Profile photo guidelines

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Profile photo guidelines

This page explains the guidelines for the profile photo.

When you upload profile photo, follow the below guidelines:

- Photo should be of type .gif, .png or .jpg

- You may use photos of your kids, parents or a family picture.

- You may use group photos if you are in the photo and you are sure that other members in the group do not object using the photo in your profile.

- Photos of objects, animals, flowers, nature etc are allowed, however, not recommended.

- Do not use copy righted images as profile photo.

- Do not use photos of business, institutes, organizations etc.

- Do not use the logo of any other websites, businesses or organizations as profile photo.

- Do not use photos of any other person other than you. Celebrity photos are definitely not allowed. If you are using the photo of human, you or your immediate family members should be part of the picture.

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