Our responses are affected by our frame of mind

Our reactions depend on our frame of mind. Everyone has a different frame of mind depending on the individual traits as well as situations and circumstances. The behaviour of the people is much affected by what they are thinking in their minds and what are their biases and prejudices about a particular matter.

When people interact with each other then they communicate and exchange information as well as make discussions on common matters or issues. During that interaction sometimes the responses of people surprise us and we are not able to understand it but when we deeply analyse and ponder we find that the person is already having some notions in one's mind and that is why one is responding in that way. The person is acting like that because he is in a different frame of mind.

Understanding one's frame of mind helps us in understanding about one's behaviour and responses and many psychologists utilise that channel for diagnosis and inferences.

This is my entry for the monthly topic based contest for the month of October 2023.