be triggered thereafter, causing your sales to boom.

4. Google Ranking

Google favors websites that have viewers staying on a video for a longer time instead of bouncing to another website immediately. Thus, it is vital to create videos that convince viewers to stay and watch until the end. You could also embed a video on the homepage/landing page so that the visitors are compelled to stay. The possibility of achieving a higher ranking on Google is bright when you have a video on the website. It is also beneficial to remember that YouTube is owned by Google and, hence, incorporating a YouTube video into your website can significantly improve the search engine ranking. In addition, have the video optimized by adding the right keywords on the link, description, and title, and use backlinks wherever possible to increase the flow of traffic.

5. Mobile Phone Users

Most videos today are being accessed via smartphones and other handheld devices. YouTube statistics report that mobile viewers witnessed a 100% increase almost every year in recent times. Generation Next is more at ease with handheld gadgets than the desktop/laptop. This makes it important for you to create eye-catching videos that establish a personal connection with the users. Superior quality content will enable you to win over mobile phone users without any trouble.

6. Substantiating the Brand

Keep the target audience informed about your brand and newly launched products by talking about them via a video. Most customers claim to have watched promotional videos that explain the associated facts before purchasing a product. It is a good idea for brands to place an explainer video on the homepage of their web resource. Thus, it is not surprising to find more than 80% of business owners agree on the efficacy of such videos.

7. Wider Reach

Videos are easy to view and understand. Even a person who is not tech-savvy or overly concerned about new products finds it hard to ignore the lure of high-quality videos. Long product descriptions and speeches will not succeed in engaging people who are not attentive or interested. The dual effect of attention-grabbing visuals coupled with high-quality sound will force the viewer to observe. By doing this, you will be able to focus on the new leads and convert them into customers within a short time.

8. Increased Video Sharing

Social media is thriving at the moment, with every individual using at least one or multiple platforms simultaneously. The users are eager to post videos and share their content to elicit the right response. Businesses are not untouched by this trend either. Facebook has opened up multiple avenues by launching Live Video, 3600 Video, as well as Lifestage. Now, anyone can use the power of Instagram to tell their story via 60 Second Videos and Instagram Stories. One cannot ignore YouTube completely when a video is the basis for showcasing your brand. YouTube remains one of the most popular social media platforms to date. So, be sure to use it to the fullest by creating engrossing and entertaining content that has the target audience hooked.

Advertising with the aid of video and video marketing trends is here to stay. With the reach of video-based content now worldwide, target audiences can be drawn to promotional content when you use it to appeal to their emotions. A single video can go viral in minutes, helping you obtain huge returns as it gets shared time and again. The costs of creating videos are pretty low, allowing you to remain within your budgetary constraints too.


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