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    Lessons we have to learn from a spring

    A spring is a very common familiar item to us in our daily life.

    We come across one or more springs of various types and uses ,from the 'click pen' i.e. the retractable ball point pen we use daily, to the spring latches of doors ,and the closing nut in a portable wet grinder. A spring is there in the battery portion of most toys, torches and other gadgets that use dry cell.

    A spring, small or big, thick or thin, gives a lot to say about it. But what is a spring? Most commonly, it is a spiral uniform or otherwise, which can be compressed but comes back to original shape when released.

    If we recall our Physics lessons, then a spring uses many portions of physics, like elasticity, motion, force, mass, equilibrium, etc. etc. It absorbs and releases energy when pressed and released. Students of Physics and Engineering have a lot to learn about and on springs.

    But I am of the view that we common people have to learn a few important lessons from springs.
    1.Bend, but not break: We face a lot of pressure and strain in our life. A spring under compression also undergoes strain or force. But it generally does not break even though sometimes it bends. We also have to learn not to break under pressure.

    2.The more compressed, the more resisting: In Physics on springs,' Hooke's Law' states that "the more you deform a spring, the more force it will take to deform it further ". That is, to deform or de-shape a spring more and more force has to be applied. That is, the more it is compressed, the more it is resisted or opposed. We people also should resist and protest, the more we are harassed and tortured, and not to succumb.

    3.Resilience: The moment the force is released, a spring immediately jumps back to its original state and place. This lesson of resilience we have to learn from a spring. Never succumb to failure and quit. But come back in the very next opportunity and gain back and recoup.

    I think from now on you will look for a spring in your gadgets and appliances and observe it with more attention to learn more.
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    The author has used the topic word brilliantly and has given a short course on various concepts we learned in Physics. I appreciate this novel approach.
    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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