National Days observed on May 16th

This page describes all events and observations that happen on 16th May, all over the world. Get to know about the events taking place today and details on how to participate on some of those events.

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Author: Apurva Tamhane      Post Date: 16 May 2023        
Below is the list of events which are going to take place on 16th May throughout the whole world.

National Biographers Day

Every year, the 16th of May, marks the anniversary of the first meeting held by Samuel Johnson. He was an English writer. This meeting was held between Samuel Johnson and James Boswell. The first meeting took on 16th May 1973. 

National Sea Monkey Day

16th May is also a day dedicated to the Sea Monkey which is a small saltwater shrimp. The official name of the Sea Monkeys is Artemia. They have a monkey tail kind of look which gives them the name. They were discovered by Harold von Braunhut in 1957. 

National Love a Tree Day

A tree deserves the love it can get. After all, trees provide us with so much care and give us Oxygen. This day is observed by planting trees and helping our future generations to gain benefits.

International Day of Light

This day was declared the International Day of Light by UNESCO. The first international day was held on 16th May 2018. The invention of light and its technological applications are observed on this day.

National Do Something Good for Your Neighbour

This day was observed from 16th May 2009. It was founded by Starr Valentino. As we progress through technology, which gets the most attention, doing something good for your neighbour and neighbourhood has gained importance as well. A simple act of kindness and offer of help is observed on this day.

National Classic Movie Day

16th of May became the National Classic Movie Day to bring attention to the classic iconic movies which have been an all-time favourite through the years. Such movies are aired on national television and social media. 

National Barbeque Day

This day goes way back to the 1400s century. Those were the days of explorers and the Americas were developing and being explored for new areas every other day. The best way of cooking was to dig a grilling pit and place charcoal or wood in the pit to create fire and smoke. Hernando De Soto also documented in 1540 the Chickasaw tribe barbeque pork on an open flame.

National Piercing Day

16th May is observed as National Piercing Day. Piercing is considered a practice to promote art. Many cultures and traditions consider body piercing as a religious and effective remedial treatment for certain ailments. Piercing can be done on Eyebrows, nose bridge, Nose septum on many other parts of the body.

International Day of living together in Peace

This observation is an urge for everyone to live in peace and avoid any conflict, war or damage to each other. This day advises avoiding racism, prejudice and war. The United Nations declared May 16th as a day of peace in 2017.

LGBT Elders Day

This day honours the nearly 9 million plus elderly for their independence of thought and removal of discrimination and social stigma. 

National Mimosa Day

Mimosa is a yellow flowering plant and is a part of serving champagne. It was created by Jace Shoemaker Galloway also known as the Queen of Holidays.

National Check Your Wipers Day

16th May is observed as Check Your Wipers Day in Latin America. The reason for creating this day was that nearly 30% of accidents in Latin America are due to reduced vision owing to rain, wind, smoke, hail and snow. These incidents can be easily reduced by getting good wipers on cars.

National Coquilles Saint Jacques Day

This is a French cuisine dish made with bay or sea scallops, creamy wine sauce, cheese and breadcrumbs. It also includes butter, cream, and mushrooms. St James was one of Jesus' Twelve Apostles. Coquilles Saint Jacques was also recognised as the Shell of St. James. 
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