Embracing Change: The Key to Success and Personal Growth in Life

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Author: Neelam Joshi      Post Date: 06 Jul 2023        
This article talks about the need for change in life to progress and how to break the cycle of procrastination, lethargy and indiscipline and consistently work towards one's goals.

Why Progress is important?

Progress is something we all seek in our life. No matter what our goals are, we all want to achieve them and move towards them. But often, we find ourselves stuck in the same pattern and unable to go beyond temporary and momentary happiness. We often deviate from the path we should follow and end up procrastinating. Whenever we feel stuck in our life or stagnation in life, we crave progress and growth but find it very hard to break the patterns and Bad Habits. We are often told not to procrastinate and follow discipline for growth and progress in life. Whichever motivational book we read, follow any particular ideal, and our elders all tell us to be disciplined and consistent in life. But discipline is something that is very hard to inculcate in life. It requires many changes to be consistent, disciplined and away from procrastination.

Era of knowledge or distraction

In this era of advanced technology, social media and all the information available, we still find it challenging to stay focused on our tasks and do what is needed to do because, on the one hand, these things act as a great help in learning on the other proves to be a big distraction. Only through the practice of discipline can one avoid such distractions and stay focused.

Students, Employees, and Everyone else needs

While students are the essential category of all who needs changes to be made in their life in order to stay focused and stick to their goals but it is not only limited to them, today most of the people around us find themselves so embroiled in their busy lives they find it very difficult to work on themselves be it at the physical level or mental level. After the end of office hours, people often find themselves scrolling through their phones for hours and hours and wasting their whole time simultaneously, causing harm to their health by being sedentary all day. People who are involved in household work, too, don't see beyond their momentary tasks and waste all their potential.

Progress is not just material, career-oriented or achievement related

Though progress is associated with goals and achievement, it is not just limited to only this. It also includes self-development regarding how better a person is from their earlier versions. Progress can means different things for different people, whether it's financial, physical well-being or health, freeing from mental tension, being able to do everything he/she wanted that is freedom and roaming around the world. The point is progress is not according to someone else or society. A person's progress is according to themselves as well. Everyone has a set parameter or measurement of progress. And in order to live a happy, fulfilled life, it becomes necessary that a person feels that he/she is progressing and growing up.

Change – A necessary element or stage in the ladder of progress

We all want to do better in life but do not necessarily want to work towards that betterment. We all dream big but don't often take big actions to achieve those dreams. In other words, we all want to progress for our own sake and for our families. We want to prove that our lives matter. We are worthy of achieving some greater goals, but often, we get stuck in patterns of bad habits, procrastination, and momentary pleasures and deviate from our path. At such times all we need is daily reminders to ourselves to change our lives, to be disciplined, consistent and to work hard in life. These changes do not have to be something big but very small minute or baby steps. Starting with changes in whatever habit one feels is bad and pulling one down. Be it sleeping-waking habits, scrolling through phones, unhealthy foods and lack of exercise. One needs change in life – a step-by-step change in order to follow the path of progress.
Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt      Post Date: 23 Jul 2023        
Everyone wants success and progress in one's life. Whether it is a student or professional or worker or a common citizen they all think and try to find ways and measures to progress in their lives making a career or progressing in their already existing careers.

When everyone is so conscious and is trying for progressing ahead, it is natural that competition will be there, and depending on the number of people trying for the same position or some career better than others, the competition will become tougher and tougher day by day.

Before that, there is a stage where many people do not do any effort for their progress and development because of various reasons. It could be the inherent lethargy or fear of not being able to perform or a negative and destructive mindset or any such reason which is stopping them from doing efforts for their progress.

These people are very adamant and stubborn in the sense that they do not want any change in their lives. Whatever level of comfort zone they are living they feel that is sufficient for them and they do not desire for more even if it is available and achievable by small packets of effort to be done from time to time. These people will not be able to progress until they change their mindset which is of course not an easy thing because they were living a passive life for a long time and they oppose any change coming to them or being forced on them. Actually, change is not acceptable to them.

The tendency of opposing the change is present in every person but it is more in the lazy and negative persons. Psychologists and experts tell us that people can be motivated and inspired for working hard and progressing in their lives by hammering them continuously and changing their environment. They have to be moved out of their comfort zone and exposed to worldly challenges and tough environments where they will have no other choice except to work hard. Then only they will realize the connection between working hard and progressing head and a spark of aspiration will be generated in them.

There are many examples where individuals were dull, lazy, and lethargic inherently but when they were put in a conducive environment that was able to channelise them in a progressive direction, they did quite well and even progressed ahead.
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