Do not expose your name and contact information in any posts

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Do not expose your name and contact information in any posts

We strictly do not allow using your name or any identification information within the text of any posts in this site (unless the post has specific fields to specify the personal information). We will automatically add a header with your display name to most of the posts. In certain cases, we will add a footer according the footer you have defined. Other than that, you should not include your personal details including name, email address etc in the content of any posts.

Adding your name or other information like below is not allowed:

with regards,
Your friend

This is for your own online privacy. In case of any unexpected reasons, if you like to change or hide your personal details in future, we expect you to edit and change only the profile and predefined footer. But if you insert your personal details all over the content, you will not be able to remove them in an efficient and timely manner.

Mentioning any email ids within the text are generously discouraged to avoid spammers and email harvesting tools to collect such email ids for spamming. In certain sections, we have a specific field for email id and you can specify the email id there.

In other cases where you really need to specify the email id within the text, use a format like this:

xxxxxx[AT]hotmail[DOT]com (where xxxxxx need to be replaced)

This is not a fool proof mechanism since many email harvesting tools are smart enough to convert [AT] to @ and [DOT] to ".".

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