Munnar vs Kodaikanal: Which Hill Station is Right for You?

Munnar and Kodaikanal are two popular hill stations in India, each offering unique experiences. Munnar, known for its lush tea plantations and picturesque landscapes, attracts nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. On the other hand, Kodaikanal entices with its serene lakes, charming gardens, and pleasant climate, making it a preferred choice for a tranquil getaway. Choose your ideal hill station based on your preferences for adventure or relaxation.

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Author: Venkiteswaran C S      Post Date: 06 Jul 2023           


In travel and tour, it is our choice and selection about destination, route, etc. There are many other influencing factors too in selecting a tour destination, the tour package, a close family trip or a solo sojourn.
Hence this article may be taken only as indicative and suggestive support. I visited both of these tourist places.

Both Kodaikanal and Munnar are hill stations situated in the same Western Ghats. Kodaikanal is in Tamil Nadu and Munnar is in Kerala.
Preferably, I would suggest that one should visit both on the same trip or on separate trips as per convenience.

Landscape and geography

Both Kodaikanal and Munnar are hill stations situated in the same Western Ghats. Kodaikanal is in Tamil Nadu and Munnar is in Kerala.
Hence both Kodaikanal and Munnar are hill stations and have some common factors like natural beauty, green surroundings and nature, waterfalls, lakes, grasslands, hilly terrain, and lifestyle, etc. Both places had the touch and patronage of the British people during the British rule in India.

Accessibility(how to reach)

Both Munnar and Kodaikanal are easily approachable.
For Kodaikanal, the nearest airports are Madurai which is 120 km away and Coimbatore which is 10 km away. From Madurai and Coimbatore there are regular buses to Kodaikanal and taxis are also easily available. Local tour operators also can facilitate trips to Kodaikanal from these places. The nearest Railway station is Kodai Road station, about 100 km.
For Munnar, the nearest airport is Kochi Airport, which is 125 km from Munnar. The nearest railway station is Aluva or Ernakulam depending on the stoppage of the train. There are regular buses to Munnar from Aluva and Ernakulam. Taxi and package tour operator facilities are also available for Munnar
from these centres.

Best time to visit Munnar and Kodaikanal

Being hill stations both these hill stations get more people during the summer season which is from March to May. As the winter in TN and Kerala are generally not marked, Munnar and Kodaikanal will be quite pleasant and attractive to tourists who like the pleasant cool season. Such people can visit Munnar and Kodaikanal from November to January. June to October will be the rainy season and hence wet and humid. Only those who enjoy rainy days picnic visit during these times. There can be generally difficulties and hampers characteristic of monsoon season.
Generally April to June and September to October are the best seasons to visit both Munnar and Kodaikanal.


Though Kerala does not have any extreme weather conditions, the state undergoes a maximum temperature of 35 to 40 degrees Celsius at places in the Summer months. But even at that time, Munnar will be having pleasant weather of 18 to 22 degrees maximum temperature. During the winter though the general average temperature in Kerala may not be much low, Munnar can experience temperatures as low as one-degree Celsius on a few days.
At Kodaikanal, the maximum temperature during the summer season will be 20 degrees Celsius. During winter months the temperature can come to single digits and the maximum temperature then may be 17 degrees Celsius only.

Places to stay

Both Munnar and Kodaikanal can be included as a one-day trip avoiding the need to stay overnight there. However, if visitors want to stay and enjoy the weather and stay more, then there are hotels and lodges in both Munnar and Kodaikanal. However, it is prudent to reserve accommodation in advance, especially during the peak tourist season.
In package tours, the facilitators may arrange for accommodation as per package terms.


Both Munnar and Kodaikanal can be visited as per one's budget. There are regular route buses and various types of hotels in and around the places. Both places can be visited in a short one-day trip too. From the nearest airport enter or city centre. Thus
one can plan the visit as per one's affordable budget too.


In Munnar, as well as Kodaikanal one can get hill products like organic vegetable tubers, honey, and handicraft products from the local people. In Munnar, one can buy tea products as there are tea estates and tea factories.

Relative comparison

Though both Munnar and Kodaikanal have more similarities and common features, there are a few unique features for each.
Kodaikanal is more compact and small, but has got more popular 'walks'. There is also a popular Flower Show in the summer season.
Munnar is more natural and idyllic and hence attracts more foreign tourists. The tea and cardamom plantations are special here. It is wider and has more visiting places in its vicinity. One day trip is not sufficient for Munnar. In comparison Kodaikanal Munnar is less chilly and in summer we may feel warm at day time.
As I had visited Munnar and Kodaikanal, I would suggest you also visit both as and when convenient. Munnar and Kodaikanal welcome you.
Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala      Post Date: 08 Jul 2023        


There are various hill stations in India. Two such Hll stations are Munnar and Kodaikanal, each offering a unique experience for travellers. These hill stations connect people to nature. In this article, we will compare Munnar and Kodaikanal to help you decide which destination suits your preferences and interests.

Location and Accessibility

Munnar is located in the Western Ghats of Kerala, Munnar attracts visitors with its vast tea gardens, misty mountains, and cascading waterfalls. Munnar is accessible by road and the nearest major airports are Cochin International Airport and Madurai Airport, both around 130 kilometres away from Munnar.

Kodaikanal is located in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal is famous for its wooded slopes, clear lakes, and scenic viewpoints. The hill station can be reached via road and is relatively closer to Madurai Airport, approximately 120 kilometres away.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Munnar has a pleasant climate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. The monsoon season (June to September) increases the beauty of this region with lush greenery, but heavy rainfall might hinder outdoor activities. The best time to visit Munnar is during the cooler months from October to May.

