How to control anger?

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Author: Dr N V Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 17 Jun 2023        
Anger is very dangerous. There is a poem in Telugu that says your anger is your enemy. When we are angry what we do is not known to us. Our thinking capacity will come down and we can not think in the right direction and if we take any decision in such angry moments we will be the losers. So one should not get angry and we should be able to control our anger, How is the question? The following are some of my suggestions to get a grip on our anger

When we are angry, we should divert our mind from the issues which made us angry. Think of something else. Otherwise, open a friction book and start reading. Initially, a few pages may take a little more time. But once you go over that you will immerse in this story and you will forget the issue which made you angry.

When you are angry don't take any decision. Try to postpone the decision to take an act of revenge on the person who is responsible for your anger. Wait for a proper time when you can take an act of revenge on him.

Start counting numbers from bottom to top. This will also make you divert your mind from anger.

Go away from the person who is the reason for your anger, talk to somebody who is very near to you and can understand you better. Generally, I talk to my wife when I am angry. If I am away I will make a call and talk to her. She will try to make me normal with her soothing words.

Another way is to hear some music you love. Have your earphones and lie down and start hearing music. Initially, for a few moments, you may not be able to concentrate but after a little time you will get immersed and you will forget the issue which made you angry.

Generally, these are the techniques I use to control my anger.
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