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Forum Posting Guidelines

Learn more about the forum posting guidelines in this site.

These are the general forum posting guidelines:

- Give the post a meaningful and descriptive title. The title should give an idea on the topic being discussed.

- Avoid words like "Urgent", "Important" etc

- Avoid titles like "Attention editors", "Attention webmasters" etc.

- Do not deviate from the main topic of the thread.

- Do not hijack threads by asking something unrelated to the original question/discussion.

- Do not include your email id, name or contact information in the posts. Do not write your name at the end of the post. Instead, use the Forum Footer option.

- Do not write in ALL UPPERCASE. It is like YELLING or SHOUTING. Write in proper language, grammar and spelling. Start each sentence and proper nouns with capital letter.

- Avoid unwanted punctuation including multiple use of same punctuation. Repeated symbols like !!!, ??????, ...... etc are not allowed.

- Do not reproduce same response in multiple threads, even if the same answer makes sense in multiple threads.

- Do not reproduce any text from any sources including site or other sites.

- Avoid reproducing existing guidelines. Instead, provide a link to appropriate pages or help topics.

- You may be legally responsible for what you post. This website is operated from India. In general, the rules & laws of India are applicable. The Indian laws offer relatively less freedom to talk bad about others, compared to free-speech rights in countries like USA. If you have an honest opinion which hurts others, express it at your own legal responsibility.

- Flame war: If there is a flame war, all the members flaming each other may be banned or the posts may be given negative points. Who started the flame usually do not matter.

- Be nice to each other. Personal attacks and name-calling are not allowed.

- Complaints about other members are not allowed in the forum. They should be informed to editors or webmasters through the "Contact" link in their profile.

- Messages that talk about ignorance or mistakes of other members should be avoided.

- Post your messages in the most suitable category. Posts in wrong categories may be deleted or moved to relevant category.

- Political or Religious Propaganda: We don't allow members to use the forums to promote extreme political or religious messages. Controversial topics are generally allowed, but people who regularly start posts on extreme political or religious topic may be banned from posting.

- Messages insulting religions are not allowed.

- Messages insulting religious or political leaders may not be allowed.

- Messages about the personal life of individuals except celebrities are not allowed. In case of celebrities, people have the freedom within limits to talk about their life, but at your own legal risk.

- Spam, copy right violation, harassing messages, Nudity and sexually explicit material, Violent or bullying behavior, hate speech are some of the topics we do not allow.

- Any content or topic that editors feel inappropriate may be removed.

- Do not post responses for the purpose of bringing your thread to the top.

- Avoid starting threads with no useful topic.

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