Kodaikanal possesses a temperate climate, with temperatures ranging from 11°C to 20°C. Similar to Munnar, Kodaikanal experiences monsoons from June to September. The ideal time to visit Kodaikanal is during the summer and spring months, from April to June when the weather is most pleasant.

Natural Beauty and Sightseeing

Munnar is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, especially the vast tea plantations that make the hills more beautiful. Visitors can explore the Eravikulam National Park to catch glimpses of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. The Mattupetty Dam, Echo Point, and Attukal Waterfalls are also popular.

Kodaikanal's allure lies in its serene lakes and lush forests. The star-shaped Kodaikanal Lake offers boating opportunities and scenic views. Coaker's Walk, Bryant Park, and Pillar Rocks are some of the other attractions worth exploring. The region's hilly terrain and dense forests are perfect for leisurely walks and nature hikes.

Adventure Activities

Visitors at Munnar can partake in trekking, rock climbing, and paragliding. The hilly terrain and breathtaking views offer a great experience for adventure seekers.

Kodaikanal offers thrilling opportunities for trekking, cycling, and boating in addition to horse riding. The Perumal Peak and Dolphin's Nose are popular trekking spots.

Cuisine and Local Delicacies

The culinary scene in Munnar is influenced by Kerala's traditional flavours. Don't miss trying Kerala Sadya, a lavish vegetarian feast on banana leaves, and relishing the aromatic local spices in their various dishes.

Kodaikanal's cuisine reflects Tamil Nadu's taste and includes delicacies like Pongal, Vada, and Chettinad dishes. Indulge in the famous hot chocolate at the local cafes, which is a must-try in this hill station.


Both Munnar and Kodaikanal have their own unique charm and attractions, catering to different preferences and interests. Munnar's tea gardens, misty mountains, and adventure activities make it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. On the other hand, Kodaikanal's serene lakes, pleasant weather, and leisurely walks appeal to those seeking a calm retreat.

Ultimately, the choice between Munnar and Kodaikanal is your personal preference. Whether you desire the lush green tea gardens of Munnar or the calming lakes of Kodaikanal, both hill stations will surely offer you a memorable and rejuvenating experience amidst nature's splendour.
Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt      Post Date: 20 Jul 2023        

Kodaikanal and Munnar are two very important tourist places in our country and a good number of tourists visit these hill stations every year, especially during the summer and autumn times. Both of them are popular destinations and people go there to enjoy their holidays and have fun and entertainment in the lap of great natural beauty. I have personal experience of visiting both places and from my observations, the main differences between these two places are as below.


Both the places are accessible by road but it takes quite a good time (about 6-7 hours road journey) to reach Munnar from the nearest main city that is Kochi in Kerala. On the other hand, it takes only a few hours to reach Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu from the various towns, cities, and railway stations near it (Madurai, Batlagundu, Palani, Oddanchatram, Kodai Road, Dindigul, etc).

Natural Beauty

Coming to the natural beauty aspect both places are full of natural beauty, scenic landscapes, waterfalls, and other such natural attractions. Still, if we see a large-scale landscape then Munnar offers a very open and extensive view while Kodaikanal offers limited views within the steep hills and valleys. However, while travelling around Kodaikanal some open landscapes are also seen at places.

Fun Activities

On the fun and environmental side though both the places offer a lot of fun activities and entertainment Kodaikanal has got an edge over this point and the tourist will find a more rustic and ethnic touch in the Munnar area as compared to Kodaikanal.


There are a good number of Hotel accommodations in both places and the visitors can book their accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment at the last hour. Budget hotels are also available in both places at reasonable rates and tourists who are on a limited budget can manage their stay in these hotels or guest houses comfortably.


Plenty of food options are available in both places and one can have food of one's choice. Nowadays small eateries are available in most of the hill stations and the same is true for Munnar and Kodaikanal. I liked the South Indian snacks and food which are served in some eateries and hotels in Munnar.

Local Transport

 On this front also both are comparable but in Kodaikanal one can have more shared taxi or shared auto options as compared to Munnar. So both are very good destinations for tourists but based on my personal experience I would rank Munnar above Kodaikanal.

Author: Partha K.      Post Date: 19 Jul 2023        
I have not yet visited Kodaikanal, so I am not in a position to compare between two most famous hill stations. I have only visited Munnar. So, I am going to write about Munnar only.

Munnar is a captivating hill station nestled amidst the lush Western Ghats in the southern state of Kerala. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes, it boasts rolling hills adorned with tea plantations, misty valleys, and glistening waterfalls. Visitors are enchanted by the cool, pleasant climate and the opportunity to explore the Eravikulam National Park, home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, a jungle goat found only in Nilgiri hills and a distant cousin of Himalayan Tahr. Munnar's serene ambience and refreshing air make it an idyllic destination for nature lovers and those seeking a tranquil escape into the heart of Kerala's breathtaking beauty. I particularly liked the lush green tea gardens of Munnar. I was also enchanted by the cardamom plantations on the outskirts of Munnar.

The best time to visit Munnar is March-April, but I visited this beautiful hill station in November-December. I enjoyed the winter of Munnar. The food of Munnar with a rich aroma was delicious.

I came to Kochi from Delhi by air. Thereafter, I visited Munnar from Kochi by road. This travel part was also a pleasant experience.

Next time, I would write about Kodaikanal after visiting this hill station.
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