World No Tobacco Day - How to Quit Smoking

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Author: Umesh Chandra Bhatt      Post Date: 19 Jun 2023        
Like any other addiction, smoking is also one common addiction that many people possess. Generally, people pick up this habit during their student lives when they come in contact with students having that habit. Once in that company a person doesn't know when he had picked that habit and once picked up it becomes a lifetime habit. Smokers generally have a habit of smoking with friends and they socialize during smoking sessions. I have seen many people offering cigarettes to others and enjoying smoking in a group.
Like any other addiction, quitting smoking is also not so easy though there are various methods and techniques suggested by many experts in the area. We will go through some of the measures which could help people quit smoking.

First and foremost is the willpower of the individual. If willpower is not there then it is very difficult to change our habits.

Another critical point is that one has to select a company or friendship with people who are non-smokers. At times it might not be an easy thing because there are some close friends or acquainted with whom we cannot break our ties just because they smoke.

Another thing that I would suggest is that one cannot stop smoking in one go. It will be prudent to reduce the number of cigarettes per day to bring it to a minimum. Then slowly cut them making them a few per week. And finally a few per month and then hopefully that is the end of the addiction.

Experts believe that yoga, meditation, and exercises also help us in improving our mental power and it is the mental power that generally governs the efforts to get rid of addictions.

So, getting rid of smoking may not be an easy task but with dedicated efforts and strong willpower, one can achieve it.
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