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Top Performers

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    Last 7 days

    Umesh Chandra Bhatt12
    Partha K.5
    Dr N V Srinivasa Rao3

    Last 30 days

    Umesh Chandra Bhatt37
    Sankalan Bhattacharya22
    Partha K.19
    Dr N V Srinivasa Rao10
    Venkiteswaran C S5
    Lao Juntasa4

    Last 1 year

    AB Sivakumar1678
    Umesh Chandra Bhatt886
    Reena Upadhya812
    Apurva Tamhane785
    Dr N V Srinivasa Rao700
    Venkiteswaran C S343
    Partha K.267
    Ankit Sinha230
    p ramachandran229

    All Time

    Apurva Tamhane1849
    AB Sivakumar1673
    Umesh Chandra Bhatt1019
    Reena Upadhya822
    Dr N V Srinivasa Rao774
    p ramachandran281
    Partha K.274

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