Tips for How to Achieve Success in Telephonic Interviews

Now a days telephonic interviews are very common, it will save not only time but many things to both interviewer and interviewee. Few tips has been given in this article.

How to get Success in Telephonic Interviews

Several positive activities are conducted through mobile and we can consider it as an revolution in communication technology, one can execute some functions from remote places, hence one can various business activities can be monitored and controlled by having a mobile handset.

We can call this era as an communication and information technology which has influenced the job market in particular like information about sending call letters, telephonic interview schedule and also final result intimation, result of this innovative methodology many organizations are in practice of calling the candidates through mobile for conversations, period of long wait is gone now as the practice of waiting for postman to deliver call letters is becoming obsolete, even the screening process will be conducted through telephonic conversations and it have many reasons to defend.

The primary advantage of having telephonic interviews is to determine the competency of the candidate to face the personal interviews, as the telephonic interview is the primary or the first contact of candidate with the organizations, it will avoid the applicants crowd, the process is less expensive and avoids calling the candidates from remote places as the cost of traveling and self arrangement of accommodations will be reduced and above all the most important aspect is saving the time of both the parties, hence this process saves wasting time in bus stands, railway stations etc. This process can be conducted while the candidate at home or his convenient places.

The candidates are now a days are so enthusiastic to search the job, hence it is advisable to attend the phone calls as this has been considered as the stepping stone to enter the organization, hence it is better not to switch off the mobile sets because the candidates can get a call at any time as it is observed most of the candidates do not give much importance to telephonic interviews and they talk in their casual way , such calls from a organization will come only once, never consider telephonic interview as a formality, it is absolutely necessary to behave in a gentle manner while attending such calls.

Advantages and disadvantages in telephonic interviews

The major advantage for candidate while attending telephonic interview is he will not face the interviewer hence the interviewer cannot gauge the body language or greeting smile or sitting style etc.

Many candidates may not have a good and attractive anchored voice or else few may be good in personality and knowledge but from voice point of view they may not be impressive and further the dialect will vary from person to person which mainly depend on region which may trigger as an obstacle for effective communication and in such circumstances telephonic interviews can be considered as not a successful one.

Few tips to get success in telephonic interviews

Proper planning and preparation is the key to success as soon as the candidate will come to know he may get a call at any time, it needs some devotion.

Never switch off the mobile phone
It is always better not to switch off the mobile phone as candidate may get a call at any point of time, keep the battery fully charged, if you are about to meet any person or in any situation keep mobile in vibration mode, if mobile is switched off will leave a bad impression even in cases of giving away messages like number is out of service due to no or low balance, etc.

Try to attend the call at a quiet place
Try to attend the call in a quiet place or in room, if you know the time of the telephonic interview avoid the phone calls if received in the meantime from certain networks for promotional business.

Make your documents handy
Keep your documents handy at least at the time of telephonic interview which should include your resume, this document will help you to give authenticated information which ultimately have to sent to the company and keep a pen and paper near to you as it may help you to note certain points, don't waste time when you have to know certain dates and day of the week for that purpose it is better to keep a calendar near to you and don't forget to keep calculator along with.

Never reschedule the interview repeatedly
Change the interview schedule once or twice in case of emergency but never make it a habit to reschedule the interview schedule which will give the employer a bad impression and they may think you are not serious about the aspect or else you are not prepated.

Take seconds to reply but not minutes
Sometimes you will be required to reply certain queries within a minute, if you are not sure just say sorry, never give lengthy responses make it brief and short as the time is precious for employer.

Don't use words like yes, no or ya etc.,
Give a short answer for queries instead never use only yes or no or sometimes ya etc., give explanation in an understandable manner to the interviewer, try to make conversant rather than confusing.

Your candidates should be justified
Be prepared well to justify your candidature with quoting matters out of your experience without going out of the subject, it will give a good impression about your present status also the performance evaluation. They should think that you are confident about what you are saying, include your goals and objectives of your professional like, never repeat about your salary or about promotion.

Try to be alone during the interview
Few try to take help of some friends at the time of telephonic interview, it is a unadvisable manner, try to be alone, avoid friends and kids at that time, never forget to thank the interviewer for spending their valuable time as they have considered you for telephonic interview.

Most importantly do not smoke or chew gum or eating or drinking at the time of interview if not such things will give the interviewer an impression that you are stealing some time before answering.

Give honest and true information about yourself
Never give any manipulated or wrong or false information when you are answering particularly when they ask you to tell about yourself, certain organizations will take the assistance of private detective agencies to track the candidates personal as well as professional background and now a days it is absolutely essential to have a check the track the candidates, false or wrong information given now may affect after some years in the way of dismissal from the service.

Here are some common questions interviewer may ask and suggested answers

Certain questions will definitely have a place at the time of telephonic interviews by many organizations.

Why did you leave the previous job
The answer is not as simple as the question, it requires answers with calm and in an honest way, never blame internal politics with your previous colleagues or with your previous boss, which pave way to create a negative impression about your professional approach. Give reasons as career growth, scope to explore the skills in an learning environment etc. Never give reason as you are anticipating a high salary, the interviewer may doubt your loyalty.

Your position in the current organization
Do not boast about your position or power for this question, just give a general idea about your work profile and your experience in the organization.

When can you join the organization
You should keep your answer ready for this question as you should have decided at the time of applying for this job, but never forget about your work schedule in the present organization and appointments and never fumble to give reply for this as it may give the interviewer an impression that you are in dilemma whether to change or not, hence you should have a clear decision before, it is not required to give exact date or week or time but give an idea of which month you can join.

Tell me about your self
In fact this is the very first question you will get in most of the organizations, the answer requires some flavor with some basic components.

Summary of your personal profile
Give a brief reply about your name and from which place they are from, profession of your parents and other family members but never include your hobbies for this question like making friends, viewing certain important programmes in TV etc.

Qualification professional as well as academic
Explain in brief about your qualification with the division and distinctions you have achieved, tell them about the aggregate and give subject wise only when they ask you as it is not mandatory to tell on your own. Keep all the documents in handy as the grade or marks should not mismatch in future as they take note of all these when you tell them.

Professional experience and profile of the company
Give then the experience you had with your previous companies in chronological order as it is easy to remember, tell them about your salary when they ask you and be brief while giving your present and previous company profiles, it will give an impression that you know the organization well where you have worked or working.

Your weakness and strength
This is very common question now a days in almost every interview, hence it needs a brief preparation before interview and you should take much care to give reply for this question as on many occasions most of the candidates tell their strength as weakness to attract the employer but do not think he is not so, give an honest opinion about yourself. Few employers will accept if your explain about your weakness as you are nervous in certain situations, lack certain skills and you are sensitive etc., but never give getting short tempered, sleepy or lazy sometimes and other related terms.

But never boasts about your strengths, they believe if it is told in an honest and calm way and it gives an positive impression about your professional capabilities, you can say you a quick learner, energetic, a good organizer and a good manager with few instances, committed to work, punctual and well determined, you have an good positive attitude and a hard worker, eager to learn new things, you have a good communication skills with a good helping hand etc.


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