Optimize your posts with good use of keywords

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Optimize your posts with good use of keywords

Proper use of keywords is very important to get search engine traffic in any posts.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a single word or phrase that is the primary topic of the post.

In most cases, each post/article should focus on a single phrase/term as the keyword. The entire post should be focusing on that single phrase.

You should identify the keyword (word or phrase) of your post before you submit your post. Then you should tune your entire post to project that phrase as the important aspect of the post.

If you optimize your entire post for a specific phrase, there is a big chance that your post will appear in Google search results for that term.

If your post is not optimized for a single phrase, there is a chance that your post will not be treated by Google as an important article on any specific topic and you may get no search engine traffic.

How to optimize your post for a single phrase/keyword?

There are few things you can do to tell Google and other search engines that your post is about a specific keyword:

1. Include the keyword/phrase in the title in a meaningful manner.

2. Include the keyword/phrase few times in the summary in a meaningful manner.

3. Include the keyword/phrase few times in the description in a meaningful manner.

4. Instead of using the words "it", "this", "that" etc, use the actual word itself.
For example, see the below sentence:
Ripe Mangoes are very healthy and nutritious. I really like to eat it everyday after dinner. It help for good digestion as well.

The above piece of text is an example of bad keyword optimization. See how it can be rewritten to optimize for the keyword "mangoes".

Ripe Mangoes are very healthy and nutritious. I really like to eat mangoes everyday after dinner. Mangoes help for good digestion as well.

In the above post, see how I replaced the word "it" with the keyword "mangoes". This helps a lot in optimizing the post for search engines.

(It will be a bad idea to use the keyword in every sentence. Limit the use of the keyword to 1 out of 5 sentences in a long article.)

6. Make the keywords within the description bold using <b> html tag. Read more about making keywords bold.

7. Use keywords within sub headings in the description. Learn more about how to optimal paragraph headings.

What you should NOT do?

1. Do not repeat the keywords several times where it does not fit well.
2. Use the keywords within well constructed sentences and not as just phrases.
3. Avoid repeating the same word too many times.
4. Avoid keyword spamming.

What is keyword spamming and why you should not do it?

Keyword spamming is abusing the keywords to trick or cheat search engines. For example, if you know any certain keyword can get lot of traffic, you may feel like using that word several times in a post, even if it is not relevant. This will trick the search engines for a short time and search engines may send some traffic to that page for that keyword. This is a temporary benefit. But eventually search engines will find the trick and will penalize that page as a keyword spam page. This will result in search engine blacklisting of that page or the entire site itself.

We do not allow keyword spamming in any sections of the site.

Keywords must be used wisely in all posts and should be relevant to the topic.

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