Scientist Albert Einstein father of modern science and his dedicated work for society

Albert Einstein also known as the father of modern science invented made many discoveries. His work is very important for society.

Scientist Albert Einstein father of modern science


Albert Einstein was a German born American physicist. He was born on March 14, 1879 in the German city of Ulm of Wortenburg. His father Herman was a shopkeeper and his mother, Paulin, was a musician. They were Jews.

Einstein was considered to be a dull child, as he started speaking late. By the time he joined the primary school at Munich, he was showing his brilliance. His family moved to Italy in 1894, and then to Switzerland. Einstein got admitted in Zurich University and completed his education in 1900. He married a Yugoslavian lady who was a science student and got two sons.

Einstein had a brilliant mind. He was always thinking on some problem of mathematics or physics. At the age of 16, he worked out certain solutions regarding the problem of the universe. The Austrich University, which came to peruse this work, awarded Einstein with a Ph.D. degree. The world then began to notice Einstein.

Einstein made many scientific discoveries such as:
1. The speed of light is the greatest, and there is no other energy, which can travel faster than light.

2. When light falls on metals like Potassium, Tungsten etc., they emit electrons, called by him as photoelectrons. This is called as the "Photo Electric Effect". It is this discovery of Photo Electric Effect that got him the Nobel Prize in 1921.

3. Brownian movement Theory: the motion of free particle in liquid is, due to collision of particles with the molecules of liquid.

4. Special theory of relativity: Physical quantities like Mass, Length and Time are not constant. They vary with the velocity of the body. The scientific theory was taken aback by this new theory, the famous: "E=mc2", which rose from his new theory has a great significance. This theory earned him the place of Father of Modern Science.

During 1933,Nazis was gradually assuming power in Germany and Hitler was hated the Jews, was sure to come to power. So, Einstein thought it was safe to leave Germany and went to U.S.A. where he settled. He was allowed to stay in America and a decent job was provided to him in Princeton University. After retiring in 1945 he stayed away from publicity.

Einstein was a lover of peace. To his disappointment, his theory of relativity became the basis for the atom bomb, which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki completely. He breathed his last in sleep, on April 16, 1955. The world lost one of the greatest scientists ever born. His brain is still preserved in U.S.A. to know the mysteries about this great thinker.


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