Yummy and Tasty Egg Recipes

Egg is a common food source which is rich in protein. These proteins within eggs helps keep muscles working. The Eggs are a easily available all over the country. They can be readily added in healthy meals such as sandwiches and salads, but can also be used to make meals of themselves. In such a way, here I have detailed about the preparation of egg soup, which is a healthier one followed by the Tasty Egg Pulav which can be served later.


Today Egg is considered as a vegetarian item, consumed by all categories of people. Having an egg everyday provides good health. Many people boil the egg and consume it. Some prefer half boil or omelets. Here I have described about the preparation of Egg soup and Egg Pulav. Making different varieties will make the kids to have them more with different taste and also must give them strength.

Soup is liquid food which is usually served as a starter and then we have the rice varieties. There are varieties of soups such as vegetable soup, chicken soup, mushroom soup and Tomato soup and so on which are in spicy too. The preparation of soup is much easier. The Egg soup can be prepared within 20 mins time. The preparation is so easy that the beginners can also start with that. This is much simpler and have high nutrients in the content. Hygienic and Tasty food always make the kids to tempt over. You can also serve your family by preparing them. Since the preparation time for these recipes are too less, they are more helpful for the people who rush up to their work.

Egg Soup

Ingredients :

  • Maida - 2 spoon

  • Milk - 1 cup

  • Egg - 2

  • Pepper - 1/4 spoon

  • Onion - 1

  • Butter - 1 spoon

  • Coriander Leaf - 1 piece

  • Salt - As per taste

  • Oil - 1 spoon

  • Preparation :

  • Take a pan and put on medium flame.

  • Add the butter to fry the Maida.

  • After the fry, mix the Maida with a cup of water.

  • Then heat the oil in the pan with the sliced onions.

  • When the onion turns golden, add the mixture of Maida along with salt and pepper.

  • Add a cup of milk and some water in the content and stir.

  • Beat the egg and pour it to the mixture.

  • Stir the mixture until the egg splits into pieces.

  • Then at last decorate with coriander leaves and serve hot.

  • Egg Pulav


  • Basmati Rice - 2 cup

  • Egg - 4

  • Ginger - 1 piece

  • Garlic - 5 pieces

  • Green chilly - 2

  • Onion - 2

  • Coriander Leaf - 1/2 cup

  • Ghee - 1 spoon

  • Oil - 2 spoon

  • Salt - A required

  • Preparation

  • Wash the rice properly and soak it for 15minutes.

  • Boil the rice and grind the chilly, ginger and garlic.

  • Heat the pan with Ghee and oil, add the chilly paste and also the ginger-garlic paste till the raw smell leaves.

  • Add the onion and salt and fry deeply, then add the egg.

  • When the egg is half boiled add the rice in the mixture and stir for some time.

  • Serve hot by splitting the coriander leaves on top.

  • Health benefits of Egg soup :

  • Egg soup is an appetizer.

  • The Egg soup has low fat and low calories.

  • If one is suffering from iron and vitamin deficiency, they can have the Egg soup. The Egg soup is rich in Iron Content. The iron content supports a healthy immune system and the Vitamin C help in prevention of infections and leads to healthy teeth, bones and skin.

  • It helps to reduce the weight.

  • It prevents cataracts and is helpful for improving eye sight.

  • Conclusion :

    Thus having an egg a day will help to improve our body very energetic and makes us strong. Changing the methods of preparation of eggs will make us to have varities and not getting bored with the same preparation.


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